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Suingle serve brownie waffle recipe 25/11/2018
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Single serve brownie recipe – in a waffle maker!

  What’s better: Brownie or Waffle? It’s maybe not an age-old question, but that doesn’t mean it’s not an important one! And, to come up with some sort of resolution to this fresh issue, allow us to suggest this…why not have both? Here we have a single-serve recipe for a brownie waffle or a waffley brownie…basically, it’s a brownie made in a waffle maker! Intrigued? Please, read on!     Ingredients ½ cup of plain flour ¼ cup of cocoa powder ½ cup of sugar ½ tsp of baking powder... Read More

Ice cream maker 18/06/2018

Arctic Roll Recipe

  Arctic Rolls are a classic British dessert that make an icy equally delicious equivalent to Afternoon Tea favourite; the Swiss Roll. Invented in the 1950s by Czechoslovakian immigrant, Dr. Ernest Velden, a man who clearly had an eye (or should we say stomach) for the finer and tastier things in life. The Arctic Roll was a huge hit, and by the 1980s more than 25 miles of Bird’s Eye Arctic Roll were sold each month!  


Affogato Recipe

    Italian cuisine is widely regarded as one of the tastiest in the world! The combination of rich indulgent flavours with fresh produce is a winner, and the same goes for Italia’s signature dessert! Affogato al Caffè is the perfect dinner party dessert; it takes very little time to prepare and it’s simply delicious, with the right strike between bitter and sweet that’ll convert even those without a sweet tooth! Affogato means drowned in Italian and the meaning reflects the nature of this dessert.  Scoops of creamy gelato drowned in... Read More

Andrew James Ice Cream Maker Review 18/06/2018

Ice Cream Tacos Recipe

  What do you get when you mix a Mexican classic with the classically delicious dairy dessert; an ice cream taco! We personally can’t get enough of either element and after some seriously mouth-wateringly Pinterest scrolls, we knew we just had to share this marvellous creation! For your taco shell you can go opt for a variety of choices; a crepe, pancake or even an actual taco shell (dipped in melted chocolate of course).  


Banana Split

  This classic ice cream dish has been around since the early 1900’s. There are many variations but a traditional split is made with 3 scoops of ice cream (Neapolitan; vanilla, chocolate and strawberry) served between a split banana drizzled in chocolate sauces, crushed nuts and glace cherries! However, along with pretty much all other desserts, it can be very highly customised! For a snazzy update, use peanut butter ice cream then crumble Reeses pieces on top for the yummiest indulgence ever! Here’s the recipe for a classic Banana Split!


Ice Cream Waffle Sandwich

    Ice Cream Waffle Sandwiches are a super simple dessert to make, that you can switch up with infinite flavour combinations! It’s never been easier to make this delicious treat as now Andrew James will give you their Ice Cream Maker half price when you buy a Volcano Waffle Maker! Today, using the highly-coveted Andrew James Volcano Waffle Maker and Andrew James Ice Cream Maker we will fill you in on creating the perfect Ice Cream Waffle Sandwich! After that it’s up to you to get customising, but we have... Read More

Ice cream maker 18/06/2018

Indulgent Chocolate Brownie Ice Cream Sundae

    Ice Cream Sundaes are a quintessentially British desserts, that are real crowd pleasers and tasty teasers! Whether you’re a knickerbocker glory devotee or a hot fudge fiend, there’ something everyone can get on board with and have fun making! Today we’re serving up a classic; the devilishly tasty and delectably indulgent Chocolate Brownie Sundae! It’s the perfect mix of hot ‘n’ cold, sticky ‘n’ sweet and chocolate ‘n’ vanilla; basically a straight-up hit with everyone it meets!

Ice cream maker 18/06/2018

Boozy Cherry Bourbon Ice Cream Float

    What is better than a traditional ice cream float you may ask? Well, we’d confidently say it’s a sophisticated sweet ‘n’ scrumptious boozy float such as this one! This terrific tipple combines your favourite childhood dessert, with our favourite adult beverage. The tipsy treat consists of a spritzy cherry soda, made indulgent with an influx of delicious dark chocolate ice cream, topped up with a splash of good old fashioned Kentucky bourbon. Perfection in a glass (a very tall glass we should hope).    


6 Fun and Delicious Things to Make with Ice Cream

  Make delicious homemade ice cream quickly and easily with the Andrew James Ice Cream Makers! One of our Ice Cream Makers was even awarded the ‘Which? Best Buy’ award, and costing just £24.99 it can make 1.5l of yummy ice cream in 20 to 30 minutes. Both of our Ice cream makers produce mouth-wateringly delicious ice cream by the bucketful, but what can you do with all of it? Put that bowl and spoon down, step out of the norm and elevate your ice cream game with these 6 incredibly... Read More