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Andrew James Electric Egg Boiler and Poacher with Steamer Attachment

Make Soft Boiled, Hard Boiled, or Poached Eggs
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  • Quality Egg Boiler & Poacher
  • Large 7-Egg Capacity
  • 4 Poached Eggs or Steamed Veg
  • Simple to Use


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Get perfectly cooked eggs every time with the Andrew James Egg Boiler.

Eggs are packed with high-quality proteins, vitamins, minerals and good fats which makes them essential for a balanced diet. Everybody has a preference when it comes to the perfect boiled egg but it can be tricky to get it right using a saucepan, boiling water and an egg timer. 

The compact Andrew James Egg Boiler And Poacher makes cooking eggs easy, simply add you eggs then your desired water amount. Whether is a healthy morning breakfast or a family fry up there is plenty room as our Egg Cooker features a 7 egg capacity tray, which is removable for easy cleaning. Our boiled egg cooker includes a 4 portion poached egg attachment and a steaming tray, perfect for quick meals and a water measuring cup which features a egg piercing pin.

The accurate water cup ensures you use just enough water for soft, medium or hard boiled eggs. When the desired amount of water has evaporated a buzzer will sound to alert the you to turn off the machine. Because you are heating less water the machine can also contribute to energy savings around the home.

How to Boil an Egg
This egg boiler machine will cook standard to large hens’ eggs. Start by filling the egg boiler with the amount of water you need. The measuring cup will show you how much you need to add depending on how many eggs you are cooking and whether you want them soft boiled, hard boiled or medium boiled. You actually need more water for one egg than for 7, which can seem illogical, but its all to do with space. The more eggs you put in the less space you need to fill with steam, so the less water you need to add to create that steam. Use cold or tepid water from the tap rather than hot water in the machine.

Next, make a small hole in one end of the egg with the piercer on the bottom of the measuring cup. Place the egg in the boiler with the hole facing up. This is really important as it prevents the contents of the egg seeping out and burning onto the hot plate.

Place the lid on the boiler and turn it on. Remember to keep your fingers away from the hole at the top of the lid as the steam can scald you. Once all the water has boiled away the buzzer will sound to let you know to turn off the machine - there’s no need for a timer! Let any remaining steam clear then take out your eggs ready to peel for a salad or to dip your toast soldiers into.

Hints & Tips


For the best results, use room temperature eggs - simply remove from your fridge 10 to 15 minutes before you want to cook.

Be careful of the pin on the bottom of the measuring cup.

Brown residue can be left on the hot plate after the water has evaporated - this is normal and can be washed off with a damp cloth.

Always place the steamer tray and poacher tray on top of the egg tray. Never place the steamer or poacher tray directly onto the stainless steel hot plate.

Please note: No parts of this machine are dishwasher safe.


Make sure the egg shells are pierced with the piercing pin before boiling the eggs. This will prevent the shells cracking during the cooking process.

For fast peeling, start peeling from the end of the egg, not the side.

Poaching & Steaming

For the best results, when using the poacher tray, use small-medium eggs.

To ensure your poached eggs don’t stick, wipe a little oil around the poaching compartments.

Use small to medium eggs for poaching to prevent them running over the sides of the container.

It is advised to crack the eggs into the poacher first then place onto the egg tray on the steamer, this helps avoid any spillages onto the hot plate.

Important Information


To ensure the egg boiler is as safe as possible, there is a steam vent on top of the BPA-free lid that points away from the user to avoid any contact with the steam. Also, the handle is located on the right of the lid so the user should not have to touch the top of the lid where the steam is released.


Product Size (cm): 20.0L x 20.0W x 16.0H

Wattage: 320-380W

Temperatures: 88-93℃ to 123-132℃


Product Details
Product Dimensions20.0L x 20.0W x 16.0H (cm)
Product Weight0.61kg
Package Dimensions19.5L x 19.1W x 19.4H (cm)
Boxed Product Weight1.06kg
Product FAQs
Does the Egg Boiler have a Timer?

No, you don't need a timer with this machine. The cup shows you how much water you need to add for the type of eggs you want, and the number. When that boils off the stainless steel plate becomes dry and this initiates the buzzer, alerting you to the facts your eggs are cooked and you can turn the machine off.

The Measuring Cup for My Egg Boiler Says I Have to Add More Water to Cook Fewer Eggs, Is This Right?

Yes, even though it seems illogical at first. The more eggs you cook in the egg boiler the less water you need to add. Your eggs are cooked by steam surrounding them. When the egg boiler is full with 7 eggs you need less steam to fill the remaining space and therefore less water. Conversely, if you are only cooking one egg there is a lot of space under the lid so you need more water to create more steam to fill that space.

Why Do I Have to Pierce the Egg before Cooking?

As you cook your egg, pressure will build up inside it. By putting a small hole in the egg with the piercer on the bottom of the measuring cup, you allow the pressure to escape. If you don't do this, there is the risk of your eggs cracking inside the machine which, just like it is in a saucepan, can be messy. Also, remember to put the pierced end of the egg at the top when you put your eggs into the egg boiler machine.

Do I Put Hot or Cold Water in the Egg Boiler?

Before you start cooking your eggs, add cold water. If you add hot or warm water, it will evaporate into steam more quickly, reducing the cooking time and leaving your eggs really runny.

Does the Egg Boiler Have an Automatic Switch-Off?

No - you have to turn the machine off manually once you've finished cooking but the buzzer sounds quite loudly once it is ready.

Can I Make Omelettes or Scrambled Egg in the Egg Boiler?

No - this machine won't make good omelettes. The 4 compartments are designed to poach eggs rather then cook them like you would in a pan, so the consistency of the finished item won't resemble an omelette. Because scrambled eggs need to be stirred frequently during cooking, you couldn't do this in the pans either. However, if you want a quick way of making omelettes, try our Omelette Maker

What Size of Eggs Do I Use?

For boiling eggs, you can use any size that fits into the machine. It has been designed to cook hens' eggs so if you are cooking eggs from different birds, e.g. quail or duck, you may need to experiment with the amount of water required to get it exactly as you want it. 

For poaching, it is best to use medium or small eggs to prevent any over-run from the compartments. 

Can the Buzzer Be Turned Off?
Is this Egg Boiler BPA Free?
What are the Measurements without the Cup?

Hard Boiled Egg No/Water in ml: 7/25 6/30 5/35 4/40 3/45 2/40 1/35

Medium Egg No/Water in ml: 7/48 6/51 5/55 4/58 3/61 2/65 1/70

Soft Egg No/Water in ml: 7/75 6/77 5/80 4/85 3/90 2/94 1/100

Is It Dishwasher Safe?
My Eggs Aren't Boiling Evenly and They Explode. What Do I Do?
Use room temperature eggs. Keep out of the fridge for 15–20 minutes.
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