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GNR 19 - Win a Foam Roller and a Water Bottle 20/08/2019

How to recover after the Great North Run with the Andrew James Foam Roller

Taking part in the Great North Run can be an incredible experience, both on the soul – it’s an undeniably emotional day – and the body. Completing the world’s greatest half-marathon is a helluvan achievement, but just because the run’s finished, your post run recovery should not suffer. This is where the Andrew James Foam Roller comes in!   How to use a Foam Roller on your legs for post half marathon recovery Leg pain after running is obviously going to be on the cards after a half-marathon, but it doesn’t have... Read More


Feel Good Friday: Great North Run Tips

Hello. My name is Anthony Arnott and I’m the Content Writer at Andrew James. The Great North Run is the world’s greatest half-marathon and this year, I’ll be doing it. It’ll be my 4th year of doing it, so I’m sharing some hints and tips on how to make your Great North Run day go as smoothly as possible.   1. Breakfast Some years, I’ve had porridge (topped with bananas) as my pre-GNR meal, but for a real half-marathon breakfast, I’d recommend a slice of toast with peanut butter for... Read More

A list of health benefits you can achieve by doing more walking. 13/05/2019

A list of reasons why you should do more walking

I’m not going to treat you like a mug. We all know some of the benefits of walking and how you can fit it into your routine.   There are the tried and tested ways like… Getting off the bus a stop earlier and walking some of the way. Taking the stairs instead of the lift or escalator. Walking instead of driving to the shops.    But, as far as why it’s good to walk, the list is pretty much endless… Your heart and lungs will be fitter and healthier.... Read More

International Dance Day 25/04/2019

Feel Good Friday: A list of great songs to dance to

For this Feel Good Friday post, we have a list of absolute bangers that are guaranteed to get you in the groove, onto the floor to strut your funky stuff. Uptown Funk by Mark Ronson ft. Bruno Mars   September by Earth, Wind and Fire   Twist and Shout by The Beatles   Get Lucky by Daft Punk ft. Pharrell Williams and Nile Rodgers   A little respect by Erasure   Get down on it by Kool & The Gang   You make my dreams by Hall & Oates  ... Read More

Andrew James Yoga Mat 12/04/2019

Feel Good Friday: How Yoga helps in Stress Management

April is Stress Awareness Month and here at Andrew James, we are looking to help everyone feel less stressed. Our handy Stress Management Tips are a good place to start, but for this Feel Good Friday blog, we’re looking at how Yoga can help you reduce stress.   Benefits for your body Particular yoga poses – especially forward bends – can create a calm effect over your whole body. This feel-good move will allow you to manage stress so much that future stress-inducing incidents will not affect you as much.... Read More


Feel Good Friday…so, how do we feel good?

If you read this blog regularly, you’ll know that I aim for a fun, informative and quite sarcastic tone. Well, apologies, dear reader, but today, you’ve found me in something of a philosophical mood.   Yes, for this Feel Good Friday blog, I’m trying to solve the mystery of how to feel good.   I see on Twitter each and every day at least one of our followers feeling down, low, unloved or fearful in some way. Now, if you’re here for in-depth medical advice, apologies, but this is more... Read More


A list of relaxing ways to de-stress

Feeling stressed? Stress Awareness Month was in April and at Andrew James, we would like to keep the (stress) ball rolling and provide you with some helpful ways to destress your life.   What can stress feel like? Stress can sometimes come from feeling overwhelmed, perhaps by work or money troubles. Some people with stress say they constantly worry and find themselves easily irritated, anxious or fearful. Physical symptoms of stress may be headaches, dizziness and muscle pain.   What helps with stress? Because there are a number of different... Read More


Feel Good Friday: Top 5 North East places to ramble for Walk All Over Cancer Month

Andrew James is proud to call the North East of England its home. So, this March, as it is Walk All Over Cancer Month, we have selected 5 top North East areas to ramble in, on and through this month. Call us biased, but each of them is great for taking little ones, if you’re up for a picnic, and ideal for taking furry little friends on lush walks. Here they are, in no particular order:   1. Hadrian’s Wall 73 miles long and stretching from coast to coast, you... Read More


Fitness With Pets

Nearly 35% of Pets are now overweight, dramatically increasing their risk of arthritis, breathing problems and heart disease. We need to reduce this statistic in order for our pets to have longer healthy lives, as after all they’re man’s best friend. Exercising with your pets can also be a beneficial activity for humans too. Interacting with a pet causes endorphins to rise and stress levels to fall. Meaning you are able to exercise for longer and burn more calories, alongside having a more positive attitude. In our last post we... Read More


Fitness Trends for 2018

We all love to hop aboard a bandwagon, and as soon as we’re promised that a new fitness trend is going to transform us into toned goddesses, we’ll certainly give it a go – (if only just till our Saturday night Chinese Takeaway arrives.) For 2018, there’s a host of new fitness trends sweeping the net, ready to be propelled right into your living room! Many of the trends involve little to no cost and relative ease, yet they all promise the perfect body. Well we’ll see!     LIIT... Read More