Ice Cream Floats: Top flavours and one rip-roaring recipe 01/07/2019

Our 10 Best Ice Cream Float Flavours (and one lush recipe)

  While everyone enjoys an Ice Cream, there doesn’t seem to be many shouting for Ice Cream Floats, despite the lush weather. We’re here to change all that. With the Andrew James Ice Cream Maker, you can make a whole host of different homemade ice cream flavours, but it could also be used to create refreshing floats that can add a bit of fizz to your ice cream desserts.     How to make an Ice Cream Float It could not be easier… Simply scoop as much ice cream as... Read More


Cocktails & Mocktails Menu

Summer’s here and the time is right for dancing in the street. It’s also a pretty good opportunity to indulge in some delicious Mocktails and Cocktails made by our Boston Cocktail Set. These menus are full of delicious and refreshing drinks and, with a whole host of different ingredients, there will be something here for everyone.         For these recipes, we used the following products. To buy your own, simply click on the links below the images. The Boston Cocktail Set     The Ice Maker Machine... Read More


British Food Fortnight: Fruit Scone Recipe

Isn’t it great to be British? We’re feeling all patriotic with British Food Fortnight  and we’re enjoying making lush bait to celebrate. This blog includes a delcious Fruit Scone Recipe and, if you’re anything like us, you’ll be arguing about two things… 1. How to say it (scone, as in ‘gone’ or scone, as in ‘cone’) 2. And whether it’s jam or cream first – to keep everyone happy, we’ll use GIFs to show both. Easy Fruit Scone ingredients 225g of self-raising flour (maybe have a little extra for dusting)... Read More


7 clever ways to use ice this Summer

Summer 2019 is here and so is our list of ways ice can be used as the temperature rises… Need ice quickly? Our Ice Cube Maker can produce 9 cubes of ice every 5-13 minutes. Buy yours here.


Summer 2019: A list of Garden Party accessories

  If you haven’t noticed, but we’re reaching the time of year that calls itself ‘British Summer Time’. Whether the weather reflects it or not is in the lap of the gods, but here at Andrew James, we’re incredibly positive beings and we’re always ready to get ourselves out into the fresh air, whether it is for a Barbecue, Picnic or Garden Party.     For Summer 2019, we’ve already had a look at Barbecue recipes and products, as well as the benefits of going on Picnics, so this blog... Read More


A list of reasons why you need a Picnic Bag

  Whether you hear the word and think ‘Family Picnic’, ‘Romantic Picnic’ or just a ‘Picnic with friends’, a Picnic Bag is so easy to transport to your chosen dining spot on those sunny Summer days, whoever you’re with. But, do people still picnic? And, if they do, is a Picnic Backpack worth it? Here, we look at the benefits of both picnicking and the Picnic Bag…   Fresh air and exercise Getting out and enjoying the good weather must be the top of everyone’s list when Summer finally shows... Read More

Gluten Free Garden party Menu 06/06/2019

Your Gluten Free Garden Party Menu

  Whisper it, but the weather seems to be – SEEMS to be – getting better and if you’re hosting a garden party in the Summer months, we have a whole host of sumptuous Gluten Free recipes for you and your guests to enjoy. From fresh salads and starters, to mouth-watering mains and delicious desserts, we have everything you need to make your GF garden party a great one.   Gluten Free Prawn Cocktail Recipe This may be more of a Christmas Day staple (this link takes you to our... Read More


National BBQ Week: Preparing for a rained-off BBQ

It’s coming up to BBQ season and you will probably have everything in place for a fantastic day of family, friends and most important of all, food.     You’ll have all the right gear, not to mention a BBQ menu that will please each one of your guests. The only thing you can’t rely on is the weather.   At Andrew James, we love being prepared for any outcome. So, here we have a list of great products that will help your barbecue go without a hitch, regardless of... Read More

A list of sun safety tips 14/05/2019

Sun safety tips for the summer

The weather’s getting glorious, isn’t it? Whether you want to be burnt to a crisp or think any rise in temperature makes it automatically ‘too hot’, you need to make sure you’re sun aware. For this year’s Sun Awareness Week (and beyond), we have some good sun safety tips…   Wear sun cream everyday No matter how you think the sun affects you, you need to make sure you put sun cream on about 15 minutes before you step into the sun.   Make sure you keep your suntan lotion... Read More

andrew james garden blog summer holidays 03/08/2017

Summer Holiday Ideas for Kids: Garden Party

Is the sun shining where you are? Are the kids bored? Let us help. Keeping the kids entertained throughout the summer holidays can be difficult, but with a little planning, you’ll be surprised at what you can achieve!