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Product Reviews for Double Blade Bread Maker

Double Blade Bread Maker

The product is basic but that can be expected for the price but it has the largest pan of any that I looked at and that is why I chose it. It only has a base heater and therefore the base of the bread tends to be baked more than the rest. The details of the programs are not published in the book and I could not find them on line either so not knowing the times of each step and the temperatures of each phase makes it difficult to adapt one own recipes and it becomes hit or miss. Ended up trying things on the basic setting and reducing the quantity of yeast I use for a hand made bread as the bread maker is very warm during the rise stages and therefore a fast rise. I also used more salt to provide more control over the rise but not too much to effect the rise. In the end I have accomplished the loaf I wanted after 4 attempts and it is much easier than doing it be hand and having to be around for each stage.

March 24, 2019
Double Blade Bread Maker

A great bread maker with huge capacity and duel paddles that ensures no unmixed flour at the edges of the tin. Bought it to replace a 15 year old machine that finally fell apart. Used a few times and am impressed how it doesn't take up additional counter space. It mixes small amounts as well as large. All things considered, I love this machine.

March 3, 2019
Double Blade Bread Maker

The first 7 loaves of bread are good then it stops working and when you have paid over 50 quid for it the loaves are very expensive.

February 25, 2019
Double Blade Bread Maker

Have used it several times and found it easy to understand and operate. Very happy with the Bread Maker.

February 23, 2019
Double Blade Bread Maker

Makes a perfect large loaf

February 9, 2019
Double Blade Bread Maker

Makes a large loaf with a good shape. Blades sometimes stick but it is quiet when running and can be left to get on with namingMakes a large loaf with a good shape. Runs quietly, the blades sometimes stick but the hook provided gets it out easily. Accepts flour other than the normal ones.

February 2, 2019
Double Blade Bread Maker

Every thing seems to be working ok very pleased with the outcome of the bread when used my own recipe

January 14, 2019
Double Blade Bread Maker

Great product would definitely recommend

January 12, 2019
Double Blade Bread Maker

Fast and tasty fluffy bread.It's so simple to use and consistent results. .

January 7, 2019
Double Blade Bread Maker

This was bought to replace a machine, made by another company, that had been unsatisfactory for some time. I used the same formulas that I have been using (for white or wholemeal) with three other brands over the last 16 years or so. The one kg loaf comes out perfectly baked but with a lower profile as any of the others that means a whole slice will go in the toaster without being trimmed or cut in half. My Panasonic would not allow me a choice of crustiness with wholemeal: this one does. The texture of the bread is perfect. I baked two loaves to take to a family Christmas reunion and they were soon demolished at breakfast. I recommend this breadmaker without reservation.

December 26, 2018
Double Blade Bread Maker

Simple to use, easy to clean, instructions straight forward, gorgeous bread and the option of a lovely large loaf to feed the family... Everyone loves it!

December 25, 2018
Double Blade Bread Maker

No more soft mass produced bread substitutes

December 20, 2018
Double Blade Bread Maker

Look like it is just as good as its predecessor, so should be fine!

September 23, 2018
Double Blade Bread Maker

Very good quality, baking, mixing well, very nice item, I love it!!!

September 14, 2018
Double Blade Bread Maker

Great product, good quality.

June 8, 2018