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The Great British Bake Off is Back!

After all the worry, panic, and speculation, the Great British Bake Off finally aired last night. And it was full of cake, camaraderie, but no chemistry. As you may haven’t have seen the episode yet, we will be keeping this blog spoiler free so you can read on without finding out the winners!


10 Best Reactions to Great British Bake Off

When Love Productions announced they had sold The Great British Bake Off to Channel 4 in 2016, the British nation went into panic mode. Tea was left half-drunk, we tutted in shock, and then apologised for reacting in such a way.

Andrew James food mixers 25/08/2017

How To Use The Andrew James Food Mixer

Andrew James Food Mixers are loved in kitchens all over the world and our customers think they’re some of the best mixers around! Our 2017 model of food mixer is here; upgraded, improved, and 100% incredible.


Your Guide to: Appkettle

How do you like your drinks in the morning? If the answer is: “Ready as soon as I get up”, you’ve come to the right place. As technology gets smarter, and we push the boundaries of what it can do, we can help you enjoy that first sip of coffee as soon as you roll out of bed.


How Do You Make Mashed Potato?

Once again, a famous chef is saying that the way many of us make a classic dish is wrong. Now what could this classic dish be? Beef bourguignon? Coq au vin? French onion soup? Nope – it’s mashed potatoes.