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Yorkshire Puddings Recipe

Yorkshire. Home of Geoffrey Boycott, York Train Station and putting t’ on t’start of words. But, today we are paying homage to another great Yorkshire staple and everyone’s favourite way to finish a Sunday dinner – the Yorkshire Pudding. Yes, we have a great recipe for one of the more traditional gravy-mopper-uppers. Hang on! Jam?! Whatever floats your boat, mate. But, first, here’s a little history on them, whether you like them soggy, soft or crispy…   Just, where did Yorkshire Puddings come from? Yorkshire.   Right, now it’s time... Read More

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‘Alexa, are mini ovens any good?’

Hiya. If you Googled ‘mini oven’ or ‘small oven’, here you are… And, if you Googled ‘mini oven tray’, check it out… What about ‘mini oven recipes’? Or maybe ‘mini oven with hob’? ‘Alexa, are mini ovens any good?’ And, I bet you asked ‘Alexa, which mini oven should I buy?’ Do you love mini ovens like we love mini ovens? If you love mini ovens like we love mini ovens, maybe you should buy yourself a mini oven or if you’ve already got a mini oven, you should check... Read More

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National Pizza Day: Easy Halogen Oven Pizza Recipe

Easy Homemade Pizza Recipe For the homemade pizza dough, you will need: 500g bread flour 325ml of warm water 1 sachet of dried yeast 2 tbsps of vegetable oil 1 tsp of brown sugar Method In one mixing bowl, blend the water, vegetable oil, brown sugar and yeast together. Be sure that the sugar is dissolved. In a second mixing bowl, sieve the flour and make a well in the middle of it, before pouring the liquid mixture into it. Mix the two together thoroughly to create a dough. Sprinkle... Read More

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Geet big chocolate cake recipe for a slow cooker

Ingredients 500g of chocolate cake mix 1 packet chocolate dessert mix 4 eggs 450g of soured cream 150g of chocolate chips or chopped chocolate 180ml of veg oil 230ml of water Method In a geet big bowl, blend together the cake mix and the pudding mix. Push down in the centre of the mix to make a dip and fill it with the eggs, soured cream, oil and water. Use the beater attachment to blend until the ingredients are proper mixed together. After about 5 minutes of that, hoy in... Read More

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Hallelujah for the Halogen Oven!

Hello. We’re taking this opportunity to troubleshoot the Andrew James Halogen Oven, answering some FAQs we get about it. Are Halogen Ovens any good? Well, we’re obviously going to say ‘yes’, because we sell them. But, even so, we think they are pretty nifty. Mainly because of the whole range of meals you can make in them: Lemon & Herb Chicken Frozen Veggie Burgers Quiche Banana Bread Chilli Roasted Veg Scones Roast Gammon Lemon Tart Baked Potatoes Hot Dogs & Burgers Various Cuts of Steak Full English Breakfast Frozen Chicken... Read More

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World Nutella Day 2019!

Can you believe it? It’s World Nutella Day again already! If you’re not excited, you need to get your priorities in order, because here at Andrew James Towers, we’re nuts about the stuff and cannot wait to sink our teeth into all of these rip-roaring recipes. Nutella Pizza recipe It’s pizza, Jim, but not as we know it. This one is from back in the day, but with a fresh punnet of strawberries, we can always go back to it and enjoy it time and time again. Feel like doing... Read More

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Stand Food Mixers

Why you need a stand food mixer: 1. It has a locking mechanism that prevents the bowl from moving when your motor’s going like the clappers. This is an image of a Stand Food Mixer. 2. This model comes with 4 mixer attachments. So, you whisk, beat, mix and hook to your little heart’s content. This is another image of a Stand Food Mixer. 3. Adjustable speed settings allow you to bake at your own pace, with a pulse function on hand, should you need to give your dough a... Read More

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National Storytelling Week: The Dessert (Jam Tart Recipe)

Introducing the third course of our menu for National Storytelling Week, we have got a simple dessert recipe that is not only flavorful, but is also fit for a queen. That’s right. Here at Andrew James, we’ve taken inspiration from Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Caroll and are bringing to you a jam tarts recipe that we may or may not have stolen from the Queen of Hearts herself. We’ve gone for strawberry jam to keep in with the classic character, but the choice is yours as to whether you... Read More

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Brexfast Bar Recipe

You might not like it and you might even be fed up of hearing about it, but breakfast is still important to this country. In these troubling times, it’s probably best (and easier), if you take matters in your own hands. That’s why we’re giving you a great breakfast bar recipe that may not suit everyone’s taste, but is still necessary and is guaranteed to keep Britain going. Ingredients (for 12 Brexfast bars) 140g oafish oats 50g mixed dried fruit of indecision 50g mixed seeds, sitting on a fence 100g... Read More

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What to do with any chocolate left over from Christmas

  Believe it or not, but Christmas was over two weeks ago and if you still find yourself with a cupboard full of leftover chocolate, you’re not alone. According to our Tuesday Thoughts Poll, many of you still have plenty of chocolate leftover from the festive season. So, rather than chip away at it, eating it night after night until get you rid of it or feel sick (whichever one comes first), we have a few ideas as to how you can not let those delicious gifts go to waste.... Read More