Ice Cream Tacos Recipe


What do you get when you mix a Mexican classic with the classically delicious dairy dessert; an ice cream taco!

We personally can’t get enough of either element and after some seriously mouth-wateringly Pinterest scrolls, we knew we just had to share this marvellous creation!

For your taco shell you can go opt for a variety of choices; a crepe, pancake or even an actual taco shell (dipped in melted chocolate of course).



How to make Ice Cream with an Andrew James Ice Cream Maker


Place Ice Cream Maker bowl in the freezer 24 hours prior.

On the day, switch the ice cream maker on, then use the chute and pour the ice cream or sorbet mix into the inner bowl.

Allow the mixture to churn until frozen or the desired consistency is reached. This can take 15 to 30 minutes, but most recipes will be ready in less time.

Switch off and remove the power unit / lid. The ice cream is ready to serve.


To make the Ice Cream Taco


Get your ice cream fresh from your Andrew James Ice Cream Maker, and scoop into your empty Taco Shell.

Melt half a large bar of chocolate in the microwave, then dip your sandwich in all the gooey goodness! If you wish, whilst the Taco is still wet with chocolate (before it dries) dip in sprinkles or coat in another topping such as nuts or marshmallows!



Get creative with this dish and adapt this recipe to whatever tickles your fancy! Mimic a real taco and use pistachio ice cream to resemble everyone’s favourite guac, then load up with red sprinkles for a salsa-iffic effect!

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