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Easter Egg Surprise…

We love Easter. Love, love, love it. It’s possibly the only time of year you can have chocolate for breakfast and not feel completely guilty about it! Which is why we’ve created a delicious, indulgent and utterly amazing stuffed Easter egg…

andrew-james-cafetiere 03/04/2017

Which is the Coffee Machine for You?

Anyone who knows us, knows we love coffee and have a fantastic range of machines available to buy. But all that choice can be confusing – so what machine is best for when? And as UK Coffee Week is coming up – what better time to learn about your options?

andrew-james-cultivator 22/03/2017

When is the Best Time to Cultivate Your Garden?

Spring is an odd season isn’t it? It’s not quite cold enough to be winter, but it doesn’t seem to be getting any warmer – so gardening is probably the last thing on your mind. However, it is exactly the right time for getting your garden ready for the rest of the year. Read on to understand what cultivating is and why you should be cultivating your soil in early spring.


Don’t Panic – Mother’s Day Gift Ideas are Here

  Make Mum’s Day Special… Mother’s Day always sends everyone into a panic. Firstly – Mother’s Day is the 26th March this year (you’re welcome). Now, as it is only roughly two weeks away, we bet you’re in a bit of a flap. All right stop, don’t panic and listen. We’ve got your back with some brand new inspiration (bonus points if you guessed the song). So scroll on, and take a look at our gift ideas for mums who are bakers, cooks, pamper lovers and even gardeners.