How To Use The Andrew James Food Mixer

Andrew James Food Mixers are loved in kitchens all over the world and our customers think they’re some of the best mixers around!

Our 2017 model of food mixer is here; upgraded, improved, and 100% incredible.

andrew james 5.5L food mixer

The Basics

Our electric stand mixer boasts an 800W motor, which has an incredible max output of 1400W – making it the perfect baking mixer, as it can handle large mixtures of dough or batter!

Ease of Use

When making cakes, you want it to be as easy as possible. Say goodbye to aching arms, and getting stressed over your batter not incorporating – this electric cake mixer will beat all your ingredients together.

From making smooth, silky batters, icing ideal for drizzling, to perfectly kneaded bread dough – there’s nothing these mixers can’t handle.

Thanks to the planetary mixing motion, your baking worries are over!


There is no point in having a dough mixer that doesn’t have a high quality, large capacity bowl. Our stand mixer boasts a fantastic 5.5L bowl which includes sturdy handles – ideal for lifting and pouring!

Mixer Attachments

It wouldn’t be an Andrew James Stand Mixer if it didn’t come with four fantastic attachments to help in the kitchen.

Dough Hook:

Ideal for bread, this high quality, die cast hook takes all the hard work out of baking bread! If you’re lucky enough to own oneAndrew_James_Food_Mixer_Accessories_1 of our bread makers too, you can enjoy fresh bread every day.


Whisking by hand can be extremely difficult – especially with large quantities of batter! Don’t you wish you had an electric stand mixer to do the hard work? See where we’re going with this?

Our stainless steel whisk is able to mix up anything you like – perfect if you have a special occasion coming up.


This attachment is the most versatile, and will be used quite a lot in your kitchen.

Thankfully, this die cast beater is up to the job.

Silicone Beater:

Everyone knows that metal food mixer attachments don’t scrape the side of the bowl (this is to ensure the mixing bowl stays in top condition), so we’ve included a silicone edged beater to scrape every drop of batter from the sides!

Of course, you will get a silicone spatula included with every food mixer!

Speed Settings

With six speeds and a pulse function, you’ll love how powerful our stand mixer is compared to an electric whisk, helping you bake in no time at all!

Splash Guard and Ingredient Chute

To protect your kitchen, and your clothes from being splattered with mixture, our new and improved, easy to remove, splash guard is a baker’s best friend.

It now features an ingredient chute which allows you to pour extra ingredients into your mixture at the right time, without stopping the mixer.

Safety Switch

As our food mixer operates on a tilt head design, we wanted to ensure our customers couldn’t accidently lift the head while it was running.

With the addition of our safety switch it is impossible to lift the head, keep you safe from any unwanted accidents!

Keeping Your Mixer in Top Condition:

There are a few ways you can ensure your food mixer stays in good condition:

  • Enjoy baking with your family
  • Don’t wash any attachments in the dishwasher

Oh, and all plastic is BPA free.

If you’re asking yourself “do I need a food mixer?” or wondering about anything else, drop us a message on Facebook or Twitter for a hand!

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