Ebba’s Arancini recipe (Arancini balls stuffed with cheese)

Ebba, our weight loss expert, has a fab recipe for you to make in our very own Air Fryer.


Arancini recipe from Ebba, our weight loss guru


Risotto formed into balls stuffed with cheese!

Main ingredients for simple yummy risotto:

Risotto rice






Meat/Fish or extra veg


(My go-to SW syn-free and speed veg risotto includes: onions, spring onion, garlic cloves, mushrooms, spring greens and fresh herbs, with a mix of chicken and vegetable stock.)


Extra ingredients for Arancini Balls

Cheese (If following SW 2 regular Babybels are a Hex A and depending on how many balls you make and mix you have is how much you can place in.

(Got loads and want to batch? 3 Babybel lights are a Hex A)

1 egg




Arancini balls made in the Andrew James Digitial Air Fryer



Messy part – you may want to use gloves, or just go with the flow and get stuck in – once cooled, form the balls by putting some risotto in your palm, then place your chosen cheese inside and roll into a ball.

Continue until all of your mix has been used and rest for a few mins in the fridge so they hold their shape.

In a bowl, beat an egg, then in another place in your crust mix or breadcrumbs and add some dried herbs (the breadcrumbs can be your Hex B).

Spray each in frylight then place into the air fryer at 160° for 20mins and then 185° for 10mins.

Remove carefully and serve with salad or go full deliciousness and make some air fryer syn free chips!


If you’re on your own weight loss journey and would like to see what else Ebba can rustle up in our Air Fryer, here’s a cheeky link to her Instagram account.


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