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Game of Thrones: Dragon Eggs recipe

Game of Thrones is back and here is a nice and easy recipe to make and enjoy while watching it… Dragon Eggs Ingredients 6 eggs 1 tbsp mayonnaise ½ tsp salt ½ tsp pepper 1 tsp mustard 1 tbsp paprika (for garnish)   Method Use the egg boiler to boil your eggs to the level you want them to be. Leave to cool for 5 mins before peeling the eggs and slicing them. Scoop the yolks out and place in a bowl, while putting the egg whites on an extra... Read More

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Feel Good Friday…so, how do we feel good?

If you read this blog regularly, you’ll know that I aim for a fun, informative and quite sarcastic tone. Well, apologies, dear reader, but today, you’ve found me in something of a philosophical mood.   Yes, for this Feel Good Friday blog, I’m trying to solve the mystery of how to feel good.   I see on Twitter each and every day at least one of our followers feeling down, low, unloved or fearful in some way. Now, if you’re here for in-depth medical advice, apologies, but this is more... Read More

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A list of the best whoppings (waffle toppings)

At Andrew James, we are MASSIVE fans of waffles and one of the things we love about them is the fact that you can put pretty much anything on them. ANYTHING.   Fruit Raspberries, blueberries, strawberries, kiwi. Honestly, with this one, there’s no limit. Go nuts. No, wait. That’s not a fruit. Go bananas! That’s better. Ice cream We’ve got a whole host of delicious flavours that are just crying to be lashed on top of waffle or two. Sauce Yeah, once you’ve picked your ice cream flavour, pick a... Read More

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How good is our 2 slice Waffle Maker with adjustable temperature?

With excellent recipe ideas, the Andrew James 2 Slice Waffle Maker with adjustable temperature is the perfect appliance for breakfast in bed on a lazy Sunday morning or a great mid-week meal or even just a fill-you-up snack. Whether you prefer soft and fluffy waffles or dark and crispy ones, the adjustable temperature control dial on the Andrew James 2 Slice Waffle Maker with adjustable temperature allows you to choose your preferred waffle texture. Safe to use, the Andrew James 2 Slice Waffle Maker with adjustable temperature comes with a... Read More


A list of ways to keep the kids entertained during the school holidays

The School Holidays… In theory, they are a time of relaxation and bright sunshine. In reality, it can be a hellish trip to soft play, just so you can have a sit-down. Thanks to Andrew James, we have a list of great activities that are great for keeping the kids entertained.   Picnic If it’s a lovely day, then it’s a perfect day for a picnic. Find the nicest spot where you can sit as a family or even if it’s just you and the other half, while the little... Read More


A list of Spring fruit and vegetables

To get a proper spring in your step, have a little look at all the fruit and veg that are coming into season…this season.   Asparagus If you like the look of flowers that haven’t bloomed yet, get your laughing gear round some asparagus this Spring. Carrots Everyone’s favourite fruit and/or vegetable. You know…after oranges. It’s carrots! Cauliflowers Not a real collie and not a real flower. Celeriac When the vegetable in question could easily replace the head of any monster from a horror film, you know it’s not going... Read More

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World Poetry Day: The Andrew James Poem

  It’s World Poetry Day and at Andrew James, You’ve found us in a rhyming mood. If you’re not familiar with what we do, We are completely obsessed with food.   If baking is the key to your heart, we have everything you need. With cake decorating sets, cream whippers and stand mixers, you’ll be sorted, no matter how many you have to feed.   But, if cooking is your passion, we have things for that as well. Slow Cookers and Halogen Ovens are perfect for that hearty, fresh food... Read More

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Some reasons why pies are class!

1. They can be sweet OR savoury (meaning, you can have it for main and for your pud). 2. There are about a gazillion different flavours. 3. They can come in different sizes. 4. Just…pie. Have we got you in the mood for pie? Well, here you are.

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Subject: Volcano Waffle Maker Blog

Hi Anthony, Can you write some content for the Volcano Waffle Maker, please? It’s got to say how it makes lush waffles in about 5 minutes and how the batter doesn’t just seep out the side because it’s got a sort of claspy thing, so there’s no mess. Make sure you get these in as well, please, mate: Batter’s distributed evenly because of the cone shape. Funnel at the top makes it easy to pour the batter in and that it’ll bubble up, like a volcano. It’s not very big,... Read More

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Low Syn Strawberry and Almond Biscuits Recipe for Red Nose Day (By Ebba Christine)

Looking for a Slimming World treat? Dying for a low syn snack? Want to do your bit for Comic Relief? These gorgeous Gluten Free and low syn (Slimming World) biscuits – made by our fabulous blogger, Ebba Christine – are good for your waistline and are brilliant for raising some cash around the office on Red Nose Day. Strawberry and almond biscuits Ingredients This mix serves 12, but you can easily duplicate each amount if you require 24 (there are 5 syns each if you’re on slimming world). • 100g... Read More