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Summer 2019: A list of Garden Party accessories

  If you haven’t noticed, but we’re reaching the time of year that calls itself ‘British Summer Time’. Whether the weather reflects it or not is in the lap of the gods, but here at Andrew James, we’re incredibly positive beings and we’re always ready to get ourselves out into the fresh air, whether it is for a Barbecue, Picnic or Garden Party.     For Summer 2019, we’ve already had a look at Barbecue recipes and products, as well as the benefits of going on Picnics, so this blog... Read More


National BBQ Week: Preparing for a rained-off BBQ

It’s coming up to BBQ season and you will probably have everything in place for a fantastic day of family, friends and most important of all, food.     You’ll have all the right gear, not to mention a BBQ menu that will please each one of your guests. The only thing you can’t rely on is the weather.   At Andrew James, we love being prepared for any outcome. So, here we have a list of great products that will help your barbecue go without a hitch, regardless of... Read More

Father's Day Gift Guide 2019 17/05/2019
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Feel Good Friday: A list of great Father’s Day gift ideas

It’s Father’s Day next month and, if you’re reading this on the day it went out, you’ve got plenty of time to read this Feel Good Friday blog and decide whether he’d love something to bake with, cook with, help him snack, drink out of, garden with or something to help stay trim.   If you’re reading this with a week to go, what kind of Dad is he? We haven’t got time to waste. So…what kind of Dad is he?   For Dads who love to bake    ... Read More

National Vegetarian Week - slow cooker vegetable curry recipe 08/05/2019
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National Vegetarian Week: Vegetable Curry Recipe (in the slow cooker)

For National Vegetarian Week, we’ve cobbled together a great Vegetable Curry recipe that is delicious, healthy and so so simple to make in the slow cooker.     Ingredients 400ml light coconut milk 3 tbsp mild curry paste 2 vegetable stock cubes 2 garlic cloves (sliced) 1 butternut squash, chopped into chunks 1 pepper (chopped and in the colour of your choice) 1 small aubergine (chopped) 160g frozen peas The juice of 1 lime (optional) Naan bread, to serve   Method Put the light coconut milk, mild curry paste, vegetable... Read More

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National Vegetarian Week: How to cook a Halogen Oven Vegetarian Shepherd’s Pie

  It’s National Vegetarian Week and we’re treating you with something of a double: an easy recipe for a great vegetarian shepherd’s pie and a little feature on our Halogen Oven, answering a few questions you may have… Vegetarian Shepherd’s Pie Ingredients 3 large potatoes 2 sweet potatoes 2 carrots 2 leeks 6 pieces of broccoli 25g of butter 35g of plain flour 250ml of milk 100g of mature cheddar 2 large tomatoes Spinach Method For the pie: 1. Chop the potatoes into chunks and throw in a large pot... Read More

Baby weaning 07/05/2019
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Baby weaning recipes for National Weaning Week

Having a baby is an exciting, emotional and euphoric experience. But, it can also be slightly daunting – particularly if it’s your first child – and some of the day-to-day questions of what you and your baby need are a little confusing.     What you’ve got to remember – whether you’re a new parent or the parent of a new baby – is that this experience is FULL of milestones, such as: The first time you hold your child. The first time they smile at you. The first time... Read More

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Easter recipe: Roast Gammon Ham in the Halogen Oven

Forget Mary Berry and Jamie Oliver this Easter. For a truly delicious Easter dinner, you only need one name in your kitchen and that’s Andrew James. With our Halogen Oven – whether you have the premium model or the 12 litre digital model with a hinged lid – this Easter recipe will certainly satisfy your dinner guests. Cooking a ham can sometimes be a tricky business, but with the Andrew James Halogen Oven (as well as this recipe), you’ll not have to worry too much…   Once thoroughly defrosted, put... Read More

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Vegan Pina Colada Ice Cream Recipe by missh_mac

missh_mac is back with another fantastic ice cream recipe. This Vegan Ice Cream is just delicious and is perfect for everyone with the weather warming up.   This ice cream was made with 2 thoughts: Since I got my ice cream maker, I wanted to make an ice cream for my friend who is vegan. I wanted to make something special for him to try. My second thought was to make a cocktail based ice cream and this was the result… 400ml coconut milk 450ml coconut cream 64g sugar 60ml... Read More

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A list of Andrew James products to help make an easy Easter

  Whatever your views on Easter as a festival, it’s a lovely opportunity to gather your family and friends around and spend some quality time together. If you are hosting, it can be a stressful time, but we would like to introduce some quality products that will take the panic out of the proceedings and allow you and your guests to have fun.   Baking Should you be an avid baker and have the desire to present deliciously baked cakes and biscuits, we have a range of appliances that can... Read More

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4 Slice Belgian Waffle Maker with adjustable temperature

I’m assuming you must be wondering if waffle makers are safe, if waffle makers are worth it and are waffle makers easy to use, otherwise you wouldn’t be here. The Andrew James 4 Slice Belgian Waffle Maker covers all those bases.   Whether you like your waffles light and fluffy or prefer them darker and a touch crispier, this waffle machine is ideal for making delicious waffles of any kind. This is down to the accessible and adjustable temperature control dial. Not common on traditional waffle irons – believe us.... Read More