Macmillan Coffee Morning 2019: Why the Lumiglo Coffee Maker is the Coffee Maker you need

When is Macmillan Coffee Morning 2019?

Macmillan Coffee Morning: Benefits of our Lumiglo Coffee Maker

The official date for the World’s Biggest Coffee Morning is 27th September, but you don’t have to host your event on that date, if people can’t make it. You don’t even have to have it in the morning.

Whether you are attending a cake-tastic event or hosting a coffee morning yourself, the party can take place at any time of day. Or all day, if you and your guests wish.


How do Macmillan Coffee Mornings work?

Macmillan coffee morning

It’s easy. Pin your Coffee Morning Banner up. Get your friends and family around. Buy or make some cakes and encourage your guests to do the same. Make sure your donations box is in clear view for people to drop their pennies in and have a nice catch-up with a coffee and a cake.


Click here if you’re in need of coffee morning food ideas.


And, speaking of coffee, we thought we’d introduce you to our Lumiglo Filter Coffee Maker, which we feel is the ideal coffee machine for hosting a coffee morning.


How to use the Coffee Maker

Lumiglo Filter Coffee Maker

The Lumiglo Filter Coffee Maker is ideal for when you’re hosting any kind of gathering.

Simply scoop your ground coffee into the washable filter, before pouring up to 1.5 litres of water into the tank.


This model is ideal for your coffee morning, as it can make up to 12 cups of coffee in as many minutes, meaning your guests will not be waiting long for an aromatic cup of coffee.

Plus, it comes with a keep-warm function for up to 30 minutes, so if any of your guests are late, they can still enjoy a delicious hot drink on arrival.


As well as the coffee, your Macmillan Coffee Morning should be blessed with treats to eat, so be sure to check out these baking recipes, if you’re looking for coffee morning food ideas.

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