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Garlic, Mushroom and Brie Pancakes

  As the final recipe from our Sweet and Savoury pancake series, this one is most suited to those partial to a sophisticated and savoury pancake. Garlic, Mushroom and Brie is a classic combination; the brie perfectly complimenting the woody mushrooms and the ever-flavoursome garlic. It’s more of a restaurant-worthy meal than a stack of pancakes, that’s for sure! Cook these to impress dinner party guests, or if you’re ever in the mood for a highly decadent breakfast, just go for it and stack these babies up!   INGREDIENTS   125g plain flour... Read More


Bacon and Parsley Pancakes

  Whoever said that pancakes are just for dessert? Well, they certainly haven’t tried a stack of these savoury babies. We’re big believers that bacon can, and will, go in anything, and as for pancakes; well it’s a match made in heaven! Alongside the bacon, parsley adds another flavour layer that compliments everything else going on; resulting in the perfect ingredient combo and a winner dish for breakfast, lunch and dinner and it also takes pride and place in our Sweet and Savoury Pancake series!   INGREDIENTS   6 smoked bacon rashers A few parsley... Read More


Tiramisu Pancakes

All those Espresso junkies, raise your hands. Yep, that’s us 5 days a week!! Coffee is part of our daily routine, but it’s rich aromatic taste is often wasted; being solely a wake up call drink, rather than a tasty treat. Transform the way you consume coffee, as well as embracing the classic Italian dessert, by creating these Tiramisu Pancakes. These pancakes are a way to enjoy dessert without giving you a toothache from sugar overload! Nonetheless, they qualify for the sweet category of our Sweet and Savoury Pancake series, offering a more... Read More


Gluten-Free Chocolate Pancakes

  Although pancakes are traditionally served on Shrove Tuesday, we believe that their battery goodness deserves to be enjoyed the whole year through! Said deliciousness must be enjoyed by all, including those with allergies and intolerance; there is no exclusion when it comes to Pancake indulgence!! Therefore we wanted to embrace the pancake-love and share with you all this incredible gluten-free recipe, that’ll undoubtedly become a favourite for all the chocoholics amongst you! This sweet pancake recipe, as part of our sweet and savoury pancake series, makes the perfect dessert for families (or naughty... Read More


Homemade Baby Food Recipes

  After a good few months on milk, your baby will become unsatisfied and start to crave soft solid foods. Rather than spending stupid amounts of money on a supermarket sweep of every brand and flavour of baby food available, why not make it yourself?! Store-bought baby food generally has more sugar, more sodium and less fibre than baby food which is prepared at home; never mind the fact that store-bought baby food costs two to three times as much as well! With the help of a blender, you can prepare... Read More


Pannakku Recipe: The Finnish Oven-Baked Pancake

  Pannakku is the traditional pancake of Finland, and it cuts out any nerve-wracking pan flipping or sticky situations where pancakes can end up looking more like scrambled eggs (we’ve all been there) than anything else! This dish is somewhat a combination of French toast, custard, crepe, and pancake, and frankly it tastes delicious. It makes for a scrumptious breakfast, or even as dessert if you’re feeling like you need a hearty one! On top of all this, it only takes 15 mins to cook in the oven; you can’t go... Read More


Venezuelan Cachapas – Pancakes around the World

Cachapas are sweet corn pancakes from Venezuela, a welcome change from the typical plain batter pancake, these delights make the perfect breakfast food. We chose Cachapas to feature as part of our Pancakes Around the World series as they are made with simple ingredients, that come together to form a truly tasty treat. Rather than serve these flat and serve toppings on a stack of them, these pancakes are soft and flexible and can be easily folded over a filling, forming a taco-like shape. They are typically stuffed with mozzarella or a cream cheese, making them the... Read More


The Quintessential Crêpe Recipe

How could we complete our Pancakes Around the World series without mentioning the world-famous crêpe. In France, they have a whole day dedicated to the crêpe, what was traditionally called Candlemas (La Chandeleur) on 2 February, which is Virgin Mary’s Blessing Day,  has became known in France as “Le Jour des Crêpes” (literally translated “The Day of the Crêpes”, but sometimes known colloquially as “Avec Crêpe Day”, “National Crêpe Day”, or “day of the Crêpe “)! They really love themselves some pancakes!   Crêpes are equally as popular served with savoury fillings, as with... Read More


Chinese Spring Onion Pancakes – An Alternative Shrove Tuesday Recipe

  Pancake day is upon us, (although we tend to eat them most weeks!) and we want to celebrate all day, not solely with dessert! Savoury pancakes may not be a big deal here in the UK, but on distant shores they take pride and place on the kitchen table. In line with our Pancakes around the World series, today we are going to create this Chinese favourite; spring onion pancakes with ginger-soy dipping sauce. Mmmmm Serve them up on a platter for a tantalisingly tasty appetiser or at lunchtime for... Read More


Kaiserschmarrn – The Extraordinary Austrian Pancake

Again in honour of our Shrove Tuesday related ‘Pancakes Around the World’ recipes, we are looking at another country’s famous batter-based dish! Today we are venturing to the delightful European country that is Austria, famous for a number of things from The Sound of Music to the Viennese Waltz; it’s full of cultural delights! However, we are particularly fond of their chopped pancakes, Kaiserschmarrn. A long-running favourite with Austrians, the dish is often coined the ‘Emperor’s Breakfast’ as it said to have been Emperor Franz Joseph’s favourite! Here’s how to make this tasty breakfast... Read More