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Andrew James Infusion Teapot 28/11/2018
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Our best products this week!

  Here at Andrew James, we want to let you know what this week’s best-selling products are, simply because we don’t want you to miss out! So, whether you are looking for something for the kitchen, home, garden or your four-legged friends, we have a range of great products that will be right up your street. Especially with Christmas just around the corner…   Double Blade Bread Maker Delicious bread made in your kitchen, filling it with THAT distinctive bread smell. Fantastic! The Double Blade Bread Maker has 15 settings,... Read More

Suingle serve brownie waffle recipe 25/11/2018
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Single serve brownie recipe – in a waffle maker!

  What’s better: Brownie or Waffle? It’s maybe not an age-old question, but that doesn’t mean it’s not an important one! And, to come up with some sort of resolution to this fresh issue, allow us to suggest this…why not have both? Here we have a single-serve recipe for a brownie waffle or a waffley brownie…basically, it’s a brownie made in a waffle maker! Intrigued? Please, read on!     Ingredients ½ cup of plain flour ¼ cup of cocoa powder ½ cup of sugar ½ tsp of baking powder... Read More