Why Buy A Halogen Oven?


Post-Christmas and after a bout of the January Blues, we find ourselves feeling overwhelmingly ‘out-of-pocket’.

Everyone is looking to cut costs by whatever means possible, whether that be by wearing an extra jumper to reduce your heating bill, or simply cutting down the costs of running your oven. And by the latter we don’t simply mean eating less hot food. Have you seen the weather?! Hot food is a NECESSITY!


What you need, is a Halogen Oven.


These babies are the perfect way to save some serious pennies as well as cook some super tasty and warming food.

A Halogen Oven may be a rather odd-looking appliance, but in reality, it completely revolutionizes the way you cook your meals.







Halogen Ovens reach full heat faster than a conventional oven, meaning that your food is cooked in a much shorter amount of time as well as subsequently being a more energy efficient appliance.



A Halogen cooks food 40% faster than a standard oven, with no need to wait around for the oven to preheat! Nothing makes us happier than a speedily satisfied stomach!



A Halogen Oven requires very little space to operate, it can sit snuggly upon your kitchen counter and still work all the magic of a generic oven; from steaming to boiling.


To get into the nitty gritty, the oven has a low energy consumption of just 0.867kwh at 200 degrees Celsius, compared to 2.068kwh for a conventional electric oven.


If you wanna talk Wonga, you’re looking at an electricity cost of just under £30 a year when you use a Halogen Oven in comparison to the approximate £70 (based on an average of around 223 uses a year) you would spend using a conventional oven.







As well as reaching heights of around 250 degrees Celsius to prepare delicious piping hot food, the halogen can also be set low for defrosting and reheating food, using the oven’s handy variable temperature dial.

No more soggy re-heated pizza done in the microwave, as reheating using the halogen oven will give you pizza just as crisp and tasty as the day you bought it!


As well as the temperature dial, our Halogen Ovens also feature a 2 hour timer which goes up in one minute increments, meaning you can set your oven to operate for however long you need! It will also give an audible signal when it reaches zero – so no burnt meals!


The Andrew James digital halogen oven has a self-cleaning function. All you have to do is empty the bowl, add some cold water and washing up liquid, then set the “clean” function for 10 to 15 minutes, maybe a little longer if the bowl needs it. The halogen oven accessories can be left inside the bowl in order to get them clean at the same time.





As you can see, you’re wasting time if you’re continuing to solely use a conventional oven. Regardless of whether you’re a keen cook, or simply looking to upgrade your kitchen game, a Halogen oven is an essential purchase!



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