Gluten Free Garden party Menu 06/06/2019
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Your Gluten Free Garden Party Menu

  Whisper it, but the weather seems to be – SEEMS to be – getting better and if you’re hosting a garden party in the Summer months, we have a whole host of sumptuous Gluten Free recipes for you and your guests to enjoy. From fresh salads and starters, to mouth-watering mains and delicious desserts, we have everything you need to make your GF garden party a great one.   Gluten Free Prawn Cocktail Recipe This may be more of a Christmas Day staple (this link takes you to our... Read More

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Game of Thrones: Dragon Eggs recipe

Game of Thrones is back and here is a nice and easy recipe to make and enjoy while watching it… Dragon Eggs Ingredients 6 eggs 1 tbsp mayonnaise ½ tsp salt ½ tsp pepper 1 tsp mustard 1 tbsp paprika (for garnish)   Method Use the egg boiler to boil your eggs to the level you want them to be. Leave to cool for 5 mins before peeling the eggs and slicing them. Scoop the yolks out and place in a bowl, while putting the egg whites on an extra... Read More

Deep Fill Toastie Maker 08/04/2019
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National Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day: The Simple Cheese Sandwich Recipe

The question on everybody’s lips: When is National Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day? The answer everybody wants to hear: It’s Today! Not 100% healthy, but this Feel Good Friday, forget ‘Are Grilled Cheese Sandwiches good for you?’ and think about ‘What goes good with Grilled Cheese Sandwiches?’ Howzabout… Tomato Soup? Chips? Salad? Toasted Cheese Sandwich Recipe Ingredients 2 slices of wholemeal bread 2 slices of ham (optional) Slices of cheese (your choice, but we recommend Edam, Cheddar, Red Leicester, Emmental, Mozzarella, Monterey Jack and any other cheese you may think of)... Read More

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How good is our 2 slice Waffle Maker with adjustable temperature?

With excellent recipe ideas, the Andrew James 2 Slice Waffle Maker with adjustable temperature is the perfect appliance for breakfast in bed on a lazy Sunday morning or a great mid-week meal or even just a fill-you-up snack. Whether you prefer soft and fluffy waffles or dark and crispy ones, the adjustable temperature control dial on the Andrew James 2 Slice Waffle Maker with adjustable temperature allows you to choose your preferred waffle texture. Safe to use, the Andrew James 2 Slice Waffle Maker with adjustable temperature comes with a... Read More

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Top 15 pancake recipes for Pancake Day

Shrove Tuesday is coming up, but we prefer its other name: Pancake Day 2019 is next week and we have dug out our top 15 pancake recipes for you to enjoy. So, whether you like sweet pancakes, savoury pancakes, gluten-free pancakes, American pancakes, healthy pancakes, pancake recipes for kids or pancakes from around the world, we have got the pancake recipe for you… 15. How to Make Gluten Free, Low Carb, High Protein Pancakes 14. Kaiserschmarrn – The Extraordinary Austrian Pancake 13. Tiramisu Pancakes 12. Chinese Spring Onion Pancakes –... Read More

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Lettuce Fajita Wraps Recipe by Margaret (Just A Girl Who Lost Weight)

As we love nothing more than to spoil you, here we have yet ANOTHER recipe from Margaret’s kitchen. Our wonderful guest blogger just continues to wow us (and you, we’re sure) with beautiful and mouth-watering dishes. Made in our very own Mini Oven, here Margaret has brought us a fantastic fajita recipe with a difference… Lettuce Fajita Wraps Recipe Serves 2-3 Ingredients 2 chicken breast fillets– sliced into thick strips ½ yellow bell pepper – sliced into strips ½ green bell pepper – sliced into strips ½ red bell pepper... Read More

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Grilled Chicken Wings Recipe by Margaret (Just A Girl Who Lost Weight)

One of our guest bloggers, Margaret (Just A Girl Who Lost Weight), is here with a fantastic Grilled Chicken Wings recipe that is great as a main or perhaps just a starter… Serves 2 Ingredients 6 Chicken wings 1 teaspoon of salt 1 teaspoon of pepper 1 teaspoon of curry powder 1 teaspoon of chilli powder 1 teaspoon of all-purpose seasoning 1 teaspoon of thyme 1 ½  teaspoon olive oil Method 1) Add chicken wings to a bowl and add all the seasonings above – mix well so that all... Read More

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SW Syn Free Salt and Pepper Chips Recipe by Ebba Christine

Syn-Free Salt and Pepper Air Fryer Chips Recipe Suitable for vegetarians and fussy bairns, this recipe is syn-free on Slimming World and comes from social media extraordinnaire, Ebba Christine! Ingredients 2 jacket potatoes, cut into chips 1 pack of tender stem broccoli 1 red pepper, thinly sliced JD salt and pepper seasoning (alternatively, you could use 1.5 tsps of Chinese 5 spice) Black pepper Fry light Method Microwave the broccoli and leave to one side. Do the same with the red pepper. Place your chips into the air fryer, spray... Read More

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Chinese New Year: Chinese Chicken Wings Recipe in a Halogen Oven

It’s Chinese New Year, so we thought we’d celebrate with a super simple and simply delicious recipe for Chinese Chicken wings, made in our very own halogen oven. This recipe takes no time at all. Okay, approximately 30 minutes and can serve enough for 6-8 people. Ingredients for Chinese Chicken Wings recipe ¼ kg of chicken wings 2 pressed cloves of garlic 1 finely chopped spring onion 1 ½ tbsp of sesame seeds 3 tbsp of honey ½ tsp of salt 2 tbsp of soy sauce 1 tsp of sesame... Read More

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Chinese New Year 2019: Meat grinder noodles recipe

Chinese New Year 2019 Meat grinder noodles recipe Ingredients 360 Grams High Gluten Flour 1 tsp Lye water (Potassium Carbonate Solution) ½ tsp Salt 1 Cup Water Extra Flour for dusting Instructions Put all the ingredients in your mixing bowl (apart from the cup of water) and incorporate thoroughly with the dough hook attachment of your stand food mixer. Gradually add the water and continue to mix for 3 or so minutes. Wrap your mixture in plastic wrap and cool in the fridge overnight. The next morning, break the now-hardened... Read More