Great North Run 2019 competition 16/08/2019

Great North Run 2019: Guess our Anthony’s finish time and win some fantastic prizes!

  #AnthonysGNRTime Our Anthony is doing the Great North Run this year and, for a bit of Feel Good Friday fun, we are giving away a Foam Roller and a Water Bottle to anyone who can correctly guess his GNR finish time.   Read our T’s & C’s below to see how you can enter!   Terms and Conditions This competition is being run by Andrew James UK Ltd, Floor 3, 2 Lighthouse View, Spectrum Business Park, Seaham, SR7 7PR. The prize is a Foam Roller with Carry Bag (Black)... Read More

Macmillan Coffee Morning: Benefits of our Lumiglo Coffee Maker 09/07/2019

Macmillan Coffee Morning 2019: Why the Lumiglo Coffee Maker is the Coffee Maker you need

When is Macmillan Coffee Morning 2019? The official date for the World’s Biggest Coffee Morning is 27th September, but you don’t have to host your event on that date, if people can’t make it. You don’t even have to have it in the morning. Whether you are attending a cake-tastic event or hosting a coffee morning yourself, the party can take place at any time of day. Or all day, if you and your guests wish.   How do Macmillan Coffee Mornings work? It’s easy. Pin your Coffee Morning Banner... Read More

Burger and chips 27/06/2019

National Burger Day: Why you should make your own burgers

Feel Good Friday! It’s Summertime! The time of the year where Ice Cream, refreshing drinks and Barbecues reign supreme. And, is there anything nicer than delicious burgers sizzling on the grill in the sunshine? Well, yes, there is, as a matter of fact. Delicious Homemade Burgers sizzling on the grill in the sunshine.   And, as National Burger Day is on the horizon, we thought we’d have a look at the advantages of avoiding shop-bought or restaurant patties and why everyone should eat burgers made at home…     They’re... Read More

5 reasons to go vegetarian 13/06/2019

5 Reasons to become a Vegetarian

  If you find yourself feeling constantly sluggish and worried about heart disease, it may be a sign that you should switch to a vegetarian lifestyle and diet, so here are some great reasons to go vegetarian… This Summer is also the best time to start, as we have some incredible Vegetarian recipes to try when you’re hosting a Garden Party. If you’re considering switching to a meat-free diet, we have a massive range of easy Vegetarian meals for you to make, including Vegetarian curries, Vegetarian BBQs and Vegetarian Pie... Read More


7 clever ways to use ice this Summer

Summer 2019 is here and so is our list of ways ice can be used as the temperature rises… Need ice quickly? Our Ice Cube Maker can produce 9 cubes of ice every 5-13 minutes. Buy yours here.


A list of reasons why you need a Picnic Bag

  Whether you hear the word and think ‘Family Picnic’, ‘Romantic Picnic’ or just a ‘Picnic with friends’, a Picnic Bag is so easy to transport to your chosen dining spot on those sunny Summer days, whoever you’re with. But, do people still picnic? And, if they do, is a Picnic Backpack worth it? Here, we look at the benefits of both picnicking and the Picnic Bag…   Fresh air and exercise Getting out and enjoying the good weather must be the top of everyone’s list when Summer finally shows... Read More


Best French Wines to enjoy during the Women’s World Cup

The Women’s World Cup is soon to be here and, just so you are prepared for the feel-good frenzy that is sure to follow, we have a whole host of blogs focused on what you can eat and drink to enjoy the football.   Where is the Women’s World Cup 2019? The Women’s World Cup takes place in France this year, so we have organised several blogs to be released, focusing on all things French, including this one on the best wines to drink during the tournament…      ... Read More

English Wine Week: Which wine goes with which meal? 20/05/2019

English Wine Week: Which wines go with which food?

With English Wine Week coming up, we thought we’d look closer at how to match the right wine with the right food…   Red Wine   Cabernet Sauvignon This fruity wine has a nice soft finish, making it ideal to go with meat, such as rib eye steak and venison. Merlot Sticking with red wine, we could also stick with red meats, such as any kind of steak and go with nice salads including Chicken Caesar. Pinot Noir Able to hold its own with meaty dishes, including sausages, chicken and... Read More

A list of sun safety tips 14/05/2019

Sun safety tips for the summer

The weather’s getting glorious, isn’t it? Whether you want to be burnt to a crisp or think any rise in temperature makes it automatically ‘too hot’, you need to make sure you’re sun aware. For this year’s Sun Awareness Week (and beyond), we have some good sun safety tips…   Wear sun cream everyday No matter how you think the sun affects you, you need to make sure you put sun cream on about 15 minutes before you step into the sun.   Make sure you keep your suntan lotion... Read More

National Smile Month 13/05/2019

Top ways to look after your teeth for National Smile Month

Generic intro bit where I elaborate on the title…blah-blah-blah…teeth tips…let’s get on with it.   Brush them – at least twice a day.   Switch to a toothpaste that contains fluoride – fluoride toughens enamel and can also lower the risk of tooth decay.   Floss – because there’s always some bits left in there after a thorough scrub.   Limit the amount of sugar you have – have seven sugars in your tea? Think of how wired you are at bedtime and seriously consider cutting down on the white... Read More