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7 clever ways to use ice this Summer

Summer 2019 is here and so is our list of ways ice can be used as the temperature rises… Need ice quickly? Our Ice Cube Maker can produce 9 cubes of ice every 5-13 minutes. Buy yours here.


Summer 2019: A list of Garden Party accessories

  If you haven’t noticed, but we’re reaching the time of year that calls itself ‘British Summer Time’. Whether the weather reflects it or not is in the lap of the gods, but here at Andrew James, we’re incredibly positive beings and we’re always ready to get ourselves out into the fresh air, whether it is for a Barbecue, Picnic or Garden Party.     For Summer 2019, we’ve already had a look at Barbecue recipes and products, as well as the benefits of going on Picnics, so this blog... Read More

A list of sun safety tips 14/05/2019

Sun safety tips for the summer

The weather’s getting glorious, isn’t it? Whether you want to be burnt to a crisp or think any rise in temperature makes it automatically ‘too hot’, you need to make sure you’re sun aware. For this year’s Sun Awareness Week (and beyond), we have some good sun safety tips…   Wear sun cream everyday No matter how you think the sun affects you, you need to make sure you put sun cream on about 15 minutes before you step into the sun.   Make sure you keep your suntan lotion... Read More


Summer Sandwiches

  The sun is firmly shining here in the UK, with the hottest summer on record here in Blighty. We want to be outside and enjoy the (for us) unusual weather, certainly not slaving away in the kitchen, certainly as far away form the stove as possible! Summer Sandwiches make for delicious, healthy and easy lunchtimes. They can be made spur of the moment and adaptable to whatever you have in the fridge at any given moment.     With veggie and meat options, these sarnies can be served hot... Read More


Summer Cocktails Recipes

    We all love cocktails. Whether a traditional one or a cheeky mocktail – there’s something for everyone! So strap in, and get ready for our favourite summer cocktails, and how you can make them at home!  


Summer Desserts Recipes

  After what for a while felt like internal winter, the sun has decided to start (sporadically) shining. Summer means al fresco dining, BBQ’s with friends and a pretty hefty cocktail list! What does every party need, other than a bouncing playlist (Miami by Will Smith is a must-play btw), is a delicious summer dessert!   If there’s savoury, there’s gotta be sweet and we’ve got some easy to prepare simply scrumptious desserts suitable for any occasion from family dinner to a summer soiree!       Nutella Stuffed Brownies... Read More


Summer Mocktail Recipes

  Not a drinker? Want to involve the kids? Pregnant?   Don’t miss out on fun and refreshing cocktails by incorporating mocktails into your summer soiree. Enjoy them alfresco in the garden, or from the warmth of your home (let’s face it we all know UK summer isn’t strictly sunshine) at a dinner party.   Mocktails are just as tasty (and a whole lot cheaper) than standard cocktails. Much like normal cocktails, there’s a flavour for everyone, making them an incredible summer beverage, with the added bonus of no hangover the... Read More


Summer Essentials – Immacuclean Pressure Washer

  It’s Mid-March and we’re all ready to undertake our annual spring clean!   Armed with feather dusters, we are set to do our best Kim and Aggie Impression and blitz the house of dirt and grime. But what about the house exteriors? From guttering to garden gnomes, with very little effort the outside of our houses can be made spic and span in time for summer festivities!   Summertime, (especially in the UK) is our sole opportunity to use the garden and in indulge in the nation’s favourite sunshine activity; BBQ’s.... Read More


Summer Holiday Ideas for Kids: Baking

Learning how to bake is a rite of passage, and one many kids go through during the summer holidays. Do you have fond memories of baking with your family? Give your kids these cherished memories too, by getting them to help out in the kitchen.