Andrew James


Sandwiches From Around the World

Sandwiches are fantastic. They’re versatile, utterly customisable, and (best of all) easy. But if you’re tired of the much-loved chip sarnie and fancy a bit of a change, why not try a popular sandwich from another country?

andrew james panini press and grill 15/06/2017

Your Guide To: The Andrew James Panini Press And Grill

When launching a new product, we like to ensure our customers know exactly what they’re getting. Now it’s all well and good us telling you: “this is the product you need – you can’t live without it!” but why do you need it? What features does our new Panini Press and Grill have that others don’t? Here is the ultimate list of features of the new Andrew James Panini Press and Grill – if you still have questions, make sure you drop us a comment below!


Father’s Day Gift Inspiration with Andrew James

Long gone are the days where all dads did was watch football, do DIY, and tell you they were “only resting their eyes”. Dads enjoy baking, gardening, cooking, and even just settling down with a delicious cuppa! Read on to learn what Father’s Day gifts you can expect with Andrew James.

andrew james garden tool stool feature 24/05/2017

Your Guide To: The Andrew James Gardener’s Tool Stool

We don’t want to jinx it – but it finally seems like summer is on it’s way. With the change in seasons, you’ll notice your garden getting greener, livelier and (unfortunately) messier. Ensuring you have everything required for your garden can be time consuming and expensive, so what you really need is it all available in one easy package…do you see where we’re going with this?

andrew james steak recipe 16/05/2017

How to Make: The Best Steak Ever

Trying to be fit and healthy can be difficult. Learning what is the right fat, or how much protein you should have pre and post workout – it’s a lot more complicated than just hopping on a treadmill and going for a run.

andrew james spicy hummus recipe 16/05/2017

How to Make: Healthy, Spicy Hummus

Hummus is ridiculously easy to make. Cheap, cheerful, and customisable; you can do whatever you like to it. We adore spicy food, and as we’re all on a health kick, combining the best metabolism-boosting spices with our favourite chickpea dip seemed like an excellent way to get more nutrients into our daily diet.