Top 10 Tips for Baking with Kids


Baking with the kids can be a stressful occasion, with a lot of mess and the occasional argument!

Therefore we have come to the rescue by compiling our top 10 Tips for Baking with Kids,

that are guaranteed to make your life a whole lot easier.




1. Use a Stand Mixer

Using a stand mixer is the mess and stress-free way to bake with the kids. It’s much sturdier, faster and provided that you keep them well away from the blades, it carries very little safety risks or operation.

Make sure to supervise when using the mixer, and whip up a deliciously smooth batter! Get the Andrew James Stand Food Mixer here.



2. Snack as you Bake

It is inevitable that when you’re surrounded by scrumptious cake mixture you’re gonna want to lick dat bowl, and kids are no different!

You need to stop them stealing half the mixture by putting some sweets out on the counter while you bake, to ensure they are kept happy without sacrificing half of your cupcake batch!



3. Spring form cake tins are the way

Our spring form cake tins make it a lot easier to get your cakes out once baked, meaning kids can get heavily involved in this process without fear of them dropping or breaking apart your cake,

because we all know that there’s not much worse than a lopsided Victoria sponge!



4. Preparation is Key

Set them away watching their favourite TV programme to give you a chance to get fully prepared; pre-measure all ingredients and into little bowls, and lay out any utensils you will need which will save any mucky paws attempting to go in clean drawers!



5. Activities planned for cooling rack time

Impatience is inevitable. As soon as that cake leaves the oven all warm, cosy, springy and sweet the kids will be desperate to stick a fork in and get eating! Either that or they will grab the piping bag, and it’ll be a sloppy mess. You have to wait until the cake is cool.

Once the cake has been placed on the cooling rack, lead the kids out of the kitchen to engage in another activity (colouring, board games etc.) to distract until it’s time to get icing or to serve!





6. No Posh Frocks

Things are going to get messy, so you wanna ensure that your kids are in old clothes or pyjamas so that any spills or stains (trust us there will probably be a few) won’t be a huge deal!



7. Lower your Expectations

Unless you’ve birthed a child prodigy, it’s highly likely that their creation won’t be winning the Great British Bake Off.

So don’t put too much pressure on them to make their cakes perfect, it’s their creations after all, let the creativity and the chaos run free!

With a bunch of hungry sugar loving kids on site, I’m pretty sure none will be wasted.



8. Encourage Clean Up

First make sure you remove any sharp items, then get those kids stuck in and lend a helping hand!

Cleaning up after their own mess is a valuable lesson they must learn, and hopefully it’ll kick-start a habit (fingers and toes crossed!)

You can always jazz the cleaning process up with the aid of the Disney soundtrack, it always worked for me!



9. Cake Decorating Tools

Baking is a science, and great to get the kids involved with but the real creativity begins with decorating!

From fairy cakes to fondant bakes; icing and piping is what every kid wants a go of!

Invest in a cake decorating set that works for small hands and is easy to use such as this one!

To save mess and space you could even buy some pre-maid plain cupcakes or biscuits and get them decorating.



10. Turn the eating into a super fun experience

Lay out a picnic rugs and prepare yourself a pot of tea for a tasty afternoon of cake eating!

You could even invite along other family members to make a fuss out the kiddies creations!

Make some serious memories by putting bunting out to create a cake celebration!





We hope that you have a lot of fun baking with your kids! It’ll seem daunting and stressful but it’ll be so worth

it to see the look on their faces after tucking into their own tasty (albeit messily decorated) cakes!


How did your cake making go? Let us know over on social, tag us at @andrewjamesuk on Instagram and @andrewjamesltd on Twitter as we’d love to hear all about it!



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