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Product Reviews for Wifi Smart Kettle

Wifi Smart Kettle

Delivery time was great - two days from ordering to opening the box at home! The appkettle itself is amazing (never thought I would get so excited about a kettle!) The kettle can be used as normal (like any other kettle can), with adjustable heat setting, and a keep warm facility (up to 30 mins). But when the app is downloaded from the app store (Android or iOS), then that is where the kettle goes beyond the 'normal kettle'. It can be scheduled to come on at any time of the day, to any temperature that you set, keep warm for any desired time (again, up to 30 mins). Brew time can be set, and after the desired time, the app on the phone will remind you that the tea bag has 'steeped' long enough! Reminders can be added, to remind you to refill the kettle before you go to bed, so the kettle has enough water in it to switch on, boil, and keep warm ready for your morning cuppa. The kettle will not switch on if there is less than a cup of water in it (the size of your cup, is selected within the app!), for safety reasons. Temperature, and time needed to boil to required setting, are shown within the app, along with colour displays for the temperatures, and an indicator of the amount of water left in the kettle (sensor within kettle indicates this!) Girlfriend bought me this, as she knows I like gadgets, and this is a gadget kettle, which needs to be seen to be believed! Gets a well deserved 10/10

February 18, 2019
Wifi Smart Kettle

A brilliant concept, a wonderful shaped design kettle! So easy with the phone app. Highly recommend.

December 18, 2018
Wifi Smart Kettle

Was a present but the bf loves it. Works well and looks so much better then the ones £10 cheaper

December 31, 2017
Wifi Smart Kettle

Exceptional product and easy to use in conjunction with the app. Makes a cracking cup of tea as well!

November 1, 2017
Absolutly love this product

I had seen a review for this kettle on automatedhome website and decided to take the plunge and invest.Absolutly brilliant. Just download the app and your ready to go. The Baby Bottle feature is ideal because I just tell it the time that I want the kettle to boil the water and and its ready when I need it.

August 22, 2017