Seasonal Recipes

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National Vegetarian Week: How to cook a Halogen Oven Vegetarian Shepherd’s Pie

  It’s National Vegetarian Week and we’re treating you with something of a double: an easy recipe for a great vegetarian shepherd’s pie and a little feature on our Halogen Oven, answering a few questions you may have… Vegetarian Shepherd’s Pie Ingredients 3 large potatoes 2 sweet potatoes 2 carrots 2 leeks 6 pieces of broccoli 25g of butter 35g of plain flour 250ml of milk 100g of mature cheddar 2 large tomatoes Spinach Method For the pie: 1. Chop the potatoes into chunks and throw in a large pot... Read More

Easter Cake recipe 10/04/2019
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Easter Cake Recipe: Chocolate Nest Cake (from Irish Baking Adventures)

Our talented friend, Irish Baking Adventures has been incredibly busy in the kitchen, supplying us with a deliciously chocolatey recipe for a cake that is out-of-this-world perfect for Easter. INGREDIENTS CAKE 300g caster sugar 180g plain flour 50g good quality cocoa powder 1tsp baking powder 1 tsp baking soda 1 tsp salt 2 eggs 250ml milk 100g butter, melted 2 tsp vanilla extract 250ml boiling water   FILLING 1 tub mascarpone cheese 250ml cream 30g icing sugar 1tsp vanilla extract Orange food colouring   DRIZZLE 200g white chocolate Orange “Candy”... Read More

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A closer look at the Andrew James Halogen Oven

Hello. We’re taking this opportunity to troubleshoot the Andrew James Halogen Oven, answering some FAQs we get about it. Are Halogen Ovens any good? Well, we’re obviously going to say ‘yes’, because we sell them. But, even so, we think they are pretty nifty. Mainly because of the whole range of meals you can make in them: Lemon & Herb Chicken Frozen Veggie Burgers Quiche Banana Bread Chilli Roasted Veg Scones Roast Gammon Lemon Tart Baked Potatoes Hot Dogs & Burgers Various Cuts of Steak Full English Breakfast Frozen Chicken... Read More

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Bacon, leek and potato soup recipe

  The winner of our Tuesday poll was soup over salad. So… we’ve scanned our cookbooks and dug out this Bacon, leek and potato soup recipe that is so quick and easy to make, it’ll probably take you longer to read than to make. Ingredients 2 leeks 2 large potatoes 1 large onion 25g of unsalted butter 1.4l of vegetable stock 150ml of single cream How to make Bacon, Leek and Potato Soup Melt the butter in the biggest pan you have. Chop the bacon and frying it in the... Read More

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New Year’s: Red Velvet Cake recipe

  Whether it’s for the day after or the eve before, we’re here to show you how to make a New Year’s cake and we’ve opted for a simple Red Velvet cake recipe. Ingredients For the sponges… 300ml of vegetable oil 4 eggs 500g of plain flour 2 tbsp cocoa powder 1tsp of salt 2 tsp of bicarbonate of soda 30ml of red food colouring 4 tsp of vanilla extract 4 tsp of baking powder 560g of brown sugar 400ml of buttermilk For the icing… 750g of icing sugar 250g... Read More

Andrew James Christmas Dinner tips 25/12/2018
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Merry Christmas from all at Andrew James: Christmas Day Dinner Tips

  He’s been! He’s been! It’s the big day and the house is full of people, presents and merriment! You’re all ready for a day of festive frivolity…but, have you put the turkey in? Never fear if you have yet to put the bird in the oven, we are here to help you with all of your Christmas Day preparations. Please note: This is just a suggested routine and the timings therein are correct for a 4Kg turkey. Be careful to adjust your cooking times for bigger or smaller birds.... Read More

Christmas Eve traditions 23/12/2018
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Great Christmas Eve traditions to introduce your children to!

  Whatever you have planned for the big day, there’s something really quite magical about Christmas Eve. Especially if you have little people too excited to sleep. Here we look at a few Christmas Eve traditions (some classic and some contemporary) that you can take part in, no matter how old your children are.   Pyjama gift-giving If your little ones cannot wait one sleep before they open a present, give them one they can use. Christmas pyjamas are an ideal present to give, before you enjoy a hot chocolate... Read More

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5 things you must do to serve the perfect Christmas turkey

  Ah, the traditional turkey. For years, people have claimed that, in order to achieve perfection with this Christmas staple, you must have the knack. But, now, thanks to a range of stylish and functional products, you can serve a perfect Christmas Day meal. All you have to do is keep the following 5 pointers in mind:   1. Thoroughly defrost your turkey The amount of time you spend defrosting your turkey all depends on its size. To avoid any illness, the NHS recommends you allow between 3-4 hours per... Read More

Non-alcoholic Spiced apple fizz recipe 18/12/2018
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10 mocktails for your designated driver

  Are you ferrying people around this Christmas and New Year, but would like to feel more involved in the party mood? Make sure you’ve got something spectacular in your glass with this range of fancy mocktails, all made with the Andrew James Boston Luxury Cocktail Set. These non-alcoholic cocktails are also ideal if you are pregnant, but still want to take part in the party atmosphere.   Virgin Tom Collins Recipe Have you seen Tom Collins? Not sure who he is? Neither are we, but this sweet and light... Read More

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Quick and easy Christmas Cocktails

  What Christmas cocktail are you? A winter warmer, like a mulled wine cocktail? A jolly gin-based drink, like our Christmas Kiss? Or a classic concoction, like a Bloody Mary, but with a festive twist? Wherever you stand on the cocktail menu, you cannot deny that Christmas = cocktails. And here at Andrew James, we are dedicated to giving you a whole host of spiritual options, ensuring that all tastes are catered for with our Christmas cocktail party ideas and recipes.   One for the wine drinkers… Mulled Wine Cocktail... Read More