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Lemon Meringue Pie Ice Cream (by missh_mac)

Sunday Sundae! We love you lot so much that we are treating you with yet ANOTHER fantastic recipe from missh_mac, our ice cream extraordinaire! Here she has an easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy lemon meringue pie ice cream recipe.   I made this ice cream because it reminds me of my mum. She loves Lemon Meringue Pie and I know she will love this. It’s quite tart but the meringues give the right amount of sweetness. Lemon Meringue Ice Cream 500g carton fresh custard 142ml carton single cream 142ml carton double cream The zest... Read More

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Feel Good Friday: Red Thai Curry Recipe (by renovate_at_28)

It’s Feel Good Friday! Whilst doing up their dream home, renovate_at_28 continues to inspire us with delicious recipes made with our products while her home is a building site. Here they are with their delicious Red Thai Curry recipe, using the Andrew James Double Hob, dubbed by renovate_at_28 as their ‘sidekick’.   Red Thai Curry by renovate_at_28 You know you have a good thai curry, regardless of the colour, when it has a film of oil of the top of it that is smooth and not speckled. When you make... Read More

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Chicken & Ham Hock Pie Recipe (By Lord Lethris)

National Poultry Day is on the horizon and Lord Lethris, one of our legendary guest bloggers, has been working away on a recipe that has to be tasted to be believed.   Chicken & Ham Hock Pie Recipe Ingredients (No real measurements, we’re going in old skool! – This does about 3-4ish people): Some chicken breasts (Maybe 3) A lump of ham hock, or just a lump of gammon (pre-cooked – Morissons do it) A Pint of milk Plain Flour Some grated cheese (extra strong Mature is best) Coarse whole... Read More

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St Patrick’s Day Recipe: Lemon & Ricotta Ring Cake (By Irish Baking Adventures)

Just when you thought our talented Guest Bloggers couldn’t get any more inspirational, here we have the sublime Irish Baking Adventures with a fantastic recipe that is just perfect for St. Patrick’s Day. This is a Lemon & Ricotta Cake – St Patrick’s Day Style Ingredients 170g unsalted butter, at room temperature 200g plain flour 2 teaspoons baking powder 1 tsp salt 150g ricotta cheese 360g caster sugar 3 large eggs 1 tsp vanilla extract Zest of 1 to 2 lemons 2 tablespoons freshly squeezed lemon juice Green Colouring Chocolate... Read More

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Mother’s Day: Homemade Carrot Cake Recipe (By Angelica Day)

Our extraordinary guest bloggers continue to wow us with amazing recipes. This Carrot Cake recipe from AngelicaDay’sKitchen is incredible and is just perfect for Mother’s Day.   Ingredients 80g Cream Cheese 40g Icing sugar 100g Carrots grated 50g Raisins 1Tbsp Cinnamon 50g Apples grated 110g Sugar 2 large Eggs 110g Self raising flour 110g butter   Method   Preheat the oven to 180c. Grease and line a loaf tin. Mix all of the ingredients for the carrot cake, except the carrots and raisins, together in a bowl until well combined.... Read More


A list of must-have products for home renovators (by renovate_at_28)

renovate_at_28 is in the midst of renovating their dream home. Here they give us a list of their Top 5 Andrew James products for renovation cooking.   We are now 2 months in to our renovation, what appliances can’t we live without?     5. Portable Electric multi cooker Makes your weekend fry ups perfectly.   4. Digital Slow Cooker   Perfect for leaving to cook when we’re at work.   3. Argentum Toaster One time I tried to make garlic bread with the toaster. I wouldn’t recommend that but... Read More

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The Great British Spring Clean 2019: Top cleaning tips for your home (By Cleaning_The_Hannant_Home)

Not only do our talented Guest Bloggers treat us to some terrific food recipes, but they also know how to keep a home sparkling clean. Cleaning_the_Hannant_Home is here with some top-notch Spring Cleaning tips…   Hi. It’s Cleaning_the_Hannant_Home here and I have a brief spring cleaning list, with some tips and tricks that I have tried and tested myself. Flower glass/plastic vase: As it’s springtime, we all love flowers! Get your vase gleaming and shining with this handy hack, that will save you £’s! What you will need… soda crystals... Read More

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Banoffee Pie Ice Cream Recipe (by missh_mac)

Fancy an Ice Cream Suday? Our lush guest blogger, this ice cream recipe comes from missh_mac, one of our Instagram stars. It’s an easy homemade ice cream recipe with the Andrew James Ice Cream Maker. We’ll let her take it from here… Below is my Banoffee Pie Ice Cream Recipe. Banoffee pie is my favourite dessert and whilst my mum lives overseas, it’s the one thing she will always make for me when we see each other. And you can’t beat your mum’s cooking! I wanted to replicate it into... Read More

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Feel Good Friday: Why you need to check out this Slimming World Baked Oats Recipe (By Ebba Christine)

We’ve got a geet lush baked oats recipe from Ebba Christine for this week’s Feel Good Friday blog. Perfect as a treat for someone special (Psst. Mother’s Day is on the way), we’ll let Ebba tell you about this one… Baked oats for breakfast on the go, your kids, yourself or even a loved one. Also, you can make these the night before and no one needs to know! Ingredients Carrot cake oats 3 TBSP lemon Greek style Mullerlight 1 tsp cinnamon Grated hand sized carrot 🥕 2 eggs 🥚... Read More

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How to make a Victoria Sponge Cake (By Angelica Day)

Because we love lush food and lush food recipes, we have opened our doors and hearts for some fantastic guest bloggers. The latest recipe is fresh from the kitchen of Angelica and it is for a delicious and easy Victoria Sponge Cake. My Victoria Sponge Cake Ingredients For the cake 200g of butter 200g of sugar 200g of flour 4 eggs For the buttercream 100g baking butter 200g of icing sugar Method This is a simple recipe just remember: it’s quite a heavier batter, so save your arms and use... Read More