Indulgent Chocolate Brownie Ice Cream Sundae



Ice Cream Sundaes are a quintessentially British desserts, that are real crowd pleasers and tasty teasers!

Whether you’re a knickerbocker glory devotee or a hot fudge fiend, there’ something everyone can get on board with and have fun making!

Today we’re serving up a classic; the devilishly tasty and delectably indulgent Chocolate Brownie Sundae!

It’s the perfect mix of hot ‘n’ cold, sticky ‘n’ sweet and chocolate ‘n’ vanilla; basically a straight-up hit with everyone it meets!





For Sundae

2-3 slices of Chocolate Cake or Brownies chopped into bitesize chunks.

1 tub (900ml) Vanilla Ice Cream

100g Dark chocolate, chopped

1 pack (150gish) broken Shortbread Biscuits

A wafer for garnish


For the Sauce

200g milk chocolate

120ml single cream

2tbs golden syrup

10g butter

100g icing sugar









To Make the Sauce

Melt the chocolate with the butter (you can do this in the microwave) until there are no lumps. Remember to stir this while heating.

Once melted, leave to cool for 5 minutes and then swirl in the cream. If mixture curdles- add more cream. Sift in the icing sugar and stir.

When ready to use, put this mixture into a pan and add the syrup. Heat this and stir until the sauce is pourable and add to the sundae (below).


To make this Sundae

Put the ingredients into Andrew James sundae glasses, varying different layers in. Fill to the top.

Pour the warm sauce over the top and sprinkle a few biscuit crumbs on top. Serve warm and enjoy!




Did you recreate this delicious dish at home? We would love to see! Make sure to tag us in your photos and recipes over on our social media at @andrewjamesuk on Instagram and @andrewjamesltd on Twitter!






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