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Andrew James Premium 12 Litre Digital Halogen Oven with Hinged Lid

Cook All Your Family Meals But Using Less Space And Less Energy
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  • Convenient Hinged Lid Design
  • Cook Everything from a Sunday Roast to Breakfast or Cakes
  • Quick, Easy and Energy Efficient
  • Comes with Full Accessories Pack
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halogen oven


12 Litre Digital Halogen Oven

The Andrew James Digital Halogen Oven is big enough to cook food for the whole family. From your Sunday Roast to weekday suppers, a full breakfast to delicious cakes, anything you would cook in a normal oven can be cooked in a halogen cooker. This is a halogen oven with a hinged lid, meaning you have easy access to the contents of your oven and you don’t have to worry about where to put a hot lid. There’s a two hour timer and adjustable temperature control, just use the buttons on the lid to programme the cooker and the digital display lets you see where you are in the cooking process. You’ve also got the option of using one of the 10 pre-programmed functions for cooking or cleaning your appliance.

What are the Pre-Set Functions?

Using the functions you can roast chicken, steam rice, bake cakes, steam seafood, bake pizza or grill meats. There’s a dedicated function for reheating foods (which can also be used to toast bread) along with two cleaning settings and two for drying, one of which can be used for defrosting as well. There’s full instructions in the manual along with some halogen oven recipes that you can try.

How Does a Halogen Oven Work?

The glass bowl of the halogen cooker acts as a heating chamber whilst the halogen bulb generates waves of infrared light that heats the air within that chamber. There’s a fan in the lid that circulates the hot air to ensure even cooking and a thermostat that turns the bulb on and off to maintain the selected temperature. Because you are heating a smaller area than a conventional oven the cooker reaches temperature more quickly and can cook food in less time (as you’re note waiting for the oven to heat up), so you can make savings on your energy usage.

What Can You Cook in a Halogen Oven?

If you are cooking with a halogen oven you can make pretty much anything you would in a conventional oven. We’ve put some halogen oven recipes in the ‘Extra Info’ tab and there’s more in the manual. The 12 litre capacity means you have enough room to cook for a large family, and the racks included with your halogen oven are great for separating the food and organising the space in the oven. The rice dish / bundt tin can be used for steaming rice or cooking delicacies like Angel Cake. There’s a baking tray and a steaming tray but if you want to steam veg whilst you roast your chicken wrap the veg in parcels of kitchen foil with spoon full of water and place them on the base of the oven.

Do Halogen Ovens Use a Lot of Electricity?

Because you are heating up a smaller space a halogen oven uses about the same amount of electricity as a microwave, or up to 40% less than a conventional large cooker. Obviously, precise figures depend on what you are cooking and which cooker you are comparing it to, but owning a halogen oven is both practical and economical for most families.

What Accessories Are Included?

Your halogen oven with hinged lid comes with a whole set of accessories:

  • High and Low Rack - used to separating and raising food inside the oven.
  • Steamer Tray - ideal for healthy cooking of seafood and vegetables.
  • Baking Tray - for cakes, cookies, chips, potato wedges and much more.
  • Rice Bowl - steams rice and can also be used for baking cakes.
  • Extender Ring - increases the size of your halogen cooker to 17 litres, perfect when you need to cater for extra guests.
  • Bread Rack - great for toast.
  • Skewers - make your own kebabs and satays with ease.
  • Tongs - for easy lifting of trays and racks from within the oven.
  • 2 Bulbs - one is installed in the machine and the other arrives wrapped. 

Is It Easy to Clean?

Cleaning a halogen oven is really easy. After each use wipe away and food remnants with a soft damp cloth. For a deeper clean pour in some water and use the cleaning or sterilisation functions on your digital oven to heat and agitate the water. This will remove any grease or stuck on dirt and the steam from the heated water will rise up to clean the sides of the bowl. You can then use one of the drying functions to ensure the oven is ready to cook your next meal.



