Summer 2019: A list of Garden Party accessories


If you haven’t noticed, but we’re reaching the time of year that calls itself ‘British Summer Time’. Whether the weather reflects it or not is in the lap of the gods, but here at Andrew James, we’re incredibly positive beings and we’re always ready to get ourselves out into the fresh air, whether it is for a Barbecue, Picnic or Garden Party.


Gluten Free Garden party Menu


For Summer 2019, we’ve already had a look at Barbecue recipes and products, as well as the benefits of going on Picnics, so this blog focuses on what you need to host a successful Garden Party…


Before the guests arrive

Hedge Trimmer

Got an overhanging bush or hedge that’s doing your head in? This Hedge Trimmer is safe to use and easy to manoeuvre, even for hard-to-reach places. Guaranteed to make your garden look as smart as you wish, our hedge trimmer comes with a 10 metre cable, so there will be little need for an extension.

This model also comes with several outstanding safety features, including:

  • Double switch operation
  • Hand Guard
  • Shock Protection
  • Blade Guard

To get your garden garden-party ready, this trimmer will make sure your hedges and bushes are kept nice and tidy. Get yours here.


Electric Leaf Blower and Vacuum

If you have any excess twigs or leaves after trimming the hedge, the easiest (and quickest) way to collect them all up is with the Electric Leaf Blower and Vacuum. One of the lightest machines on the market (it weighs only 4kgs) the Leaf Blower can be wheeled or carried around the garden, making it a very adaptable piece of equipment and with the vacuum feature (along with a 45 litre capacity bag), leaves and twigs can be mulched with ease.

Does your garden always find itself covered in leaves? Get your Leaf Blower and Vacuum (with mulcher function) here.



Quick Thaw Defrost Tray

If you’ve got something special in the freezer for your Garden Party Menu, our Defrost Tray is ideal for getting it ready for when the guests arrive.

No electricity is required. Simply take the food out of the freezer first thing in the morning and place on the tray until it is fully defrosted. This will be a lot quicker than simply placing the food on a plater and, afterwards, the Defrost Tray will be easy to clean, whether it is in the dishwasher or with a warm, soapy cloth.

The Andrew James Quick Thaw Defrost Tray ensures your food maintains its original taste with no loss of nutrients.

If it sounds just like the kind of kitchen kit you need, buy one here.


During your Garden Party

Traditional Raclette

Always a great suggestion when you’re hosting several people, as the Traditional Raclette allows your guests to help themselves and cook their food to their own preference. Individual pans can cook a range of different foods – ideal if you are hosting friends with varying dietary requirements – or they can act as each guest’s own dish. This allows them to move away from the grill and mingle with others at your gathering.

Do you need a Traditional Raclette for your Garden Party this summer? Be sure to get yours here.


Cheese & Olive Board

Not just for Christmas, a Cheeseboard creates an eye-catching centerpiece for your table, whether it is inside or outdoors. Like the Traditional Raclette, it is a great way for guests to help themselves and get to know each other at your gathering.

Large enough to serve a wide range of different cheeses (so everyone can get what they want) and complete with a magnetic knife holder, this Cheese & Olive Board is sure to be a winner at your next gathering.

If you’re in need of a stylish talking point, get your Cheese & Olive Board here.



Wine Glasses

It wouldn’t really be a party if a bit of pop wasn’t getting passed around. Whether you have white, red, rose, prosecco, champagne or all the above to treat your guests, we have just the glasses to serve up everyone’s favourite beverage.

Adding a distinct touch of class to proceedings, our Illustro Range will allow you and your guests to relax and enjoy themselves with ease and sophistication.

Shaped to serve the chosen beverage with its desired impact, a garden party without the Illustro Range isn’t a garden party. Get yours here.


Later in the evening

Ice Cream Maker

Perfect for whether you have children attending or not, the ice cream maker allows your guests to enjoy delicious homemade ice cream in the flavour of their choice.

Voted Best Buy by Which? just last year, the Andrew James Ice Cream Maker includes an insulated 1.5 litre bowl, so there will be plenty of Ice Cream to go around, no matter how big your party is.

If you can’t imagine your garden party without Ice Cream, get your Ice Cream Maker here.



If you or your guests enjoy a relaxing post-dinner coffee, Andrew James have Cafetières in two different sizes, ensuring you have enough for all your guests.

Insulated with a Stainless-Steel finish to keep the coffee warmer for longer, the Cafetière will bring a touch of class to your gathering, as well as a sense of practicality, as it comes with a measuring spoon that doubles up as a bag-sealing clip, allowing your ground coffee to maintain its freshness.

Available in 1000ml or 350ml sizes, you can buy your Andrew James Cafetières here.



Boston Cocktail Set

If your guests would prefer a refreshing cocktail or mocktail, the Boston Cocktail Set includes everything you need to make your guests’ drinks exactly the way they want them.

Complete with a Boston Cocktail Shaker, Muddler and Twisted Bar Spoon, this set will add a certain sophistication to the beverages you serve.

If you’re in need of a way to serve cocktails and mocktails like a professional cocktail maker, get your Boston Cocktail Set here.


Garden Party Lights

As the summer days turn into a summer evenings, it’ll be too warm to go in, but too dark to stay out. So, you’ll need something to light up the garden with. Our range of garden lights are on hand to provide bright (but not intruding) light to your Garden Party, including Solar Fairy Lights, a String of 10 Silver Fairy Lights and Solar Powered LED Porch Lights. We also have Solar Powered Security LED Light with a motion sensor, which is perfect for lighting up porch and patio areas.

The beauty of each of these models is the ease with which they can be installed, not to mention the effectiveness which they work.

If you like the idea of chilling in your garden late into a warm evening, the Andrew James outdoor lights range can be bought here.



At Andrew James, we have a whole host of fantastic products and in several styles, so your Garden Party, Barbecue or Summer Gathering will always go off with a bang. And, if you’re still looking for some delicious Garden Party Recipes, be sure to click here.

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