Things to Do with the Kids this Half-Term


Truth be told you’re still exhausted from Christmas.


Those kids are never-ending sources of energy, and the cold miserable February weather  won’t keep them down! You desperately need ways to entertain them this half term, and fast.

Well, you’re in luck, as we are your half-term heroes!

Taking a more wintery theme than our summer holiday saviours, we have listed some seriously fun ways to spend time with the little ones this February half term, that will keep them fully entertained…



Film Day

A crowd favourite, that’s rather purse friendly too! Go all out on movie day by constructing a den in your own home complete with blankets, fairy lights and stacks of pillows! Then go ahead and pick out some of the latest and greatest family films, and stock up on all the kid’s favourite snacks.

Every Film Day needs popcorn, with the Andrew James Popcorn Maker you can flavour the moreish snack however you like, to satisfy any weird and wonderful cravings; from classically sweet peanut butter to a fiery chilli smoked batch!

If they’ve already munched through the popcorn in the opening credits, fear not. You can always fill them up with a cup or three of hot chocolate this icy Feb. Deliciously rich and snuggle-inducing, the hot chocolate not only tastes great, but it may even settle them down for a few hours sleep (fingers crossed!)



Treasure Hunt

This activity is relatively easy to prepare, yet eagerly encourages the curiosity and competitiveness in every child, providing hours of entertainment. Hide clues around the house that will keep them guessing, from riddles to picture clues, that lead them to the treasure! Check out our crafting selection here in order to construct the craftiest treasure hunt clues around!

You could even make the treasure a DVD or board game, which could inevitably lead to a film night (see above) or a good old fashioned games evening which is equally as fun for the adults as the kids!







Pizza Party

All kids love pizza, as does the majority of adults! Inspire creativity and cooking skills by getting kids to design and create their own pizzas! After following this fabulous base recipe here, lay out a variety of toppings, including lots of delicious veggies to encourage healthy eating! Make sure to use the Andrew James Pizza Baking Tray and Italiano Pizza Board & Cutter.

The satisfaction that comes from creating a personalised culinary masterpiece will make the kids as proud as punch, so much so that you may be able to convince them to help clean up afterwards!

If your kids have more of a sweet tooth why not keep the cooking ball rolling and get them baking, we have tons of fabulous baking equipment on site but if you’re feeling a little less enthusiastic about excessive washing up, why not purchase one of our baking mixes which require less added ingredients and a lot less pots and pans!



Library Trip

In reality, you only get to live out one life. However, you can choose to live out hundreds of lives and other-worldly experiences through the medium of books.

With devices like Kindles, and in-app audio books on the rise, there has been a sharp decline in paper copies of books and resultantly local libraries have seen a dramatic cut in budget and resources. These havens of the mind are largely facing closure.

Books are incredibly important for everyone, but particularly for children. The rich tapestry of imagination and wonder weaved by books can aid a child’s academic progress, as well as greatly expanding their imagination. Picking up a few books from the local library makes for a few hours of peaceful reading at home, and may even inspire the children to begin writing stories of their own.

All that reading can also make you rather hungry… (Particularly if you’re a fellow foodie who spends 90% of their time reading recipe books, mouth-watering).Why not reward yourself for nourishing your mind, by nourishing your stomach with a  Push-Up Treat Pop Set, it’s a fast and easy-to-prepare sweet treat that you and the kids can make together using whatever you have in the cupboards!




Half-term can be difficult. As lovely as it is to spend quality time with the kids, it comes with a bundle of pressure when it comes to keeping them entertained around the clock.

Follow these ideas and the kids will be over the moon with how they’re spending their time off school, and you may also manage to get a few hours rest!




By Emily Rose Jackson

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