Product Details
Product Dimensions 47.0L x 33.0W x 34.0H cm
Product Weight 6.36 kg
Package Dimensions 48.8L x 37.0W x 39.0 cm
Boxed Product Weight 9.39 kg
Capacity 12 Litre Glass Bowl, 17 Litre With Extender Ring
Min Temperature 50°C
Max Temperature 250°C
Primary Material Plastic
Secondary Material Glass
Wattage 1200 - 1400 Watts
Voltage 220 - 240V
Box Contains High Rack, 2 Bulbs, Low Rack, Glass Bowl, Tongs, Lid + Hinge, Skewers, Rice Bowl, Steamer Tray, Manual, Baking Tray, Bread Rack, Extender Ring,
Product FAQs
Is a Halogen Oven Cheaper to Run?

Yes, because the space you need to heat is much smaller than a conventional oven it will heat up more quickly, saving both time and money. This has been tested with a whole 3lb chicken. It uses only 0.867 kWh at 200°C, which over a year can save you as much as £40 compared to cooking with a standard electric oven, based on an average of 223 typical uses per year. However, you need to factor in the cost of replacement halogen bulbs.

How Do I Clean My Halogen Oven?

The Andrew James Halogen Oven includes a self-cleaning function that aims to keep the appliance maintained and ready for use.

We recommend that the Halogen Oven is deep cleaned at least once a month, paying close attention to the three screws on the bulb panel, found on the inside of the oven’s lid. Please ensure that the screws do not become clogged up, as this will prevent access to the bulb, should it need changing.

After each use, let the bowl cool down and wipe away any left over food. You can add a small piece of kitchen foil or even cut out a piece of oven liner if that makes it easier for you. When you need to do a deeper clean, pour in a litre of cold water and some washing up liquid, then set the oven to the clean function for 15 minutes. You can leave your accessories in the oven whilst you clean it or take them out and wash them separately.

Can My Halogen Oven Cook Chips?

Of course. Pretty much anything you would cook in a normal oven can be cooked in a halogen oven. Put oven chips on a tray or rack to cook, or use the air fryer attachment for home fried chips without all the fat.

How Do I Fit the Extender Ring with the Hinged Lid?

You can raise the height of the lid at the back of the oven to make room for the extender ring or air fryer attachment.

Can I Cook Frozen Food in My Halogen Oven?

Yes, just add a little more time to allow for it to cook through. You may see more steam around the inside of the bowl because of the frozen water in your food evaporating but this is fine, just wait a couple of seconds after lifting the lid before putting your hands over the top to prevent any potential scaldings. There is also a defrost setting if you don’t want to cook the food completely.

What is the Total Height When the Lid is Open and the Extender Ring is On?

If you’re using the extender ring or the air fryer attachment, the total height with the lid open is approx 65cm. With the attachments, it is 58cm.

Can I Bake a Cake in the Halogen Oven?
Yes, you can bake cupcakes by using the high or low rack and placing a normal cupcake tin within the oven, you can bake a bigger cake within the rice dish. For more recipes, please refer to our manual that outlines both recipes and cooking times.
Are There Any Cooking Times and Temperatures for Different Foods?

Halogen Oven Cooking Times

What's the Difference between the 'Clean' and the 'Sterilise' Functions on My Halogen Oven?

Both of these functions will help you clean your Halogen Oven.

If your oven is particularly soiled put a small of water into the bowl and use the clean function to help shift excess residue, oil, dirt and grime. If you hand wash your halogen oven use the sterilise function afterwards to help destroy any remaining bacteria, again, simply add a little water to the glass bowl and turn this function on.

