Feel Good Friday: Red Thai Curry Recipe (by renovate_at_28)

It’s Feel Good Friday!

Whilst doing up their dream home, renovate_at_28 continues to inspire us with delicious recipes made with our products while her home is a building site.

Here they are with their delicious Red Thai Curry recipe, using the Andrew James Double Hob, dubbed by renovate_at_28 as their ‘sidekick’.


Red Thai Curry by renovate_at_28

You know you have a good thai curry, regardless of the colour, when it has a film of oil of the top of it that is smooth and not speckled.

When you make this reciepe, the success comes when you see the layer of oil that makes the curry shiny. I tried to photograph it but it’s really hard to capture.



For the curry sauce:

I used an authentic paste from Thailand but I also use these the same way

2 x chicken breasts

50g of curry paste (your choice which brand)

2 cans of coconut milk

1tso fish sauce

1 tsp canderel

Spray oil

1 x pack of stir fry veg

1 x coconut tilda rice (serves 2)




Before starting the recipe, slice your chicken in 1cm wide slices.

Turn on your hob, place a frying pan on the heat and spray some oil to cover the pan.

Place your curry paste in the frying pan, stir the paste into the oil and cook for a minute.

To create the oil film you want to achieve on the curry, open the cans of coconut milk and scoop this thick

white stuff into the frying pand and mix it into the curry paste to create a thick sauce.

Place the cut up chicken into the

pan and cover in the thick sauce. Leave to cook for 5 minutes.

Add in the rest of the coconut milk.

Add the veg and cook for 5 minutes.

During this time add in your fish sauce and canderel to taste.

Microwave your rice according to the pack instructions (2 minutes approx.)

Serve and check out the sheen!


This Red Thai Curry recipe is perfect for those renovating their homes, getting the kitchen

done up or if they just want something quick, easy and tasty to cook.


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