Stand Food Mixers

Why you need a stand food mixer:

1. It has a locking mechanism that prevents the bowl from moving when your motor’s going like the clappers.

This is an image of a Stand Food Mixer.

2. This model comes with 4 mixer attachments. So, you whisk, beat, mix and hook to your little heart’s content.

This is another image of a Stand Food Mixer.

3. Adjustable speed settings allow you to bake at your own pace, with a pulse function on hand, should you need to give your dough a bit of a boost.



Note to self: Put image of Stand Food Mixer here.







4. Its 1400W power means you can save time and elbow grease faffing on with all that hand-mixing nonsense.

Okay, who forgot to put the food in the bowl?

5. Our Stand Food Mixer comes complete with a splash guard and an ingredients chute, making it easy-peasy to add anything to your mixture without getting it all over your togs.

This is an action shot of the Stand Food Mixer. Handy.

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