Chicken Parmigiana Recipe (by Ebba Christine)

Slimming World legend Ebba knows her way around our Air Fryer better than we do!

Don’t believe us?

Here’s her terrific Chicken Parmigiana recipe that is simple, healthy and delicious!

How to cook a Chicken Parmigiana…


Ingredients for parmo

2 chicken breasts

Seasoning of choice – salt and pepper.

100g Smash and 30g Parmesan cheese

1 egg



Ingredients for Sauce

1 red onion

2 cloves of garlic

1 box of passata

1 tsp fresh parsley

1 tsp of fresh basil




Flatten 2 chicken breasts and then seasoning with salt, pepper or any flavourings you like – this is where I rub on some JD Seasonings’s Chicken Rub. 

Now the Parm bit! If you want to be a super Slimming World follower, then use your Hex B for breadcrumbs otherwise a super simple food cupboard lingering of Smash and grated Parmesan works so well! 

Simply, mix 100g of Smash and 30g Parmesan in a bowl and a pinch of more seasoning or for me, JD Seasonings’s Chicken Rub.

In another bowl, whisk an egg.

The messy part or fun part! Dip one piece of chicken in the egg and cover then cover into the dry mix then place into the air fryer. Repeat until your chicken is done.

Spray with some frylight and select the meat on the bone / chicken setting on your air fryer (185°C for 25mins) and get your sauce going on the hob.

For the sauce, dice 1 red onion and sauté until soften, add in 2 cloves of garlic minced and cook for 2-5mins, then add in 1 box of passata, 1 tsp fresh parsley and 1 tsp of fresh basil.

Let it simmer until thickened or until the chicken is done.

Now to boil your pasta. 

Once all is done in a bowl add your pasta, then chicken, top with sauce then sprinkle on your cheese. If following SW this could be your Hex A, ensuring a simple, fun, delicious and syn free meal. 

A crispy, healthy alternative to the deep fryer, butter pan fry alternative or soaked in sauce recipes out there. 


A crispy, healthy alternative to the deep fryer, butter pan fry alternative or soaked in sauce recipes out there.


Ebba is one of our talented guest bloggers, full of lush and healthy recipes. For her Instagram, click here.

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