A list of Andrew James products to help make an easy Easter


Whatever your views on Easter as a festival, it’s a lovely opportunity to gather your family and friends around and spend some quality time together.

If you are hosting, it can be a stressful time, but we would like to introduce some quality products that will take the panic out of the proceedings and allow you and your guests to have fun.



Should you be an avid baker and have the desire to present deliciously baked cakes and biscuits, we have a range of appliances that can help bring that vision to life.

Both the Stand Mixer and the Electric Hand Mixer are great for mixing ingredients into dough whatever Easter recipe you are making. Both include different attachments that will suit your baking needs.

For the Stand Mixer, they include a Stainless Steel Beater, which will help you tackle crepe or sponge mixtures; a Dough Hook, which is perfect bread and shortcrust pastry; a Balloon Whisk, which is ideal for lighter mixtures, such as cream and egg whites; and a Flexible Silicone Beater, which will help you with the thorough mixing of cake and biscuit batter.

The Stand Mixer also gives you 800W power, ensuring that whatever you are mixing are mixed thoroughly. The large bowl that comes as standard is large enough to mix the ingredients for a large cake or many small ones.

However, the real selling point for the Andrew James Stand Mixer is the locking mechanism of the mixing bowl. This innovative yet simple feature ensures that the bowl does not slip whilst the mixer is in use.

The Electric Hand Mixer includes similar attachments, including extra-long beaters that will reach the bottom of the bowl. With a powerful 300W, you have an ample amount of power to mix the ingredients of your choice.

A 1.5m power cable allows you a lot of flexibility around your kitchen, meaning you aren’t restricted to a certain area of your worktop.


If you are looking to take your baking skills to the next level, we have some great products that will help you achieve Star Baker status.

The Andrew James Blow Torch offers 1-touch operation, so that your crème brulees are finished to perfection or that your meringues are browned beautifully.

A Cream Whipper adds a different kind of finish to your desserts. With whipped cream, your cakes, scones and sweet pies are really going to impress your guests. Complete with 3 different piping nozzles, the Cream Whipper can allow you to style your desserts in different ways and, with a 500ml capacity, it is large enough to provide plenty of cream for everybody.

The Cake Decorating Set from Andrew James is ideal for beginner or more experienced bakers and comes with fondant icing tools, stainless steel piping nozzles and 2 reusable piping bags.

A cake turntable is also included, making it so much simpler to decorate your baked creations your way.


If you hear ‘baking’ and think bread, rather than cakes, however, we have just the appliances for you too.

The Digital Bread Maker allows you to choose from a total of 17 different pre-set functions to create delicious 500g, 750g or 100g loaves.

With possible flavours including Gluten Free bread, sourdough bread, multigrain and sweet bread, this bread maker also includes a delay timer, meaning your bakes can be delayed for up to 15 hours, and an automatic keep-warm function will come on at the end of the baking process and will last up to 1 hour.

An automatic ingredient dispenser makes it simple to make and experiment with different types of bread. By filling your appliance with additional ingredients – such as nuts, seeds and herbs – before use, the bread maker will automatically dispense those ingredients into the bread pan after the first 20 minutes of baking.

To ensure your bread rises successfully, the Digital Bread Maker includes a viewing window and an internal light, so that you can monitor the baking process without opening the bread maker and affecting the operation.

The Andrew James Double Blade Bread Maker is an also very effective baking appliance that takes up minimal space in your kitchen.

An LCD display and smooth touch controls makes this an incredibly accessible product to bake bread with this Easter. Like the Digital Bread Maker, this model also has numerous settings to make different kinds of freshly baked, including Gluten Free and Sweet Bread.


Away from baking, both bread making appliances can also allow you to make other foodstuffs, such as pasta, yogurt and jam. The instructions on how to make each of these can be found in the bread makers’ manuals.



If you are making Easter Dinner for everyone, we have a range of appliances that will take the stress and hard work out of your entertaining duties.


Our Electric Egg Boiler is great for ensuring your eggs are boiled or poached to perfection. Able to hold a total of 7 eggs, this model really is effective for ensuring eggs are boiled hard enough to take part in some Easter fun, such as painting or to use in an egg hunt.

Should you be looking to eat the eggs you cook, the egg boiler includes an accurate water cup that holds enough water for soft, medium or hard-boiled eggs.

Ideal for cooking eggs for breakfasts, lunches or dinners, simply fill the egg boiler with cold water and turn it on. Using the piercer at the bottom of the measuring cup, make a small hole in one end of the egg and make sure that is the end that is facing up once in the egg boiler. This is to ensure that the egg is boiled, but the contents do not fall out onto the hot plate.

Once the water has boiled away, the buzzer will sound to let you know that your eggs are ready – no need for an egg timer.

