The Great British Spring Clean 2019: Top cleaning tips for your home (By Cleaning_The_Hannant_Home)

Not only do our talented Guest Bloggers treat us to some terrific food recipes, but they also know how to keep a home sparkling clean.

Cleaning_the_Hannant_Home is here with some top-notch Spring Cleaning tips…


Hi. It’s Cleaning_the_Hannant_Home here and I have a brief spring cleaning list, with some tips and tricks that I have tried and tested myself.

Flower glass/plastic vase:

As it’s springtime, we all love flowers! Get your vase gleaming and shining with this handy hack, that will save you £’s!

What you will need…

  • soda crystals
  • moppet Sponge
  • warm water
  • microfiber cloth

Quick, simple and easy to do…

Simply add a sufficient amount of warm water in the bottom of the vase, add 2 scoops of soda crystals and leave for 1 minute.

Once your minute wait is up, grab your moppet sponge and use the water and soda mix to scrub inside and outside the vase.

The soda crystals are like a gentle exfoliate and will remove any muck stuck to your vase easily!

Once done, empty the water down the drain and grab your microfiber cloth to polish. This is ready to use right away!


Also, a handy tip for your flowers is to add a dash of lemonade at the bottom of the vase then add water to give your flowers longer shelf life!




Does your mattress need some care?

Here what you will need and what to do with them…

  • Soda Crystals
  • Zoflora (your fave scent)
  • 1001 carpet spray (this can be used on upholstery too)

To remove any odours and minor stains, sprinkle your whole mattress in soda crystals and rub in gently.
If you have any stubborn areas I’d recommend using a stain lifter instead such as (tough buster, suitable for upholstery too and only £1!)

I leave the soda crystals on the bare mattress for around 4 hours, best to leave the window ajar if possible to help it circulate.

Meanwhile, take your duvet and hang it over a line. If you don’t have a line, hang over a door frame and spray it with your chosen 1001 spray,
leave that to dry for around 10 mins (the 1001 will remove the bad smells from your duvet and doesn’t require a vacuum!)

After 3/4 hours go back to your mattress and hoover up all the soda crystals. Use a bristle brush if you’re finding it hard to get them all!
Once that’s done, grab your chosen diluted Zoflora scent and spray all over your mattress. If you have a fabric bed, this is safe to use around the headboard also.

Now that’s done, you can make your bed with fresh sheets, your whole bed will be ready and smelling divine.
To keep on top of mattress care I would recommend doing this once every month.



Got a reed defuser that’s losing its smell? Simple. Add a neat cap full of your fave zoflora to give it a boost, turn all the sticks over to release the new scent around your room! My fav this time of year (Hello spring!).


And there you have a handful of easy tips and techniques, perfect for giving your home a good spring clean. There’ll be more to come, but if you can’t wait for that, be sure to have a look at Cleaning_The Hannant_Home‘s Instagram.

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