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Feel Good Friday: Healthy Full English Breakfast

A Full English breakfast is one of the greatest meals on the planet. And we’ll have words with anyone who says otherwise.   But, in these times of watching weight and counting calories, how can we enjoy a fantastic fry up without thinking about what it’s going to do to our figures? Glad you asked! Here’s a rundown of the classic ingredients of an English Breakfast that are delicious and not as fatty as they have to be. Healthy sausages We probably use pigs for food more than any other... Read More

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Time to Talk Day

It’s time to talk about mental health. Believe it or not, but it’s still harder for people to open up about their own mental health than it is for family members, friends, colleagues and casual acquaintances to approach someone they may be worried about. That’s why this Time to Talk Day, we’re encouraging you all to find Time to Talk to anyone you have concerns for.   Not sure what we mean? Well, if you’ve noticed any of the following in anyone you spend a lot of time with: Have... Read More

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Tinnitus Awareness Week 2019

This week is Tinnitus Awareness Week and the theme for 2019 is isolation. Too many people who have the condition say they feel alone and don’t have many people they can reach out to and we want to make sure they aren’t on their own. That’s why here at Andrew James, we’re supporting Tea for Tinnitus. It is a great opportunity for those who hear noises to reach out over a brew OR for those who know someone with Tinnitus to pop the kettle on and invite friends over. The... Read More

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Feel Good Friday: Why February is fantastic!

Can February march? No, but April may. Hello? Is this thing on? Okay, okay. Bad joke. But, for this week’s Feel Good Friday blog, we’re looking at the calendar and taking in a few lovely things about February 2019. 1. It’s not January We’re not against January as a month, but it was a helluva long wait between paydays, wasn’t it? Also, it’s no longer Dry January, so enjoy your tipples. However you have them. 2. Snow Okay, it might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but getting a phone... Read More

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6 reasons why you’re STILL doing Dry January 2019

  Guys, guys, guys! The end’s in sight! Yes, if you are taking part in Dry January 2019, you have less than a week left and only one more weekend to pass before we hit February. Gorgeously damp, soaked through to the skin, gin and fanta-stic February! So, here at Andrew James, we thought we’d give you 6 little motivational reminders as to why you thought quitting alcohol for a month was a good idea in the first place. You know, just to see you over the finish line…  ... Read More

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Back in stock this week!

Andrew James has got some great products back in stock this week, so be quick to pick them up, before they go (again)! Apple Corer 3 in 1 Apple Corer can peel, core AND slice with just a few easy turns of the handle. Long Handled Stainless Steel Teaspoons Ideal for lattes, sundaes, cocktails or simply as serving spoons, the set of 4 and the set of 8 have been very popular recently and they are back in stock!   Electric Salt and Pepper Mill Set The mills are safe... Read More

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How a Slow Cooker can help you eat healthy foods on a budget

  Do you eat healthy food? Can you eat healthy on a budget? Find this too much of a challenge? The healthy eating slow cooker challenge, with 5 easy steps, is here to guide you. 1. Plan ahead Create a shopping list and an eat healthy planner for the week or fortnight ahead, keeping the slow cooker in mind. 2. Buy smart Large and inexpensive cuts of meat become mouth-wateringly tender in the slow cooker and can even be used for several meals throughout the week. 3. Cook more than... Read More

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National Obesity Awareness Week: 4 great ways to lose weight

  Let us guess – you’ve got to mid-January and you still haven’t done anything that remotely resembles exercise, but your social media feeds are full of people out running or at the gym and seemingly on their way to achieving their new year goals? How close are we? We could even push it further and predict that your next step would be to search the following: ‘What exercise routine is the best to lose weight?’ ‘What should my exercise routine be?’ ‘What is a good exercise routine for beginners?’... Read More

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This week’s best sellers!

  Christmas may be over, but here at Andrew James, we are still being good to you. Here are 6 fantastic products that are doing so well, we want you to know about them before they go completely!   Potato Cutter Want delicious homemade chips without using too much of your elbow grease? This handy appliance is the perfect potato slicer for fries, but can also be applied to other vegetables, such as carrots, cucumbers and butternut squash.   Thin Scales Weighing food can be a bit of a chore,... Read More

3.2 Litre Digtial Air Fryer 07/01/2019
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Veganuary: Andrew James’ Top 10 appliances every vegan needs

  The amount of people cutting down on animal products or avoiding them altogether has increased massively over the last few years. So much so that 2019 is the Year of the Vegan and that January has now become Veganuary, an international scheme to raise more awareness for Veganism and to encourage this particular way of life. And, if you are a dedicated vegan or are a little intrigued as to how you can incorporate vegan philosophies into your own life, at Andrew James, we have a whole host of... Read More