Your Great British Bake-Off checklist


The Great British Bake Off 2019 is coming towards the end of Summer and, even though we don’t have an official release date yet, that hasn’t stopped us from getting excited (and prepared) for the latest Bake Off, complete with Showstoppers, Star Bakers and Hollywood Handshakes.

Right here, we have a whole host of great baking products, making up our very own GBBO checklist, so you can create the recipes yourself, alongside the Great British Bake-Off contestants.

If you fancy any of the products in this list, click the link within the description and add it to your basket.


Stand Mixer

Let’s get our Great British Bake-Off experience off to its best possible start. The Andrew James Stand Mixer can reach 800W power as it can blend, knead, beat and whisk any collection of ingredients together.

Along with 4 different attachments and a splash guard, the Stand Mixer will step up to the plate against any Great British Bake-Off Recipe.


Chef’s Blow Torch

Andrew James Blowtorch Review

You know it’s Great British Bake-Off time when you find yourself reaching for the Chef’s Blow Torch. And, why not? You’ll have been inspired to demonstrate your creative flair.

Perfect for Crème Brulees and Meringues, the Andrew James Blow Torch is safe to use (safety features include a stable stand, a lock feature and a hand guard) and easy to refill. Adding a truly professional look to your cakes, the blow torch has been designed to maximise run times between refills.


Spiralizer Vegetable Slicer

Bear with us on this one. Yes, the primary objective of this great piece of kit is to slice and spiralize healthy foods for meals and salads, but it could be used to slice carrots for carrot cake, as well as harder fruits that may be used in your baking, such as apples and pears.

Simply place the Slicer on a level workbench, ensuring the suction cup feature is used for extra safety. Then, cut a straight edge on the vegetable you want to spiralize and place it on the vegetable support before turning the handle and guiding the vegetable or fruit towards the blade. The ease with which the Spiralizer can be used will allow the food to glide through the blade.


Embossed Rolling Pin

Is it even possible to do any baking – and we mean, proper baking – without using a rolling pin at some point.

Our Embossed Rolling Pin will add a fun decoration to the mixture you are rolling out, as you create your own Showstopper.

Easy to clean and fun to use, this rolling pin is also perfect if you have any children inspired by a particularly popular Great British baking show. Great for cakes, it can also be used to add a pattern to biscuit dough and pie toppings.


Coloured Measuring Spoon Set

This set of 5 handy measuring spoons is perfect for accurately calculating the ingredients for whatever Great British Bake-Off recipes you are making.

In a variety of different and relevant sizes, each spoon is a different colour, making it easy to select the one you require. The Measuring spoon set are linked together too, so you cannot lose any of them.


Cooling Rack

Whatever Bake Off baked treat you’re making, this Cooling Rack is great for ensuring your cakes, biscuits and breads are cooled sufficiently and fill your kitchen with that freshly baked smell.

Strong and durable, the Andrew James Cooling Rack is also safe to use inside the oven.


20oz Milk Jug

Going toe-to-toe with the Great British Bake-Off means you need to have your measurements spot on. With that in mind, our Milk Jug has an embossed scale inside that is easy to read and guarantees that no milk is wasted.

Its stainless-steel finish ensures that your cold milk stays cold and that your warm milk stays warm. Plus, it makes it suitable for both the dishwasher and handwashing.


Our Great British Bake-Off checklist is by no means extensive. We have plenty of other super baking products for you to make British bakery delicacies.

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