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How to throw a Halloween Party: Decorations

Halloween is coming! (cue ghostly wailing sound) And, whether you’re having a party for the tots, a quiet one in, waiting for trick-or-treaters or a full-blown cocktail-fest with only grown-ups allowed, here at Andrew James, we’ve got you covered… As well as some Halloween Cocktails, Halloween Party ideas and Halloween Recipes, we’ve got some spook-tacular* Halloween Decorations to share with you! *See what we did there? We changed ‘spectacular’ into ‘spook-tacular’. ‘Spook’… as in ‘ghost’. As in ‘Boo’. As in ‘Halloween’. Clever, eh? Spider Halloween Lights First on our list... Read More


Chocolate Mess Bundt Cake Recipe

We LOVE chocolate! We love it eating chocolate, we love thinking about chocolate and we especially love baking with chocolate – particularly when chocolate consists of approximately 90% of the ingredients involved. Think we’re joking? Check out our recipe for Chocolate Mess Bundt Cake below… Ingredients for our Chocolate Mess Bundt Cake (serves 8) 1 chocolate cake mix of your choice – we know. We’re SO lazy, but if you want to mess on making your own chocolate cake mix, fill your boots. 480ml of heavy cream 455g of the... Read More


British Food Fortnight: Haggis, Neeps and Tatties Recipe

We really are blessed to be British, aren’t we? And, during this time of change and new direction, we thought we’d embrace something that’ll never change: our love of food and the good old fashioned Haggis Recipe. This really is a dish made for the Autumn and Winter seasons as it’s easy to make in the Slow Cooker and is hearty and beautifully warming. Easy Slow Cooker Haggis Recipe Haggis, Neeps and Tatties Ingredients 1 haggis (with natural casing) 400g of Swede and Turnips 500g of Potatoes Butter and/or milk... Read More


Chicken Parmigiana Recipe (by Ebba Christine)

Slimming World legend Ebba knows her way around our Air Fryer better than we do! Don’t believe us? Here’s her terrific Chicken Parmigiana recipe that is simple, healthy and delicious! How to cook a Chicken Parmigiana…   Ingredients for parmo 2 chicken breasts Seasoning of choice – salt and pepper. 100g Smash and 30g Parmesan cheese 1 egg Frylight   Ingredients for Sauce 1 red onion 2 cloves of garlic 1 box of passata 1 tsp fresh parsley 1 tsp of fresh basil     Method Flatten 2 chicken breasts... Read More

National Vegetarian Week - slow cooker vegetable curry recipe 02/09/2019

Easy Autumn Recipes: Gluten Free Chilli Con Carne Recipe

Autumn is here and to celebrate the changing of the leaves, the big coat weather and the increase in knitwear being worn, we have a lush, filling and healthy recipe for Gluten Free Chilli Con Carne that’s easy to make. So, fire up the slow cooker, get the blankets ready and let lazy autumnal days drift by as the house is full of that lush dinner smell.     Ingredients   1 courgette 1 red pepper garlic infused oil 500g beef mince 400g chopped tomatoes 1 tbsp tomato puree 1... Read More


Easy Autumn Recipes: Vegetarian Chilli Con Carne Recipe

Are you looking for lush Vegetarian Autumn Recipes? This Slow Cooker Vegetarian Chilli Con Carne Recipe is easy, delicious and – should you need Traditional, Vegan and Gluten Free alternatives – the ingredients are very interchangeable. A truly perfect Autumn Vegetarian meal, this Chilli Con Carne Recipe is healthy, delicious and easy to make. Great to make in a large batch, you can freeze this Vegetarian Chilli Con Carne and store it in Storage boxes. You can even defrost it on a later date, making your future self extremely grateful, especially on those... Read More

GNR 19 - Win a Foam Roller and a Water Bottle 20/08/2019

How to recover after the Great North Run with the Andrew James Foam Roller

Taking part in the Great North Run can be an incredible experience, both on the soul – it’s an undeniably emotional day – and the body. Completing the world’s greatest half-marathon is a helluvan achievement, but just because the run’s finished, your post run recovery should not suffer. This is where the Andrew James Foam Roller comes in!   How to use a Foam Roller on your legs for post half marathon recovery Leg pain after running is obviously going to be on the cards after a half-marathon, but it doesn’t have... Read More

Great North Run 2019 competition 16/08/2019

Great North Run 2019: Guess our Anthony’s finish time and win some fantastic prizes!

  #AnthonysGNRTime Our Anthony is doing the Great North Run this year and, for a bit of Feel Good Friday fun, we are giving away a Foam Roller and a Water Bottle to anyone who can correctly guess his GNR finish time.   Read our T’s & C’s below to see how you can enter!   Terms and Conditions This competition is being run by Andrew James UK Ltd, Floor 3, 2 Lighthouse View, Spectrum Business Park, Seaham, SR7 7PR. The prize is a Foam Roller with Carry Bag (Black)... Read More

Arancini balls 3 29/07/2019

Ebba’s Arancini recipe (Arancini balls stuffed with cheese)

Ebba, our weight loss expert, has a fab recipe for you to make in our very own Air Fryer.     Risotto formed into balls stuffed with cheese! Main ingredients for simple yummy risotto: Risotto rice Stock Seasoning Mushrooms Onion Garlic Meat/Fish or extra veg Herbs (My go-to SW syn-free and speed veg risotto includes: onions, spring onion, garlic cloves, mushrooms, spring greens and fresh herbs, with a mix of chicken and vegetable stock.)   Extra ingredients for Arancini Balls Cheese (If following SW 2 regular Babybels are a Hex... Read More


Feel Good Friday: Great North Run Tips

Hello. My name is Anthony Arnott and I’m the Content Writer at Andrew James. The Great North Run is the world’s greatest half-marathon and this year, I’ll be doing it. It’ll be my 4th year of doing it, so I’m sharing some hints and tips on how to make your Great North Run day go as smoothly as possible.   1. Breakfast Some years, I’ve had porridge (topped with bananas) as my pre-GNR meal, but for a real half-marathon breakfast, I’d recommend a slice of toast with peanut butter for... Read More