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National Popcorn Day 2: This time it’s flavours!

  Yes, not content with giving you just one National Popcorn Day post, we at Andrew James HQ thought it best to return and finish the job. We’ve got a whole host of fantastic popcorn recipes for you to enjoy….so, enjoy!   Classic butter popcorn Add melted butter to the mix for this classic flavour. Scrumptuous! Sweet toffee popcorn Mix in golden syrup and some brown sugar to make deliciously sweet popped kernels to gorge upon. Classic salted popcorn So, you prefer the savoury to the sweet, do ya? Follow... Read More

Healthy Chicken Caesar Salad recipe 04/01/2019
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Feel Good Friday: Chicken Caesar Salad Recipe

  What do you call a hen looking at a bit of lettuce? Chicken Caesar salad.   Believe it or not – that isn’t left over from a Christmas cracker, but we have rustled up this great recipe for a quick and healthy lunchtime winner. If you’re looking for a healthy recipe for lunch, a diet-friendly meal idea or a small accompaniment to your main dish, this easy guide will guarantee one of the great chicken recipes, but one that is actually good for you.   Ingredients 4 chicken breasts... Read More

Chocolate fountain 29/12/2018
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What are the best party products to use this festive season?

  Just because Christmas has passed, that doesn’t mean the party season is over. With plenty of gatherings to attend and host, we know that you might be here, there and everywhere with who you’re visiting, what you’re taking, who’s visiting you and what you’re going to serve. That’s why here at Andrew James, we’re providing you with a handy guide on what products will make your party the best in town!     However you decide to spend your time with your family and friends, we’d love to hear... Read More

Andrew James Cheese and Meat Board for Christmas 12/12/2018
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What’s the best cheese to serve on a Christmas cheese board?

  There’s just something about Christmas that makes it socially acceptable to eat your entire body weight in cheese – not literally, of course. And here at Andrew James, we believe that a successful cheese board set can really put the finishing touches to your festive gatherings. But, which cheeses are the best to serve on a cheese board? So, with our Cheese & Meat Boards in mind, we’ve decided to help you choose which cheeses to use when serving family and friends with a little savoury something over Christmas.... Read More