Is Setting 6 the Correct Setting for Defrosting?
Yes. Setting 6 should be used to defrost and you should manually adjust the time accordingly. We recommend approximately 5 minutes for small items such as bread rolls and sliced bread, however we also recommend that you check the food regularly. For meat portions and frozen meals, set the timer to 10 minutes, adding further minutes as required. Please advise the customer that food defrosting in a halogen oven may start to get warm and should therefore be cooked immediately after defrosting. "
What is the Difference between Setting 7 'Clean' and Setting 9 'Sterilise'?
Setting 7: Clean Function - For heavily soiled halogens, we would advise to put a small amount of water into the glass tank and then start the function. The power of the wind blade rotating above the water, combined with the heat in the inside of the glass tank, will clean off excess residues of oil and heavier amounts of dirt/grime. 9. Setting 9: Sterilise Function – For less soiled halogens, we would advise to use this after hand washing first to clean any remaining bacteria that may be still flowing after washing and to also clean away any final water residue "
Do I Have to Use the Button on the Lid?
We advise to ensure to use the button when opening and closing the lid, as trying to open and close the lid manually can lead to lid problems and even break the machine.

Make the most of your halogen oven with these tasty recipes. We’ve got even more in the manual and there’s plenty online so you’ll never be short of inspiration.

Vanilla Sponge Cake 

Uses the rice/cake tin and extender ring.

  • 125g caster sugar 
  • 125g butter or baking margarine 
  • 125g self raising flour 
  • 2 eggs 
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract 

Cream together the butter and the sugar until light and fluffy.

Add two eggs and vanilla extract and mix well. 

Sieve flour into the bowl and mix well, until all ingredients are combined. 

Place the high rack into the halogen oven and preheat to 180°C for 3 minutes. Ensure that the halogen oven’s extender ring is fitted correctly. 

Grease the cake/rice tin with butter/margarine. 

Pour the cake mixture into the tin and place the tin into the halogen cooker 

Cook for 22 mins, until the cake bounces back when pressed. 

Remove from the oven and cool before serving.


Halogen Oven Chips

Uses the airfyer attachment

  • Potatoes
  • Olive Oil 
  • Seasoning

Place the airfryer attachment in the rim of the halogen oven bowl. Extend the hinge until it can easily place on top of the airfryer. 

Preheat the Halogen Oven at 200°C. 

Peel and cut the chips to the required thickness. 

Drizzle in olive oil and mix until all coated. Season to taste. 

Place an even layer of chips onto the airfryer and set the time to 30 minutes. 

Turn chips halfway through cooking for even colour


How to Cook Roast Potatoes in a Halogen Oven

Wash and peel your potatoes then cut them into quarters.

Coat in oil then place on one of the halogen oven racks.

Turn the temperature to 175 degrees centigrade and cook for around 45 minutes until the potatoes are crisp and golden.


Sticky Honey Chicken Wings 

  • 12 chicken wings 
  • 3 tbsp. honey 
  • 3 cloves of garlic 
  • 25ml soy sauce 
  • 50g brown sugar 
  • 3 tbsp. cornflour 
  • Sesame seeds 

Place the airfryer attachment in the rim of the Halogen Oven bowl. Extend the hinge until it can easily place on top of the airfryer. 

Halve the chicken wings at the joint. 

Crush the garlic. 

Add honey, soy sauce, brown sugar and cornflour to the garlic and mix until all ingredients are combined. 

Place the marinade mixture into a large bowl. Add the chicken wings and move the chicken around in the bowl until the chicken is completely coated. 

Leave the chicken in the marinade for 15 minutes. 

Preheat the Halogen Oven to 180°C. for 3 minutes. 

Once marinated, place the chicken onto the airfryer attachment and replace the lid. 

Cook for 15 minutes, turning occasionally for even coverage.

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June 3, 2019 | Mrs Lillian Thomson
Premium 12 Litre Digital Halogen Oven with Hinged Lid

Didn't work properly light stayed on thermostat clearly not working.
Customer service ask for a video to be sent, then the product manager deemed it wasn't faulty, So had to send another video was still told not faulty, only way I could return and get my money back was to pay for its return. Appalling customer service, if you want good customer service DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY

May 15, 2019 | paul sutcliffe
Premium 12 Litre Digital Halogen Oven with Hinged Lid

This was a replacement for my 10 year old Halo wave halogen cooker. This appliance is excellent value for money and has several design improvements over my old oven and most importantly of all it cooks food really well.