Let the steam clear, before opening the boiler and taking the eggs out to peel.

Furthermore, the Egg Boiler can be used to also steam vegetables, adding another dimension to such a small and effective device.


When it comes to preparing food, the Andrew James Electric Food Slicer enables you to slice meat, cheese and bread with 3 different specialist blades. So, if you are creating delicious dinners or providing your guests with a platter to choose their own food, this model allows them to easily adjust the thickness of their food with a precision control between 1-15mm.

Incredibly safe to use, the Electric Food Slicer includes non-slip feet, so that it does not move during use, an end piece holder and a blade guard, so that whether you or your guests are using the appliance, there is no danger of anyone harming themselves.

The real plus point of this appliance is the precision with which your food is sliced, making it perfect for whoever your guests may be. Predominately designed for home use, this model may also be used for light commercial use, such is its adaptability when slicing the food of your choice.


And, if social dining is something you are looking to participate more in, the Raclette Grill is ideal for when you are entertaining a group of close-knit guests over one of the upcoming Bank Holiday weekends.

With a grilled plate and a powerful heating element, this appliance is perfect for allowing guests to take charge of their own dishes while you serve drinks or help yourself to delicious food too.

Once you have heated up the non-stick metal grill, you may add the food of your choice – steak, peppers, aubergine and chicken are favourites from our customers – and, with 8 colour-coded pans, your diners may also choose the food of their preference from there too, so this smart piece of kit is perfect when hosting for a mix of meat lovers, vegetarians, vegans and those who are gluten free. It’s perfect for sweet and savoury dishes

Furthermore, if you are considering moving your gathering to an outdoor setting, such as the garden, the Andrew James Raclette Grill is great for portable cooking, as a 2M power cable is included. So, you can enjoy the sunny Spring weather without having to be constantly going back in to the kitchen to tend to the oven.


Should you hear ‘Easter Dinner’ and automatically envisage a delicious roast, complete with vegetables, Yorkshire puddings, gravy (otherwise known as ‘the works’), our kitchen range is full of great products that will help achieve that homemade and healthy feeling, complete with content dinner guests and a lot of smiling faces.

The Andrew James Quick Thaw Defrost Tray will allow your food to be prepared for your Easter roast much quicker than without it. This life-saving appliance requires no electricity to work and is dishwasher-safe.

Complete with non-slip silicone corners, the defrost tray grips your work surface and prevents it from slipping. Any liquid that may present itself can be stopped by a piece of kitchen roll placed underneath the tray. A real-time saver, this model allows your food (whether it is frozen pastry, bacon, sausages, pork, lamb or chicken) to be brought up to room temperature much quiker than on a plate.

For health and safety reasons, please ensure that all food defrosting on the tray is suitably covered (with a tea towel or tin foil) and that you clean it thoroughly in between uses, especially if you are switching between defrosting raw and cooked food.


The Sous Vide Cooker provides you with the opportunity to cook professional-style meals with precision. Simply vacuum seal your food – such as steaks and salmon pieces – in a pouch and place in the 8.5 litre water bath. Using the LCD Display, set the appropriate time and temperature, which can be between 30 minutes and 72 hours, and 45oC and 90oC. The Professional Sous Vide Cooker can also be set in Fahrenheit.

There is no chance of your food being under or overcooked, as this model will maintain the temperature of the water throughout the cooking process.

The interior of the Sous Vide Cooker includes a wire rack to keep the food pouches separated and, with safety in mind, the appliance also comes with stainless steel and silicone food tongs to make it easy for you to place and remove the sealed pouches.


Andrew James also have several Slow Cookers for you to choose from. The traditional slow cooker comes in a range of different sizes, tailored to suit your cooking needs. Available in 1.5 Litre, 3.5 Litre, 6.5 Litre and 8 Litre sizes, these models are ideal for cooking dishes over an extended period, such as curry, beef, brisket, chilli or even desserts such as pineapple upside-down cake, fruit cobblers and crumbles, hot fudge cake and delicious gooey brownies.

Using less electricity than a conventional oven, a slow cooker – including our Sizzle to Simmer model and our Digital alternatives – can create economical and convenient meals while you and your loved ones enjoy a relaxing Easter Sunday.

Furthermore, the slow simmering process of any slow cooker allows nutrients and flavour to be maintained and even enhanced with the long cooking time. The glass lid prevents important moisture from escaping and this, in turn, ensures your food is tender and succulent. It also allows you to safely monitor the cooking of your dishes.

Once the meal has been enjoyed a simple soak in the sink will be enough to clean the slow cooker pot, whilst a cloth dipped in warm soapy water will allow the lid to be wiped clean.


