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Andrew James Milk Frother Warmer

Dual Function Electric Milk Frother & Warmer for Delicious Coffee Lattes, Cappuccinos And More!
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  • Froth Hot or Cold Milk
  • Non-Stick Coating
  • One Touch Operation
  • Automatic Shut Off

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Dual Function Electric Milk Frother

With a milk frother and warmer it’s easy to make your own delicious coffee at home, saving you pounds when it comes to shop bought beverages. This compact but powerful 500w machine lets you froth hot and cold milk, or just heat up milk for your hot chocolate. With a simple, one touch operation, non-stick coating for easy cleaning, and a large 300ml capacity, this electric milk frother could easily be a coffee lover’s best new gadget.

How Do You Switch Between Heating & Frothing?

Your milk warmer frother comes with two attachments that are easy to change. The small ‘paddle’ accessory is used when you just want to heat the milk, it creates continuous movement to ensure even heat distribution and reduce the risk of your milk burning on hot spots. When you want to froth the milk simply pull out the paddle. Don’t try to unscrew it, you just have to pull one one attachment out then pop the other one on the central spindle. This whisk attachment can be used to create lots of tiny bubbles on the surface of the milk. There will always be a little un-frothed milk underneath so you can use a spoon to gently combine the bubbles into the liquid for a smooth foam if you prefer.
When you are frothing the milk you can choose to have it heated at the same time, or just leave it as cold frothy milk. The blue indicator light will turn on if you are frothing milk, the red one shows it is being heated. With the whisk attachment installed you press once to warm and froth, press and hold to froth only. To heat only, change the attachments and press the button once.
Once your milk is ready the device will turn off automatically so you don’t overheat the contents.

How Much Milk Will This Froth?

This milk frother heater can heat 300ml of milk up to 65C. If you want to froth as well you need to reduce the volume to 150ml to allow room for expansion. There are handy maximum and minimum marker lines inside the milk jug to guide you. Make sure you don’t try to operate below the minimum level as this can burn the milk and potentially damage your machine.
If you want to use your milk frother warmer for multiple mugs of coffee make sure you allow a few minutes between cycles for the thermostat to reset itself and clean out any residual milk each time to reduce the risk of burnt patches.

Is The Electric Cable Attached To The Jug?

We’ve designed this milk frother machine to be simple to use. It sits on a base that has the 74cm power cord so, once your milk is ready, you can simply lift the jug clear with the cool touch handle, making it much easier to pour. The base is 360 degrees, giving you extra freedom over the position of the handle.

Will This Milk Frother Work With Soya Milk & Other Non-Dairy Milk Substitutes?

For the best results we recommend using full fat dairy milk. You will get some froth and foam from semi-skimmed or skimmed milk as well as soya milk, almond milk or coconut milk, but the results are varied. This is because of the protein structure of those liquids. When you froth full fat milk its proteins form a stable surface layer, resulting in stable foam, however, other types of milk have a different protein structure so your results may not be the same. You’ll also find differences between the various brands of non-dairy milks so whilst one almond milk froth well, if you switch suppliers the results may well be very different.

Can You Use This To Make Hot Chocolate?

Hot chocolate made with warmed milk is a real treat and you can use this milk frother to make it - but - don’t put the chocolate powder into the machine. If you do it is likely to stick and burn as it melts, ruining the taste of your drink and damaging you machine. Instead, put the chocolate powder in your mug and mix in water a few drops at a time to make a smooth paste. Next pour in your warmed milk and stir until everything has dissolved.

How Easy Is This Milk Frother To Clean?

To make it easier to clean this milk warmer frother has a non-stick ptfe coating. Because this is an electrical item it is very important that you don’t put in a dishwasher, leave it to soak in water or put it under a running tap. When it comes to cleaning use a non-abrasive cloth or sponge with a gentle detergent soaked in warm water. Make sure you remove all residue between uses as any small specks of burnt milk will just build up over time and become much more difficult to remove.
Take care with your heating and frothing attachments as they are quite small. To help prevent you misplacing them you can secure whichever item is not in use into the lid of your milk frother jug.
Product Details
Product Dimensions(L x w x h) 10.8cm x 14.7cm (including handle) x 19.5cm
CapacityLarge 300ml capacity for warmed milk, 150ml for frothed
Max Temperature65°
Primary MaterialStainless Steel
Box ContainsMilk Frother, Manual
Product FAQs
Can I Get Replacement Parts?

Please take care with the attachments as they are small and easy to lose. We recommend storing this milk frother with one attachment secured to the central spindle and the other secured in the lid. If you do lose either the heater attachment or whisk, please call our Customer Service team. Replacement parts may be available depending on stock and demand.

Why is My Milk Burned & Tainted?

If your milk is burned at the bottom or has a tainted taste, there are two things to check. Firstly, was the jug cleaned properly before you used it again? Any bits of milk left of the bottom will effectively be heated twice so are more likely to burn. Secondly, make sure you are filling the jug with milk to at least the minimum level. This milk frother has been designed to heat at least that amount so if there's less in the jug the milk will get too hot and is likely to burn.

Does the Silver Milk Frother Come with a Matt or Polished Finish?

The silver milk frother warmer has a shiny, polished finish.

Peppermint White Hot Chocolate

  • 1.5 Cup Milk
  • 2 Oz White Chocolate Chopped
  • ¼ Tsp Peppermint Extract
  • Crushed Peppermint Candy Canes or Mini Marshmallows to Decorate (Optional)

Heat and froth a cup of milk and pour into your mug so it is half full.  Add the peppermint extract and chopped chocolate. Stir until the chocolate has melted

Heat and froth the remaining milk to top up your jug then sprinkle the crushed sweets or mini marshmallows over the top.

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May 13, 2019 | Happy bunny
Electric Dual Function Milk Frother and Warmer

Easy to use. Lots of froth in a short time.

April 18, 2019 | Jane Walker
Electric Dual Function Milk Frother and Warmer

Excellent frothy milk nice and easy