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Andrew James Professional Food Vacuum Sealer

Ideal For Home Use In The Kitchen To Help Save Money & Prevent Waste
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  • 5 In 1 Vacuum Sealer 
  • Includes vacuum Sealer Roll for Bags 
  • Normal or Extended Seal Times 
  • Compatible With Vacuum Containers 
  • Ideal for Sous Vide 
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Using A Vacuum Sealer 

These days, reducing the amount of food we waste is a hot topic. Aside from the environmental factors, reducing our kitchen waste is also a great way to save pounds. A food vacuum sealer is an ideal solution, particularly if you’re not that great at planning weekly menus down to the last morsel. By vacuum sealing food you can keep it fresher up to 5 times longer, and you can do this for fresh ingredients as well as cooked food, whether that’s fruit, veg or meat. 

What Functions Does This Vacuum Sealer Machine Have? 

The Andrew James Professional 5 in 1 Vacuum Sealer is full of handy features:

Seal Only – Uses the heating strip to create a strong seal in the top of your bag. Perfect for creating vacuum sealer bags from your included roll. 

Vacuum/Seal - Removes all the air from the bag before sealing it. Choose between Normal seal, or the Extended seal which is ideal for canisters or large bags. 

Canister Only – Use this to direct the vacuum to remove air from the canisters rather than bags. 

Bag Cutter – Lets you create vacuum sealers bags to the precise size you need. 

Cancel – Stops all functions. 

How Does This Vacuum Sealer Keep Food Fresh? 

Vacuum sealing removes all the air from around your food. Without access to oxygen, the normal biological processes that cause your food to go ‘off’ is slowed down, and bacteria are prevented from rigorous growth.  Because you’re slowing down the normal decay process you can keep your food fresh for longer. Try sealing your food straight after your main shop to make your money go further. Separate chicken breasts from the packet, portion up fresh pasta or prawns, even green beans can be sealed for a later day. You can even vacuum seal liquids using compatible vacuum sealer canisters. 

*Top Tip – if you want to seal foods like chopped mushrooms, fresh meat or anything that has a higher moisture content, use kitchen roll to remove and surface water then tear of a clean piece of roll and wrap it around your food inside the bag as you vacuum to prevent any moisture being drawn up into the machine, which could be harmful. If you see a lot of water going up the channels in the bag, cancel the operation and dry your food out a little more, or pop in a compatible container. 

Does This Food Vacuum Sealer Come With Bags? 

To help you get started we’ve included 6m of vacuum sealer roll with your machine. Using a vacuum sealer roll can be more economical than bags as you can simply cut off what you need. It’s also ideal if you want to seal larger amounts in a single portion. Simply pop your roll in the machine and use the inbuilt cutter to create a bag at your ideal side. Seal the bottom with the Seal Only function on your machine, then fill and vacuum. 

Can I Freeze Vacuum Sealed Foods? 

Yes! Vacuum sealing foods before freezing is a great idea as the protective vacuum sealer bag can help to prevent freezer burn. Furthermore, taking items out of their original packaging and then freezing them can save you space in your freezer. 

What About Cooking? 

Foods sealed in Andrew James Vacuum Bags (or bags from rolls) can also be cooked or just reheated in a microwave. Brilliant if you want to take some food into the office for a warm lunch. Using vacuum sealing is a great way to benefit from cooking in bulk then freezing portions for later use. 

Can I Use This Vacuum Sealer For Sous Vide? 

Sous Vide cooking involves sealing food inside a bag then boiling in a hot water bath. This vacuum sealer machine is ideal if you want to do more sous vide cooking and you’ll end up with tasty, juicy and tender meats at the end of it

Product Details
Product Dimensions45.5L x 23.0W x 12.0H cm
Product Weight2.70 kg
Package Dimensions47.0L x 30.5W x 23.5H cm
Boxed Product Weight3.43 kg
Primary MaterialPlastic
Box ContainsPro Sealer, 6 Metres of Bag Roll, Manual
Product FAQs
What is the Extended and Normal Switch for?

The 'extended' setting is for larger items that require more air to be vacuumed out of the bag or roll you are using. When vacuuming an item with liquid, this requires the 'normal' setting. If you use the 'extended' setting, this could cause too much air to be vacuumed out, causing the liquid to exit the bag or roll. 

What Type of Bags and Rolls Are Compatible?

You should only use a vacuum sealer with bags and rolls indicated as being compatible. These will usually have small channels or be embossed to allow the air to be sucked out of the bag. They are also slightly thicker than normal sandwich or freezer bags, so they seal when heated rather than melting. All of the bags and rolls sold by Andrew James are compatible.

When Would I Use the Extended Vacuum as Opposed to the Normal One?

The extended vacuum should be used when dealing with larger bags as it will provide enough time to suck all of the air out of the bag before sealing. The normal setting is fine for smaller items like single portions of veg or meat.

What Else Can I Use A Vacuum Sealer For? 

You don’t have to keep this just for foods, there are lots of vacuum sealer ideas.  

  • Protect Documents like passports, birth certificates, driving licenses. 
  • Protect precious jewellery, or keep all your spare earing backs together. 
  • Vacuum seal your mobile phone before you go to the beach to help protect it from sand or salt water. 
  • Matches, perfect if you’re planning a BBQ in the British Summer. 
  • Spare cables, USB leads etc, in storage. 
  • Games counters, dice and accessories (don’t lose that top hat from Monopoly!) 
  • Potpourri or candles. 
  • Ice packs for first aid. 
  • Cool packs for picnics. 
  • Craft supplies like sequins and beads to save on space. 
  • Maps, either whole or in sections, brilliant for hiking and hill climbing. 
  • Baby keepsakes, whether that’s a lock of hair or a first tooth etc. 
  • Puzzle pieces (Seal the outside bits and inner bits separately). 

Foods You Can Vacuum Seal 

Don’t waste your money, there’s lots of things you can seal, or vacuum seal rather than throwing away if you haven’t used them all in one go. Get canisters for the liquid items. 

  • Open bags of crisps 
  • Baby food or milk powder 
  • Avocados 
  • Bread 
  • Coffee Beans 
  • Chocolate 
  • Cookies 
  • Trail Mix 
  • Condiments & Marinades 
  • Frozen Fruits 
  • Wedding Cake 
  • Fondant Icing 
  • Open Cans of Baked Beans Etc. 
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May 16, 2019 | Wayne
Professional Food Vacuum Sealer

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Professional Food Vacuum Sealer

Great, easy to operate, instructions easy to follow, does what I needed to do,