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Andrew James Rectangular Food Dehydrator

Make Tasty, Healthy, All-Natural Snacks with this Quality Appliance
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  • Includes 6 Stackable Trays 
  • Adjustable Digital Thermostat & Timer 
  • Low-Energy Fruit Dryer
  • Easy to Clean
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andrew james food dehydrator

Make deliciously healthy and natural snacks such as fruit roll-ups, beef jerky, and banana chips with the Andrew James Food Dehydrator. Using a food dehydrator machine allows the food to retain the full flavour and nutrients - making it an essential machine for your kitchen if you love naturally healthy snacks. 

What Features are Included?
This 6-tier dehydrator machine features superior air circulation that generates and helps food to dry without any need to rotate the trays halfway through dehydrating. The handy adjustable thermostat range of 40-70°C allows different foods to dry at correct temperature while the adjustable digital timer lets you program the dehydrator for up to 48 hours.

A Versatile Machine
With 6 spacious drying layers, there is enough capacity to hold large quantities of food easily. This food dehydrator machine from Andrew James is ideal for meats, fish, vegetables, fruits, herbs, and bread. The variable tray stacking system lets you stack the layers at different heights, allowing the dehydrator to accommodate food of different size and thickness. You can also adjust the height of each shelf by just turning it around. This handy machine is also perfect for making a wide range of delicious treats for your dog.

How Much Does Using a Dehydrator Cost?
Using a dehydrator machine is a low energy consumption alternate for healthy snacks, operating at just 3p per hour for up to 48 hours. Some dehydrator users prefer to use dehydrator sheets, yet our model it features the stackable trays that are fully removable for easy cleaning and washing.

CE and ROHS approved. BPA-free plastics. Includes a manual with guidelines on dehydrating.

See the Extra info tab for tips on preparing different types of fruit and also setting up your machine.

Product Details
Product DimensionsL44 x W29 x H21
BPA FreeYes
Box ContainsDehydrator, 6 Trays
Additional informationCE and ROHS approved. BPA Free Plastics. Includes a manual with guidelines on dehydrating.
Product FAQs
How Much Does the Andrew James Dehydrator Cost to Run?

Boasting low energy consumption, this food dehydrator operates at just 3p per hour for up to 48 hours.

Do I Need to Rotate the Trays?

No. The machine circulates the air, meaning the food is uniformly dried.

What Type of Sheets Can I Use?

Made of non-stick PTFE-coated fibreglass, the Andrew James Flexible Food Dehydrator Sheets are designed for use in this drying machine.

Is the Plastic BPA Free?


What Can I Make?

Dried Chicken, Yoghurt, Fruit Slices, Mushrooms, Tomatoes, Chillies, Peppers, Fermenting Tempeh, Dry Herbs, Gooseberries, Wet Food such as Stews, Pasta Sauce, Nuts, Vegetables, Clementines, Fruit Roll-Ups, Liver, Drying Seeds, Fruit Leather, Yoghurt, Biltong, Artichoke  

What is the Wattage?


FruitPreparationDryness TestApprox Time
ApplesPare, Core, and Cut into SlicesPliable5-6 Hours
ArtichokeCut into ⅛ Inch StripsBrittle5-13 Hours
ApricotsClean, Cut into Halves or in SlicesPliable12-38 Hours
BananaPeel and Cut into ⅛ Inch SlicesCrisp8-38 Hours
BerriesCut Strawberries into ¼ Inch SlicesNo Moisture8-26 Hours
CherriesPitting is Optional (or Pit when 50%)Leathery8-34 Hours
CranberriesChop or Leave WholePliable6-26 Hours
DatesPit and SliceLeathery6-26 Hours
FigsSliceLeathery6-26 Hours
GrapesLeave WholePliable8-38 Hours
KiwiPeel and SliceCrisp8-26 Hours
MangoPeel, De-Stone, and SlicePliable8-26 Hours
NectarinesCut in Half, Dry with Skin Side DownPliable8-26 Hours


VegetablePreparationDryness TestApprox Time
Aubergine/SquashTrim and Slice ¼ Inch to ½ Inch ThickBrittle6-18 Hours
ArtichokesCut into ⅓ Inch Strips and Boil for about 10 MinutesBrittle6-14 Hours
AsparagusCut into 1 Inch Pieces (Tips Yield Better Product)Brittle6-14 Hours
BeansCut and Steam until TranslucentBrittle8-26 Hours
BeetsBlanch, Cool, Remove Tops and Roots, and SliceBrittle8-26 Hours
Brussel SproutsCut Sprouts from Stalk and Cut in Half LengthwaysCrispy8-30 Hours
BroccoliTrim and Cut and Steam Tender for about 3-5 MinutesBrittle6-20 Hours
CabbageTrim and Cut into ⅛ Inch Strips, Cut Core into ¼ Inch StripsLeathery6-14 Hours
CarrotsSteam until Tender, Shred or Cut into SlicesLeathery6-12 Hours
CauliflowerSteam and Blanch until Tender, Trim and CutLeathery6-16 Hours
CeleryCut Stalks into ¼ Inch SlicesBrittle6-14 Hours
ChilliesDry WholeLeathery6-14 Hours
ChivesChopBrittle6-10 Hours
CourgetteSlice into ¼ Inch PiecesBrittle6-18 Hours
CucumberCut into ½ Inch SlicesLeathery6-18 Hours
GarlicRemove Skin from Clove and SliceBrittle6-16 Hours
MushroomsSlice, Chop, or Dry WholeLeathery6-14 Hours
OnionsSlice Thinly or ChopBrittle8-14 Hours
PeasShell and Blanch for 3-5 MinutesBrittle8-14 Hours
PeppersCut into ¼ Inch Strips or Rings, Remove SeedsBrittle4-14 Hours
PotatoesSlice, Dice, or Cut, Steam Blanched Potatoes 8-10 MinutesBrittle6-18 Hours
RhubarbRemove Outer Skin and Cut into ⅛ Inch LengthsNo Moisture6-38 Hours
SpinachSteam and Blanch until Wilted (Not Soggy)Brittle6-16 Hours
TomatoesRemove Skin - Cut into Halves or SliceLeathery6-24 Hours


Setting Up Your Food Dehydrator

Stacking the Trays
Before loading the trays with food, it is a good idea to make sure they are all aligned correctly by stacking them up near the preparation area. The narrow side of the tray is always at the top. 

Trays have alignment arrows cast into the handle. The arrows should be visible on top of the tray handles. Incorrectly stacked trays will hinder the drying process.

Once the trays are all the correct side up, you can stack them in 2 different ways. Depending on the thickness of the food, you can change the stacking height by simply rotating a tray 180oC to change it to either tall or short stacked.

Any combination of stacking can be used to accommodate the foods being dried. An example would be a short tray stack for banana chips and a tall tray stack of large strawberries. 

Set the trays in place so that all the arrows on the handles are visible on the top of the handles. 

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May 16, 2019 | D Wilson
Rectangular Food Dehydrator

Well made sturdy product

May 2, 2019 | Rowan
Rectangular Food Dehydrator

Used twice so far and working well, not too noisy, there is a lot of room with the 6 trays so able to do big batches, this is very impressive for the price I would definitely recommend.