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Afternoon Tea Checklist and Recipes

    Summer is finally here, at least in a calendar sense *looks out window to a sky that is 50 shades of grey* and it’s time to take our meals al fresco. Therefore, today we’re planning an afternoon tea party! It’s best to keep an eye on the weather forecast to set your date, as we all know what it can be like here in Blighty, then let your guests know and get prepping!


National Tea Day – Products for the Perfect Hot Beverage

  We’re British, so naturally we adore tea. Although don’t let the phrase ‘Afternoon Tea’ give you the wrong idea; we’re sipping our nectar morning, noon and night, especially it’s chilly outside! It may be spring, but in the UK we’re still firmly wrapped up in blankets, therefore we’ve made it a personal challenge to consume as much tea as possible!   The 21st April is National Tea Day, and it is yet another excuse to down gallons of our favourite beverage! But don’t worry if you are solely a coffee drinker, we won’t leave you out... Read More


British Food Fortnight: Fruit Scone Recipe

Isn’t it great to be British? We’re feeling all patriotic with British Food Fortnight  and we’re enjoying making lush bait to celebrate. This blog includes a delcious Fruit Scone Recipe and, if you’re anything like us, you’ll be arguing about two things… 1. How to say it (scone, as in ‘gone’ or scone, as in ‘cone’) 2. And whether it’s jam or cream first – to keep everyone happy, we’ll use GIFs to show both. Easy Fruit Scone ingredients 225g of self-raising flour (maybe have a little extra for dusting)... Read More


Feel Good Friday: The health benefits of eating whipped cream

Is whipped cream healthy? This may sound a bit strange, but we’ve dug in and found that, yes. Whipped Cream can have some health benefits… just in time for whipped cream and strawberries (AKA Wimbledon) season.   Whipped cream provides Calcium, making for healthy teeth and bones.   Whipped cream is lower in Lactose and is therefore ideal for those with only a small degree of lactose sensitivity.   Whipped cream provides a healthy source of fat – but, good fat – as it supports a healthy metabolism. Ideal for... Read More


All hail the sandwich! All hail the sandwich maker!

  Often regarded as a snack or something to tick you over, rather than as a proper meal, the sandwich has lost its way somewhat and it could be argued that it doesn’t quite get the credit it deserves. But, in this writer’s humble opinion, the sandwich is truly a legend in its own lunchtime. Think about it. Kids’ packed lunches. On the commute to work. Uni students’ breakfast. Afternoon tea. After afternoon tea snack. There isn’t a demographic denied by this Great British institution.     And, what about... Read More

Ice cream maker 18/06/2018

Arctic Roll Recipe

  Arctic Rolls are a classic British dessert that make an icy equally delicious equivalent to Afternoon Tea favourite; the Swiss Roll. Invented in the 1950s by Czechoslovakian immigrant, Dr. Ernest Velden, a man who clearly had an eye (or should we say stomach) for the finer and tastier things in life. The Arctic Roll was a huge hit, and by the 1980s more than 25 miles of Bird’s Eye Arctic Roll were sold each month!  


Easter Baking Recipes

  The Easter Bunny may bring the chocolate to the yard, but the cakes aren’t going to bake themselves! After our salad-filled sugar-free (basically miserable) period of Lent, we’re all majorly craving a cookie or nine. Easter is the perfect time to unleash your inner Mary Berry, pop an apron on and get busy in your kitchen! If you have any younger siblings, kids and grandkids we have a ton of super simple, albeit very chocolaty (remember to claim first dibs for licking the spoon), recipes for you to try out!  ... Read More


Don’t Panic – Mother’s Day Gift Ideas are Here

  Make Mum’s Day Special… Mother’s Day always sends everyone into a panic. Firstly – Mother’s Day is the 26th March this year (you’re welcome). Now, as it is only roughly two weeks away, we bet you’re in a bit of a flap. All right stop, don’t panic and listen. We’ve got your back with some brand new inspiration (bonus points if you guessed the song). So scroll on, and take a look at our gift ideas for mums who are bakers, cooks, pamper lovers and even gardeners.


Top 10 Tips for Baking with Kids

  Baking with the kids can be a stressful occasion, with a lot of mess and the occasional argument! Therefore we have come to the rescue by compiling our top 10 Tips for Baking with Kids, that are guaranteed to make your life a whole lot easier.       1. Use a Stand Mixer Using a stand mixer is the mess and stress-free way to bake with the kids. It’s much sturdier, faster and provided that you keep them well away from the blades, it carries very little safety risks... Read More


Student Living Tips for Freshers

    Freshers is fast-approaching, and with that a new generation of young people are preparing to fly the nest and move away to new cities and even new countries to embark on their studies (and perhaps a lot of partying too!) What ever student, and indeed parent, worries about at this time can get overwhelming; budgeting, cooking and schedules! Therefore, to help relieve any pre-university jitters or woes, we have compiled a list of handy hints to keep you on track throughout this intense period of your lives and... Read More