How to throw a Halloween Party: Decorations

Halloween is coming! (cue ghostly wailing sound)

And, whether you’re having a party for the tots, a quiet one in, waiting for trick-or-treaters or a full-blown cocktail-fest with only grown-ups allowed, here at Andrew James, we’ve got you covered…

As well as some Halloween Cocktails, Halloween Party ideas and Halloween Recipes, we’ve got some spook-tacular* Halloween Decorations to share with you!

*See what we did there? We changed ‘spectacular’ into ‘spook-tacular’. ‘Spook’… as in ‘ghost’.

As in ‘Boo’.

As in ‘Halloween’.

Clever, eh?

Spider Halloween Lights

First on our list of fantastic Halloween 2019 accessories are our creepy Spider Halloween Lights.

Perfect for decorating the house for your own festivities or hang them in the window to notify anyone out trick or treating that you have goodies to share, these Spider lights are great for setting a spooky scene with a distinct purple glow.

Battery operated, these LED lights do not have to be close to a plug socket to work and, as they are attached to a clear cable, they add to the spookiness of your party.

Buy your Spider Halloween Lights here.

Skull Halloween Lights

Not a fan of spiders, whether they’re real or not? You can also create a creepy atmosphere with our decorative Skull Lights. They could be draped across your party table or placed into a large bowl to create a centerpiece.

With facial features painted on for a more bone-chilling effect, the ten skulls are attached to 1.8m cable, allowing you to decorate your home for your Halloween Party or – once Halloween is over and done with – act as an effective night-light.

Buy your Skull Halloween Lights here.

Mini Halloween LED Candles

If you’ve got little monsters running around this Halloween (whether they’re the human kind or the cat/dog variety), the last thing you want is open flames that could easily be knocked off.

That’s why our Mini LED Candles set is the perfect decoration for 31st October. With a simple on/off switch, these Halloween props are battery operated, but with a realistic flickering flame, they can still add a ghoulish element to your gathering, while still ensuring the safety of any witches or werewolves that may be haunting the place.

You could even pop them inside a pumpkin and give it an eerie glowing effect.

Buy your Mini Halloween LED Candles here.

Real Wax Halloween LED Candles

If you’re looking at keeping your Halloween decorations to a minimum this year, our Real Wax Halloween LED Candles are just what you need.

Decoratively designed to be different sizes, these candles are made from real wax and can be placed anyway to add a spooky feeling to your home. Great for an extra decoration or if your kids are too old for parties, they are ideal as the main Halloween prop on display – it takes no time to put them out or place them away.

Buy your Real Wax Halloween LED Candles here.

Care for some creepy cocktails this Halloween? Be sure to click here…if you dare!

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