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The Handmaid’s Tale Recipes: Blessed be the Fruit …smoothie

Blessed Day   We thought long and hard about which Healthy Smoothie flavour we were going to make for this week’s The Handmaid’s Tale recipe. Batting ideas back and forward, we just couldn’t decide which was going to be the main fruity ingredient. Until it hit us (not literally). Of course, if we were going to make a fruit smoothie to enjoy while watching Handmaid’s Tale Season 3, it had to be…   That’s right. Using our very own Smoothie Maker, we’ve rustled up and delicious, easy and healthy Banana... Read More

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Cocktails & Mocktails Menu

Summer’s here and the time is right for dancing in the street. It’s also a pretty good opportunity to indulge in some delicious Mocktails and Cocktails made by our Boston Cocktail Set. These menus are full of delicious and refreshing drinks and, with a whole host of different ingredients, there will be something here for everyone.         For these recipes, we used the following products. To buy your own, simply click on the links below the images. The Boston Cocktail Set     The Ice Maker Machine... Read More


Your Great British Bake-Off checklist

  The Great British Bake Off 2019 is coming towards the end of Summer and, even though we don’t have an official release date yet, that hasn’t stopped us from getting excited (and prepared) for the latest Bake Off, complete with Showstoppers, Star Bakers and Hollywood Handshakes. Right here, we have a whole host of great baking products, making up our very own GBBO checklist, so you can create the recipes yourself, alongside the Great British Bake-Off contestants. If you fancy any of the products in this list, click the... Read More

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How to ease muscle pain

Whether you go to the gym to get fit or not, a proper post-workout muscle treatment is crucial. Insufficient dealing of neck pain, muscle spasms and sore legs can have a detrimental effect on your body. Whatever your workout routine is, we’re going to show you how to ease muscle pain and DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) in the easiest way possible.     Before your workout Warming up Stretching and warming up properly before training may sound obvious, but the truth is that, when it comes to relieving muscle... Read More

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The Handmaid’s Tale Recipes: Blessed be the Fruit …scone

Under his Eye. We’re well into the swing of The Handmaid’s Tale Season 3 with the second episode being as edge-of-the-seat suspenseful as we’ve come to expect from June/Offred, the Handmaids, Marthas and the rest of Gilead’s population. Each week, we’re developing our own series of fruit-based recipes for you to enjoy while taking in the tension of The Handmaid’s Tale.   This week, we’re saying Blessed be the Fruit …scone.   Easy Fruit Scone ingredients 225g of self-raising flour (maybe have a little extra for dusting) A pinch of... Read More

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Feel Good Friday: The health benefits of eating whipped cream

Is whipped cream healthy? This may sound a bit strange, but we’ve dug in and found that, yes. Whipped Cream can have some health benefits… just in time for whipped cream and strawberries (AKA Wimbledon) season.   Whipped cream provides Calcium, making for healthy teeth and bones.   Whipped cream is lower in Lactose and is therefore ideal for those with only a small degree of lactose sensitivity.   Whipped cream provides a healthy source of fat – but, good fat – as it supports a healthy metabolism. Ideal for... Read More

5 reasons to go vegetarian 13/06/2019
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5 Reasons to become a Vegetarian

  If you find yourself feeling constantly sluggish and worried about heart disease, it may be a sign that you should switch to a vegetarian lifestyle and diet, so here are some great reasons to go vegetarian… This Summer is also the best time to start, as we have some incredible Vegetarian recipes to try when you’re hosting a Garden Party. If you’re considering switching to a meat-free diet, we have a massive range of easy Vegetarian meals for you to make, including Vegetarian curries, Vegetarian BBQs and Vegetarian Pie... Read More

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Summer 2019: A list of Garden Party accessories

  If you haven’t noticed, but we’re reaching the time of year that calls itself ‘British Summer Time’. Whether the weather reflects it or not is in the lap of the gods, but here at Andrew James, we’re incredibly positive beings and we’re always ready to get ourselves out into the fresh air, whether it is for a Barbecue, Picnic or Garden Party.     For Summer 2019, we’ve already had a look at Barbecue recipes and products, as well as the benefits of going on Picnics, so this blog... Read More

The Handmaid's Tale Season 3: Blessed be the Fruit Cake 10/06/2019
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The Handmaid’s Tale Recipes: Blessed be the Fruit …cake

  Under His Eye. The Handmaid’s Tale is back for a third season and we are on hand to serve up some delicious recipes for you to eat while watching June, Luke, Nick and Serena Joy’s shenanigans. Trying to be healthy-ish, our series of recipes are called…wait for it… Blessed be the fruit. Our first, a Fruit Pie Recipe can be found here. For Handmaid’s Tale Season 3 Episode 2, we have a delicious Fruit Cake Recipe.     Ingredients Serves: 8 225g self-raising flour 110g butter 110g sugar 225g... Read More