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Feel Good Friday: Easy Cocktail Recipes

  For this week’s Feel Good Friday blog, we’re embracing our inner Brian Flanagan (it’s Tom Cruise’s character from Cocktail) and sharing some fantastic concoctions! Well, since you ask, Tom, we’ve got one for each of the first five spirits we could think of in three seconds. Cheers to easy cocktail recipes!   For the Gin lovers… Tom Collins We’re starting this off old-school and treating you guys to an all-time classic gin cocktail recipe. Ingredients 50ml gin 25ml lemon juice 25ml sugar syrup 125ml chilled soda water How do... Read More

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National Storytelling Week: Drinks inspired by two different stories (Orange Milkshake recipe and Bond’s Martini recipe)

  Rounding off our National Storytelling Week Menu, we’ve got a couple of beverages to wash the three-course meal down. One for kids and one not for kids, these two drinks are so iconic and are incredibly easy to make. First up, is the children-friendly drink (from a not-so children-friendly story). Orange Milkshake recipe (inspired by Anthony Burgess’ A Clockwork Orange) Ingredients 2 cups of fresh orange juice 3 scoops of vanilla ice cream ½ cup of milk 2 tsps of white sugar How to make an Orange Milkshake Pour... Read More

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6 reasons why you’re STILL doing Dry January 2019

  Guys, guys, guys! The end’s in sight! Yes, if you are taking part in Dry January 2019, you have less than a week left and only one more weekend to pass before we hit February. Gorgeously damp, soaked through to the skin, gin and fanta-stic February! So, here at Andrew James, we thought we’d give you 6 little motivational reminders as to why you thought quitting alcohol for a month was a good idea in the first place. You know, just to see you over the finish line…  ... Read More

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Feel Good Friday: Slow Cooker Hot Chocolate Recipe

  What about this weather, eh?! It’s almost like it’s winter or something! At Andrew James, we cannot do anything to stop the rain, sleet or snow (or whatever it is that is currently battering your house), but we can make you feel good and this Feel Good Friday, we have a fantastic slow cooker hot chocolate recipe that will keep the horrible weather at bay at least for a little while, but first, some frequently asked questions…     Can hot chocolate help you sleep? We don’t know. Some... Read More

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Dry January 2019: How to make your own Iced Tea and Iced Coffee

  How’s Dry January going for you? If you’re tired of pop, water and traditional tea and coffee, not to mention non-alcoholic beer, perhaps it’s time to try something a little different. Giving up alcohol for any amount of time can be a worthwhile and rewarding challenge (is giving up alcohol for a year your next step?), so we’re here with a little motivation for your sober month campaign, a great alternative to the usual drinks you may consume and a great addition to the list of reasons to do... Read More

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Ginuary 2019: 8 great products to gindulge yourself with this month!

  If you’re enjoying Ginuary, we’re here to make it even better! If you haven’t already read some interesting blogs on gin cocktail recipes that are easy to make and a few great alternatives to tonic water, be sure to check them out. We’re halfway through this botanical-tastic month and right now, we want to introduce you to some brilliant products for you to gindulge yourself with through the rest of January and beyond! If you’re not too ginterested in this fantastic spirit, but know someone who is, these handy... Read More

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Ginuary: Alternative mixers to tonics

  If you’re celebrating Ginuary, you might – MIGHT – have grown a little tired of drinking gin with tonic. Otherwise, you might be a little unsure as to what gins go with what tonics. So, here at Andrew James, we’ve decided to explore what alternative mixers we can enjoy gin with. Here’s our top 5… Gin and Bitter Lemon A delicious swap to make a truly distinctive tipple, the bitter lemon gives an extra little zing to your favourite spirit.   Gin and Ginger Ale Another one to add... Read More

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What to do with any chocolate left over from Christmas

  Believe it or not, but Christmas was over two weeks ago and if you still find yourself with a cupboard full of leftover chocolate, you’re not alone. According to our Tuesday Thoughts Poll, many of you still have plenty of chocolate leftover from the festive season. So, rather than chip away at it, eating it night after night until get you rid of it or feel sick (whichever one comes first), we have a few ideas as to how you can not let those delicious gifts go to waste.... Read More

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Super Veggies: Smoothies and Soup recipes

  If you’re anything like us, you’re probably feeling like the fun and frivolity of the festive season was… well, last year. But, here at Andrew James, we’re all about looking forward and we think that January doesn’t have to mean January blues. So, we’re here to provide you with healthy and hearty veg recipes, helping you get your 2019 off to the best possible start!   First up, we have a healthy fruit and vegetable smoothie recipe that is perfect as a pre or post workout drink, but could... Read More

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Ginuary: Gin cocktails to serve and enjoy throughout the month.

  Recent years have seen such a dramatic surge in the popularity of gin that the cheeky little spirit has only gone and got its own month! Yes, welcome to Ginuary! And, here at Andrew James, we’ve decided to fully embrace the old mother’s ruin with some fantastic gin cocktail recipes…   Allen GINsberg – This one will make you howl! One for the literary fans out there! Also known as a Singapore Sling, this great concoction is perfect for serving guests at a cocktail party! Ingredients 1 measure of... Read More