Single serve brownie recipe – in a waffle maker!


What’s better: Brownie or Waffle?

It’s maybe not an age-old question, but that doesn’t mean it’s not an important one!

And, to come up with some sort of resolution to this fresh issue, allow us to suggest this…why not have both?

Here we have a single-serve recipe for a brownie waffle or a waffley brownie…basically, it’s a brownie made in a waffle maker!

Intrigued? Please, read on!


Suingle serve brownie waffle recipe



½ cup of plain flour

¼ cup of cocoa powder

½ cup of sugar

½ tsp of baking powder

½ tsp of salt

1 egg

Melted butter

¼ tsp of vanilla extract

¼ cup of water


Andrew James Waffle Maker


Pre-heat you waffle maker, making sure it is plugged in properly and the red ‘power’ light is illuminated.

In a bowl, mix the cocoa powder with the sugar, salt, flour and baking powder until fully incorporated.

Use the Andrew James Stand Food Mixer to beat the eggs, vanilla extract and water, before blending the first and second mixture together. Stir in the melted butter and chocolate chips.

Make sure your waffle maker is ready (it should now have its green ‘ready’ light on). Spray it with a light cooking oil, before pouring the waffle mixture onto the plate, before closing the lid and cooking for 3 minutes.

A wooden spatula can be used to remove the waffles (once they’re ready) from the waffle maker and serve.


And, there you have it. A quick, simple recipe for a delicious brownie waffle!

Why not accompany your waffles with some delicious ice cream? I know, right?


What single serve recipes do you know for the waffle maker? Care to share with us? Tag us @andrewjamesuk on Instagram and @andrewjamesltd on Twitter!

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