The Andrew James list of University Essentials


If you’ve got any young people leaving the nest this September, you are probably either dying for them to leave or dying for them to stay.

Either way, this list of essentials for university students will be a perfect read for you, as it’s full of great items to ensure they get the next chapter of their lives off to its best possible start.



Wine Glasses

Let’s start off with the obvious, shall we? Your little darlings will most possibly be partaking in a few drinks. So, why not allow them to do that with a bit of class?

Our Illustro Range contain both Red and White Wine sets, as well as Champagne Flutes (which are great for Prosecco Cocktails).

They’re perfect for any beverage. Just don’t be surprised if you call in and they’re used for cups of tea.


Get your wine glasses here.




Argentum Kettle


Speaking of cups of tea, here’s a luxury kettle that will look at home in either uni halls or student houses.

The Argentum Kettle is a fast-boil cordless kettle that can boil up to 1.7 litres and, if you look at our customer reviews, it’s one of our most popular products.


Complete with a removable filter, you can pick up your Argentum Kettle here.





Argentum Toaster

For the complete set, we also have the Argentum Toaster.

Ideal for those mornings when only a slice of buttery toast can be stomached, this model has an anti-jam lever that allows you to get small pieces of food from the toaster without burning your fingers.

Along with a warming rack that is perfect for bagels and croissants, the toaster comes with a removable crumb tray and a cord storage, allowing it to be kept tidy and safe.

Get your Argentum Toaster here.





Infusion water bottles


These water bottles (whether you get them in a single or double set) cannot be omitted from a uni halls checklist, as they’re terrific for nursing hangovers, keeping hydrated while out running or at the gym or for taking as some much-needed refreshment to an early morning lecture.

Get your Infusion Water Bottles here.






Foldaway Ottoman Storage Box

When a student moves into new digs, they’re going to need somewhere to store…well, everything. But whether it’s for clothes, books or general knick-knacks, our Foldaway Ottoman Storage

Box is ideal for having in the centre of the room – where it can double up as a seat or a footstool – or up against a wall.

Easy to clean – should you spill anything on it – the Ottoman is also foldable, allowing it to be stored away, should guests be on their way.


Get your Foldaway Ottoman Storage Box here.






Tower Fan Heater

We might be jumping the gun a little on this one, but if we know summer like we think we know summer, it’ll be off before you can say ‘Hello, September’.

With that in mind, allow us to introduce you to our Tower Fan heater. Perfect for warming up uni halls, bedrooms and common rooms, the Tower Fan Heater includes an overheat protection and a tip-over cut out function, so if it should get knocked over, the heater will immediately cease emanating warmth.

Furthermore, the Andrew James Tower Fan Heater comes with a remote control that can be used within a 3m range, allowing the user to have full control of the heater, whilst still relaxing.

With wide angle oscillation, designed to distribute warmth evenly throughout the room, this piece of kit is fantastic for when Autumn and Winter arrives. Get your Tower Fan Heater here.



Easy Hang Clothes Airer

Another necessary item on the uni hall checklist, the Easy Hang Clothes Airer might as well have been made with students in mind.

Small enough to fit in most dorm rooms, but big enough to hold 30 clothes hangers, the Easy Hang is as practical as it is versatile. Easy to fold and store away, your amount of ironing will be reduced, and your best clothes can be hung up, ready for the next night out.

Also ideal for drying wet towels or coats, we believe the Clothes Airer is great for ensuring your clothes dry and dry quickly, should you not have access to a washing line.

Get your young student prepared by buying them an Andrew James Easy hang Clothes Airer here.




Door StopAndrew James Chrome Door Stop

Great for propping doors open (let some air into a bedroom) or keeping them from slamming shut on breezy days, our Door Stops are modern and stylish. Complete with a protective rubber ring, it can also act as a door bumper to protect walls and skirting boards from overzealous door openings.

Get your Rubber Door Stop with a Chrome finish here.


This list of Andrew James university essentials has been written by a former uni student, so you’d do well to heed my advice.

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