Although the slow cooker can be a massive plus to any kitchen – with silver, black and red designs, they will also look at home anywhere – Andrew James also has Mini Ovens and Halogen Ovens, both of which are perfect for cooking meals for one to four people or can be utilised as excellent additional cooking space if you are hosting a cast of thousands for Easter Sunday.

Along with the innovative use of the halogen bulb, any meal that can be cooked in a conventional oven can be made in the Andrew James Halogen Oven, but in a more energy effective and money saving way. With no need to heat up the oven, you are already saving electricity and the pre-set functions are there to make the cooking process as easy as possible, especially when roasting chicken, steaming rice and seafood, bake pizzas, grilling meats and baking cakes.

Furthermore, the models available in the Andrew James Halogen Oven range come with fantastic additional accessories including:

  • High and Low Racks – Used to separate and raise food inside the oven.
  • Steamer Tray – Ideal for healthy cooking of seafood and vegetables.
  • Baking Tray – For cakes, cookies, chips, potato wedges and much more.
  • Rice Bowl – Steams rice and can also be used for baking cakes.
  • Extender Ring – Increases the size of your halogen cooker to 17 litres, which is perfect when you need to cater for extra guests.
  • Bread Rack – Great for toast.
  • Skewers – Make your own kebabs and satays with ease.
  • Tongs – For easy lifting of trays and racks from within the oven.

If the phrase ‘additional cooking space’ sounds appealing, it would be wise to also consider the Andrew James Mini Oven. Available in a range of sizes, this product is perfect for baking, roasting and grilling food in a quick, healthy and economical manner. While the 20 Litre model is great for cooking while you have extra guests, the 24 Litre Mini Oven and Grill comes with a double hob, allowing extra food to be boiled independently from the main oven, which has an adjustable temperature setting that can rise to 230oC.

The Mini Oven comes with additional accessories such as a grill rack, an enamelled non-stick baking tray and a detachable handle for removing hot trays.

This really is the perfect piece of kitchen equipment to help you out when entertaining more guests than usual.



Spring has certainly Sprung. The mornings are lighter, the evenings are milder and, with the weather being much more enjoyable than in previous months, it is a great opportunity to let the little ones involved in creating desserts and sweet treats, as it is fun and makes for tasty food.

The Retro Style Kettle Popcorn Maker has a nostalgic design that is both reminiscent of old fashioned cinemas and will keep the children of the party entertained as they can add their own personal favourite flavours to the mixing process and, with a powerful 300W power motor, they do not have long to wait until their popcorn is ready to enjoy.

This model comes with a built-in stirrer to ensure complete cooking and an internal light, so you can monitor how your popcorn is progressing.

Furthermore, a serving scoop and 4 reusable buckets are included to make serving easier.


If your party are not in the mood for popcorn, Ice Cream may be the answer. With easy-to-follow recipes and a spare ice cream bowl included, the Andrew James Ice Cream Maker is a fantastic piece of kitchen kit to also keep the kids entertained, both choosing and making different flavours of ice cream, as well as having fun deciding what their toppings will be.

With an eye on your sugar intake, this Ice Cream maker is ideal when following a healthy diet.

After pre-freezing the inner bowl for approximately 8 hours, making the actual ice cream will take between 20-30 minutes, with a large funnel available to make it easier to add ingredients gradually to your delicious ice cream.

As soon as your ice cream is ready, the inner bowl can be simply removed from the ice cream maker and used for serving at your Easter party or freezing for a later date.


Once the meals have been eaten and the dishes have been done, it’s time to relax with some beverages, especially if the weather is fine enough for relaxing out in the garden.



Andrew James knows that there are not many things better than when the weather is warm enough that you can sit outside and enjoy a refreshing drink.


Whether you and your guests are looking to savour cocktails or mocktails, the Boston Cocktail Set will eb right up your street. Including a 25ml and 50ml measurer, as well as two pourers, a twisted bar spoon, two strainers and a wooden muddler, as well as a mixing glass and a stainless-steel tin, this cocktail set is simply screaming for the good weather to help you enjoy it. It is also great for the simple reason that no cocktail or mocktail recipe is out of your mixologist’s reach with this set.

If you like your Springtime evening beverages a little easier to serve up, the Andrew James set of 4 wine glasses are available for both white and red wine, getting the most out of whichever wine you prefer. Made from luxury crystal, each glass is crafted for a superior quality finish and will be the most excellent addition to any Easter gathering.


At Andrew James, we are committed to making life easier for you, whether you are hosting Easter or visiting someone else and presenting a gift to them.

This Spring, our range of cooking, baking and entertaining products are there to help, if you wish to bake a cake or bread, cook a meal, create a delicious dessert or simply enjoy some warm-weather drinks.

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