Ice Cream Floats: Top flavours and one rip-roaring recipe 01/07/2019
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Our 10 Best Ice Cream Float Flavours (and one lush recipe)

  While everyone enjoys an Ice Cream, there doesn’t seem to be many shouting for Ice Cream Floats, despite the lush weather. We’re here to change all that. With the Andrew James Ice Cream Maker, you can make a whole host of different homemade ice cream flavours, but it could also be used to create refreshing floats that can add a bit of fizz to your ice cream desserts.     How to make an Ice Cream Float It could not be easier… Simply scoop as much ice cream as... Read More

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The Handmaid’s Tale Recipes: Blessed be the Fruit …scone

Under his Eye. We’re well into the swing of The Handmaid’s Tale Season 3 with the second episode being as edge-of-the-seat suspenseful as we’ve come to expect from June/Offred, the Handmaids, Marthas and the rest of Gilead’s population. Each week, we’re developing our own series of fruit-based recipes for you to enjoy while taking in the tension of The Handmaid’s Tale.   This week, we’re saying Blessed be the Fruit …scone.   Easy Fruit Scone ingredients 225g of self-raising flour (maybe have a little extra for dusting) A pinch of... Read More

The Handmaid's Tale Season 3: Blessed be the Fruit Cake 10/06/2019
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The Handmaid’s Tale Recipes: Blessed be the Fruit …cake

  Under His Eye. The Handmaid’s Tale is back for a third season and we are on hand to serve up some delicious recipes for you to eat while watching June, Luke, Nick and Serena Joy’s shenanigans. Trying to be healthy-ish, our series of recipes are called…wait for it… Blessed be the fruit. Our first, a Fruit Pie Recipe can be found here. For Handmaid’s Tale Season 3 Episode 2, we have a delicious Fruit Cake Recipe.     Ingredients Serves: 8 225g self-raising flour 110g butter 110g sugar 225g... Read More

Nutella and Malteser Cupcake for National Cupcake Day 10/06/2019
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Nutella & Malteser Cupcake Recipe (from Irish Baking Adventures)

  Our inspirational guest blogger Irish Baking Adventures has rustled up the most incredible recipe, just in time for National Cupcake Day. This recipe for Nutella & Malteser Cupcakes is enough to make 8-10 cupcakes, making them ideal as an after-meal treat or to take into work or maybe as a Father’s Day delight.     INGREDIENTS FOR CUPCAKES 175g softened butter 175g self-raising flour 175g caster sugar ½ tsp baking powder 3 large eggs ½ tsp vanilla extract 25g Ovaltine or Horlicks 10tsp Nutella   INGREDIENTS FOR BUTTERCREAM 175g... Read More

Gluten Free Garden party Menu 06/06/2019
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Your Gluten Free Garden Party Menu

  Whisper it, but the weather seems to be – SEEMS to be – getting better and if you’re hosting a garden party in the Summer months, we have a whole host of sumptuous Gluten Free recipes for you and your guests to enjoy. From fresh salads and starters, to mouth-watering mains and delicious desserts, we have everything you need to make your GF garden party a great one.   Gluten Free Prawn Cocktail Recipe This may be more of a Christmas Day staple (this link takes you to our... Read More

Easy Cinnamon Rolls Recipe by Ebba Christine 22/05/2019
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Cinnamon Rolls Recipe by Ebba Christine

Ebba Christine, one of our talented guest bloggers, has passed on the most incredible Cinnamon Rolls recipe that is super-duper easy to make in our air fryer and is a delicious treat to have while trying to lose weight – it contains only 2 syns on Slimming World. 🌀 Cinnamon rolls 🌀 2 TBSP cinnamon 2 TBSP granulated sweetener Butter frylight 1 TBSP water 1 sheet of lighter puff pastry (60syns if SW)   Method Roll out the pastry. Mix the cinnamon & sweetener together then added in the water... Read More

Strawberry Sorbet recipe from missh_mac 21/05/2019
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Strawberry Sorbet from missh_mac

We are being proper spoiled by missh_mac and her Ice Cream and Sorbet recipes. Armed with her trusty Ice Cream Maker, she continues to wow us with delicious treats, like this Strawberry Sorbet Recipe. Cool and refreshing, this sorbet is ideal for the Summer months.     Strawberry Sorbet Ingredients 1kg strawberries, washed 225g sugar 2 teaspoons lemon juice, to taste 1/2 teaspoon salt     Strawberry Sorbet Method Cut the tops off from strawberries and purée in a blender or food processor until smooth. You might need a little... Read More

Honeydew sorbet recipe 20/05/2019
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Honeydew Sorbet Recipe from missh_mac

Our ice cream maestra missh_mac has been busy making sorbets with her Andrew James Ice Cream Maker, including this delectable recipe for Honeydew Sorbet.     Honeydew Sorbet Ingredients 1 honeydew melon 1 tbsp lemon juice 2 tsp maple syrup or honey   Honeydew Sorbet Method Slice the honeydew into 1″ chunks and blend with the lemon juice and sweetener. You may need to add a couple tablespoons of water to help it to start blending. Pour into your ice cream maker and let it run. Put into your container... Read More

Recipe for Tiramasu Cupcakes from Irish Baking Adventures 20/05/2019
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Tiramisu Cupcakes Recipe from Irish Baking Adventures

Would you just LOOK at these incredible Tiramisu Cupcakes?! They’re from one of our talented guest bloggers, Irish Baking Adventures.                           Want to learn how to make them? Well, looky what we have here…   CUPCAKE INGREDIENTS 175g butter 175g self-raising flour 175g caster sugar ½ tsp baking powder 3 large eggs ½ tsp vanilla Cocoa powder for dusting COFFEE SOAK 1-2 tablespoons coffee liqueur (optional) 3 tablespoons sugar 350ml hot coffee MASCARPONE FROSTING 500ml double cream 50g... Read More

Gluten Free Chocolate Brownies 08/05/2019
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Coeliac Disease Awareness Week: Gluten Free Chocolate Brownies

If you’ve googled ‘when did the gluten free trend start?’, we’re sorry to tell you that it’s not a trend. What gluten free means is that those who may need coeliac dietary requirements cannot eat foods such as pasta, cakes and most types of bread, as it will cause some coeliac symptoms like abdominal pain, bloating and diarrhoea. For Coeliac Disease Awareness Week 2019, we have some fantastic gluten free recipes, including this one for delicious gluten free brownies…   Ingredients (for a batch of 12 brownies) 500g of Gluten... Read More