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Andrew James Filter Coffee Machine

Start the Morning with a Cup of Freshly Brewed Coffee
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  • Automatic 1100W Filter Coffee Maker
  • LCD Display Panel, Start Timer, & Keep-Warm Functions
  • Reusable Mesh Filter
  • Stylish Stainless Steel Finish
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Delight in a cup of freshly brewed coffee every morning with the Andrew James Filter Coffee Machine. With a large capacity for plenty of coffee ready to start the day, along with a reusable filter as an environmentally friendly feature, this kitchen gadget is sure to be one you’ll reach for every morning. 

The high-grade glass carafe holds up to 1.8 litres of water, which can be enough to make up to 15 cups of hot, delicious coffee. There are volume markers on the side of the glass so you can see how much water you are adding to the coffee machine via the easy-to-use flip-up lid. The lid helps to minimise splashes and spills as well as making it really easy for you to refill. The carafe itself also has a handle to make it easy to pour. 

How Do I Use My Andrew James Filter Coffee Machine? 
Making coffee is simple to do with the easy-to-use control panel and the clear LCD display. A single push of a button and you can enjoy a cup of hot, delicious coffee to wake you up in the morning. Simply lift up the lid and pour cold water into the water tank to the required level.* Place the sizable coffee jug on the hot plate, ensuring the coffee lid is directly underneath the filter holder hole. 

Put the required amount of coffee into the mesh filter and then place it into the filter holder. A 1:2 ratio of scoops to water should create medium to high-strength coffee. Close the top cover and switch on the coffee maker by the mains, and the LCD digital display will turn on. Press the ‘ON’ button to turn on the ‘RUN’ mode indicator light, as well as making the digital display light up, and the machine will start to make your coffee. 

After your coffee machine has finished, there will be no water left in the tank. The coffee will be kept warm if the machine is switched on and the coffee pot is kept on the heating plate. The coffee in the pot can be warmed at the following temperatures:

  • Above 75oC (approx Half an Hour)
  • Above 70oC (approx an Hour) 

Please note that the appliance will stop heating automatically after 35 minutes. 

See the Extra Info tab for instructions on what to do before you use your Andrew James Coffee Machine for the first time. 

Are There Any Other Features? 
You can set your machine to start making coffee whenever you want it by using the delay timer of up to 2 hours. If you’re slightly delayed, the warming plate will keep the carafe warm for up to 30 minutes so you can go back for a top-up without it going cold. Also, the anti-drip design prevents the coffee from being dispensed if the carafe isn’t present. 

With your machine, you also receive a measuring spoon to help you add the right amount of filter coffee every time. 

How Do I Clean it? 
The Andrew James Filter Coffee Machine is very easy to clean. Simply wipe the main body of the coffee maker with a wet cloth only, making sure that the coffee pot has cooled down completely before cleaning. Removable parts, including the coffee pot, filter holder, and the mesh filter, should always be hand washed in warm water with a neutral detergent. The filter holder can be removed by lifting the handle up.

Always make sure you always remove the plug from the socket before you clean the appliance. 

*Please note that the levels indicate small cups. 

Product Details
Product Dimensions22 x 21 x 37cm
Package Dimensions29.8L x 28.2W x 41.6H
Dishwasher SafeNo
BPA FreeYes
Primary MaterialAluminium/Plastic
Additional informationSpecial Features: Large 1.8L Carafe, LCD Display Panel, Start Timer, Keep-Warm Function, Reusable Mesh Filter
Product FAQs
Is Any Part of the Machine Dishwasher Safe?


What are the Dimensions?

22 x 21 x 37cm.

How Do I Set the Clock?

When your machine is connected to the mains power, the LCD panel will display 12:00. The ‘RUN’ and ‘AUTO’ indicator light will not be turned on. Press the ‘PROG’ button once and the LCD will display the word ‘CLOCK’ in the LCD display. This means that the clock can now be set.

Press the ‘HOUR’ button once and the time will increase by 1 hour. Holding the ‘HOUR’ button will increase the hourly time quicker. Press the ‘HOUR’ button until the correct hourly time is set on the LCD display, and once you have selected the correct time, press the ‘MIN’ button to set it. By holding the ‘MIN’ button again, this will increase the minutes on the clock quicker. Once the correct time has been set, press the ‘PROG’ button once and the ‘TIMER’ indicator will be displayed in the LCD panel. Press the ‘PROG’ button again and the ‘TIMER’ indicator will disappear. The clock on your machine will now be set up. Please note that if you turn off your machine by the mains, the LCD display clock will be turned off and will have to be set again.

You do not have to set up the clock to make coffee.

How Do I Set the Timer?

Using the ‘PROG’ mode means you can start making coffee at a particular time with the built-in timer facility. Before you start, make sure the correct time on the clock is shown on the LCD display. Then, press the ‘PROG’ button twice so the word ‘TIMER’ is displayed in the LCD display - this means the timer can be set up. Once you have selected the correct hourly time, press the ‘MIN’ button - pressing the button once will increase the time by 1 minute and by holding the ‘MIN’ button again, this will increase the minutes on the timer quicker.

Once the correct time is set up on the timer function, press the ‘PROG’ button once and the ‘TIMER’ indicator will disappear from the LCD display and revert to the clock time on the panel. To finish setting the timer function, press the ‘ON/OFF’ button twice and the auto indicator will light up. The coffee maker will start making the coffee at the set time. Please note that this machine does not have a memory function.

How Do I Descale the Machine?

To keep your machine in top condition, you should regularly remove mineral deposits from the appliance. The amount of times you remove mineral deposits depends on how often you use your appliance, however we recommend you follow the descaling process every 30 days.

Fill the water tank with water and descaler to the ‘MAX’ level, using a ratio of 1 part descaler to 4 parts water. Please use household descaler and not industrial descaler - citrus juice can also be used. Place the carafe onto the warm plate and run a brew cycle without placing coffee into the filter holder. After the coffee machine has percolated the equivalent of 1 cup, press the ‘ON/OFF’ button once. Leave the solution to work in the appliance for 15 minutes. Then, run another brew cycle until all the descaler has passed through the appliance. Run clean water through the appliance another 3 times before using again.

You can also descale your appliance by using white vinegar. Simply mix 1 part water with 1 part distilled white vinegar. Run the solution through the machine but make sure to remove any coffee first. Once the solution has run through, discard. Lastly, rinse the machine by running fresh water through it 3 times.

I Have Just Received My Andrew James Filter Coffee Maker. What Do I Do First?

  1. Fill the water tank of the coffee maker with white vinegar, but make sure to leave the filter inside the machine, as the vinegar will get rid of any residue or smells that have formed on the filter.
  2. Turn the coffee maker on and run it with the white vinegar inside. Once the coffee maker has completed a cycle, let the vinegar sit inside the machine for about 20 minutes.
  3. After the machine has gone through a full cycle and has sat for around 20 minutes, pour the vinegar down the drain.
  4. Fill the water tank of the appliance with water as if you are about to make a pot of coffee. Turn the coffee maker on again and let the water go through a normal cycle in order to rinse the vinegar from the machine completely.
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May 9, 2019 | Paul Taylor
1100W Automatic Filter Coffee Machine

Very reliable (used every day in the office without fail). Easy to use and comes with reusable filters, so very cheap to run. Highly recommended. Great price.

April 9, 2019 | Graham
1100W Automatic Filter Coffee Machine

Easy use, and does what it says "on the tin"