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14th February: Your guide to the perfect Valentine’s Day

It’s almost time to say… Happy Valentine’s Day! Yes, love is in the air and if you are looking for ways to make your Valentine’s day, you’ve come to the right place. We have got the timeline to the perfect 14th February: 7:00am – Wake up and open presents. May we suggest these fantastic Valentine’s Day gift ideas? Stand Food Mixer Do you live with a Paul Hollywood wannabe? Help them step up their baking game with this great appliance. Then, sit back and think of all the cakes they’re... Read More

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Feel Good Friday: Easy Cocktail Recipes

  For this week’s Feel Good Friday blog, we’re embracing our inner Brian Flanagan (it’s Tom Cruise’s character from Cocktail) and sharing some fantastic concoctions! Well, since you ask, Tom, we’ve got one for each of the first five spirits we could think of in three seconds. Cheers to easy cocktail recipes!   For the Gin lovers… Tom Collins We’re starting this off old-school and treating you guys to an all-time classic gin cocktail recipe. Ingredients 50ml gin 25ml lemon juice 25ml sugar syrup 125ml chilled soda water How do... Read More

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Geet big chocolate cake recipe for a slow cooker

Ingredients 500g of chocolate cake mix 1 packet chocolate dessert mix 4 eggs 450g of soured cream 150g of chocolate chips or chopped chocolate 180ml of veg oil 230ml of water Method In a geet big bowl, blend together the cake mix and the pudding mix. Push down in the centre of the mix to make a dip and fill it with the eggs, soured cream, oil and water. Use the beater attachment to blend until the ingredients are proper mixed together. After about 5 minutes of that, hoy in... Read More

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Hallelujah for the Halogen Oven!

Hello. We’re taking this opportunity to troubleshoot the Andrew James Halogen Oven, answering some FAQs we get about it. Are Halogen Ovens any good? Well, we’re obviously going to say ‘yes’, because we sell them. But, even so, we think they are pretty nifty. Mainly because of the whole range of meals you can make in them: Lemon & Herb Chicken Frozen Veggie Burgers Quiche Banana Bread Chilli Roasted Veg Scones Roast Gammon Lemon Tart Baked Potatoes Hot Dogs & Burgers Various Cuts of Steak Full English Breakfast Frozen Chicken... Read More

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How to watch the Six Nations, SuperBowl and other sports.

When you realise it’s a massive weekend for sport the whole world over! On Friday, Saturday and Sunday, each team is in action as the Six Nations kicks off. And, if that’s not enough, the Lombardi Trophy is up for grabs as Superbowl 2019 sees the New England Patriots compete against the Los Angeles Rams. If you prefer kicking balls to throwing them, the Premier League is shaping up nicely at both ends of the table and, now that the Transfer Window has closed, each team will be looking for... Read More

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National Storytelling Week: Drinks inspired by two different stories (Orange Milkshake recipe and Bond’s Martini recipe)

  Rounding off our National Storytelling Week Menu, we’ve got a couple of beverages to wash the three-course meal down. One for kids and one not for kids, these two drinks are so iconic and are incredibly easy to make. First up, is the children-friendly drink (from a not-so children-friendly story). Orange Milkshake recipe (inspired by Anthony Burgess’ A Clockwork Orange) Ingredients 2 cups of fresh orange juice 3 scoops of vanilla ice cream ½ cup of milk 2 tsps of white sugar How to make an Orange Milkshake Pour... Read More

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The best products to help avoid the snow

  The experts say it’s going to snow this week. Unfortunately, we can’t do anything about that, but we can make sure you’re full of delicious warm coffee and tasty warm meals when the nasty weather hits. Wet & Dry Coffee Grinder Ideal for grinding aromatic coffee beans, as well as nuts and spices, this grinder has stainless steel blades that will easily chop through wet and dry foodstuffs. Premium 12 Litre Digital Halogen Oven Previously featured on Channel 5’s The Gadget Show, this model is perfect for cooking healthy... Read More

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Ginuary: Why we LOVE Gin!

  As it’s Feel Good Friday and we’re still in Ginuary, we thought it was the perfect chance to pay homage to Mother’s Ruin, the Juniper Juice, the Ladies’ Delight… and so on. So, here’s a few reasons why gin is, in a word, awesome.   1. It tastes great Even if you think you don’t like gin, it’s probably because you haven’t found the perfect mixer for it. As the Andrew James gin expert tells us ‘Tonic = filth’. So, there you are.   2. Anyone can drink it... Read More


You can’t put pineapple on a pizza!

  According to our Tuesday Thoughts poll, the majority of you (mind, it was closer than Brexit) adamantly refuse to accept pineapple on pizzas. So, we’ve got our resident poet to throw together a little rhyme on the subject. Enjoy! You can’t put pineapple on a pizza! A pizza is the ultimate comfort food, delicious in every slice! No matter what kind of mood you’re in, it’s always very nice! But, when you put pineapple on pizza, that’s a sure-fire way to spoil it! Move! Make way! Pineapple on pizza... Read More