Great North Run: Your half-marathon must-haves

Are you taking part in the Great North Run this year?

The writer of this is (fourth year in a row) and he knows that each of the following items are very useful before, during and after the world’s most famous half-marathon…


Infuser Water Bottle (available in single or double sets)

Infusion Water Bottles

Do your bit for the planet and, instead of relying on the thousands of plastic bottles that will soon litter the Great North Run route, buy our Infusion Water Bottles and fill them up before, during and after the big day.



Smartphone Running Armband

Smartphone Running Armband

Perfect for holding your phone, house key and Metro ticket, our Smartphone Running Armband allows you to track your timing with ease…ish.



Foam Roller


Foam Roller with carry bagFor the perfect foot massage or for great post-run muscle relief, our Foam Rollers will ensure the memories of the Great North Run 2019 aren’t as painful as the run itself can be.



Parisian Cocktail Set

Parisian Cocktail Set

After training, running the GNR 2019 and getting out of South Shields, you deserve a refreshing drink. With our Parisian Cocktail Set, the mocktail or cocktail of your dreams is only a couple of shakes away.



Believe me.

If you’re taking part in the Great North Run, you’re going to need each and every one of these items.


And, because we’re dead canny, here’s a whole blog on how to ease muscle pain after exercising.


Now, everybody…


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