A list of must-have products for home renovators (by renovate_at_28)

renovate_at_28 is in the midst of renovating their dream home.

Here they give us a list of their Top 5 Andrew James products for renovation cooking.


We are now 2 months in to our renovation, what appliances can’t we live without?



5. Portable Electric multi cooker

Makes your weekend fry ups perfectly.


4. Digital Slow Cooker


Perfect for leaving to cook when we’re at work.


3. Argentum Toaster

One time I tried to make garlic bread with the toaster. I wouldn’t recommend that but you need a toasterin life. Instead cure your garlic bread craving with garlic dough balls.


2. Double Walled Kettle

Brew time is the best time. Who else would be lost without a kettle?

Kettles allow us to have the greatest things in life: Tea, Coffee, Hot chocolate…. Pasta.


1. Stainless Steel Portable Double Hob


My sidekick.

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