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Andrew James Yoga Mat 12/04/2019
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Feel Good Friday: How Yoga helps in Stress Management

April is Stress Awareness Month and here at Andrew James, we are looking to help everyone feel less stressed. Our handy Stress Management Tips are a good place to start, but for this Feel Good Friday blog, we’re looking at how Yoga can help you reduce stress.   Benefits for your body Particular yoga poses – especially forward bends – can create a calm effect over your whole body. This feel-good move will allow you to manage stress so much that future stress-inducing incidents will not affect you as much.... Read More

Line of Duty inspired Good Friday recipe for fish and chips 11/04/2019
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Dine of Duty: Healthy Fish and Chips Recipe

WARNING: THIS BLOG CONTAINS SPOILERS FROM SERIES 1-4 OF LINE OF DUTY!!! DO NOT PROCEED IF YOU’RE NOT UP TO DATE!!!   Line of Duty is gripping the nation (or this writer, at least) so much that our Dine of Duty has gone viral. Well, not quite, but the official Line of Duty Twitter page liked it. Twice! Anyway, as Good Friday is coming up, we thought we’d write this Feel Good Friday recipe and hark back to Series 2 to when Lynsey Denton (played by Keeley Hawes) and Steve... Read More

Chilli Con Carne 09/04/2019
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Dine of Duty: Chilli Con Carne Recipe

  Tonight, Line of Duty is on. So, what can we eat while we are gripped by BBC One’s successful drama?   Inspired by the series, this blog is called ‘Dine of Duty’ – clever, eh? And, to start us off, we have this fantastic Chilli con carne recipe (Dot gives it to Kate in one episode at some point): It’s perfect for Slow Cooker Sunday, as it saves on the washing-up too. Great to make in a large batch, freeze in Tupperware and defrost on a later date –... Read More

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Feel Good Friday…so, how do we feel good?

If you read this blog regularly, you’ll know that I aim for a fun, informative and quite sarcastic tone. Well, apologies, dear reader, but today, you’ve found me in something of a philosophical mood.   Yes, for this Feel Good Friday blog, I’m trying to solve the mystery of how to feel good.   I see on Twitter each and every day at least one of our followers feeling down, low, unloved or fearful in some way. Now, if you’re here for in-depth medical advice, apologies, but this is more... Read More

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A list of ways to relaxation techniques for Stress Awareness Month 2019

When is Stress Awareness Month 2019? Stress Awareness Month is in April and at Andrew James, we would like to provide you with some helpful ways to destress your life.   What can stress feel like? Stress can sometimes come from feeling overwhelmed, perhaps by work or money troubles. Some people with stress say they constantly worry and find themselves easily irritated, anxious or fearful. Physical symptoms of stress may be headaches, dizziness and muscle pain.   What helps with stress? Because there are a number of different ways to... Read More

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The Great British Spring Clean 2019: Top cleaning tips for your home (By Cleaning_The_Hannant_Home)

Not only do our talented Guest Bloggers treat us to some terrific food recipes, but they also know how to keep a home sparkling clean. Cleaning_the_Hannant_Home is here with some top-notch Spring Cleaning tips…   Hi. It’s Cleaning_the_Hannant_Home here and I have a brief spring cleaning list, with some tips and tricks that I have tried and tested myself. Flower glass/plastic vase: As it’s springtime, we all love flowers! Get your vase gleaming and shining with this handy hack, that will save you £’s! What you will need… soda crystals... Read More

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Feel Good Friday: Why you need to check out this Slimming World Baked Oats Recipe (By Ebba Christine)

We’ve got a geet lush baked oats recipe from Ebba Christine for this week’s Feel Good Friday blog. Perfect as a treat for someone special (Psst. Mother’s Day is on the way), we’ll let Ebba tell you about this one… Baked oats for breakfast on the go, your kids, yourself or even a loved one. Also, you can make these the night before and no one needs to know! Ingredients Carrot cake oats 3 TBSP lemon Greek style Mullerlight 1 tsp cinnamon Grated hand sized carrot 🥕 2 eggs 🥚... Read More


A list of Spring fruit and vegetables

To get a proper spring in your step, have a little look at all the fruit and veg that are coming into season…this season.   Asparagus If you like the look of flowers that haven’t bloomed yet, get your laughing gear round some asparagus this Spring. Carrots Everyone’s favourite fruit and/or vegetable. You know…after oranges. It’s carrots! Cauliflowers Not a real collie and not a real flower. Celeriac When the vegetable in question could easily replace the head of any monster from a horror film, you know it’s not going... Read More

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National Poultry Day: Air Fryer Chicken and Bacon in a Yorkshire Pudding Recipe

It’s two weeks until National Poultry Day and our lovely guest bloggers have been working away in their kitchens, rustling up fantastic meals for us to share with you all.   In honour of British poultry, here we have @Cleaning_the_hannant_home with her fantastic and fantastically healthy Air Fryer Bacon-covered Chicken and Veg Yorkshire Pudding Recipe (with potatoes).   Ingredients (serves 2) 6 Potatoes 1 Chicken crown 6 rashers of unsmoked bacon Oil spray 1 Onion, diced 1 tsp of Paprika Swartz’s Mushroom Sauce (Optional) 2 Giant Yorkshire Puddings    ... Read More

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Slimming World Victoria Sponge Cake Recipe (by Ebba Christine)

With Mother’s Day on the horizon, our fantastic guest blogger Ebba Christine has delved into her recipe book and come up with this delicious Victoria Sponge cake recipe that’s fantastic for anyone on Slimming World, easy for unsure bakers and is THE perfect way to celebrate the mother figure in your life…   My earliest memories of cake are when I was young making a Victoria sponge cake in my Nan’s kitchen, when we would travel to Minehead to visit my Nan and Grandad. Not only did the cake smell... Read More