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How to serve a Vegan Christmas Dinner

It can be quite tricky being a vegan, particularly around Christmas time. But, help is at hand with this delicious starter and delectable main that will impress whoever you have around the dinner table on Christmas Day!   Carrot & Coriander Soup Chockablock full of flavour, the 3-in-1 processor will serve this starter up in no time, winning praise from Vegans and non-Vegans alike.   Ingredients 4 large carrots 1 packet of coriander 1 onion 1 potato 1 litre of vegetable stock 1 tsp of ground coriander 1 tbsp of... Read More

Easy Christmas Dinner 16/12/2018
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How to serve a Gluten Free Christmas Dinner

If you have a Gluten Free guest or if you have coeliac disease yourself, we have great recipes for both a Gluten Free Starter and Main to enjoy over the Christmas period. We can’t wait to see your cracking Christmas dinners, so don’t forget to show off @andrewjamesuk on Instagram and @andrewjamesltd on Twitter!   Prawn Cocktail A classic that’s never far from the Christmas menu. Use the Andrew James Compact Mini Chopper to slice the cucumber and lettuce that accompanies the prawns and delicious sauce.     Ingredients 300g cooked prawns 1... Read More

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How to serve a Vegetarian Christmas Dinner

Christmas isn’t all about the turkey anymore. Meat free options are becoming more and more popular with vegetarian choices often replacing the traditional meals. Here we take a look at Vegetarian recipes for a Starter and a Main guaranteed to wow each and every one of your guests.     Spinach & Feta parcels Certainly bringing a little sophistication to your Christmas table, the Pestle & Mortar Set will be able to crush cloves at ease, delighting everyone with this tasty little starter.   Ingredients 1 large bag of spinach... Read More

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How to serve everyone this Christmas

Ask any self-respecting adult what their favourite thing about Christmas is and, chances are, they’ll say the food! Here at Andrew James, we are no different and, because we are full of Christmas spirit, we can offer you excellent Gluten Free, Vegan AND Vegetarian recipes for starters and great ideas for mains over the festive period. They will ensure you have plenty of options, whatever your guests’ dietary requirements. And, if that’s not enough, we have a sparkling range of products, all designed to make this year’s Christmas dinner the... Read More

Andrew james Airpot Coffee & Tea Urn 13/12/2018
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Spread some Christmas joy with the Andrew James Airpot Tea & Coffee Urn!

  ‘Tis the season to be jolly… O come all ye faithful… Joy to the world… Whatever your favourite Christmas carol is, make sure you keep yourself and your fellow joy-spreaders warm this winter with the Andrew James Airpot Tea & Coffee Urn. Able to hold up to 12 cups, the 3 litre model is the perfect drink dispenser for making sure each singer is topped up with tea or coffee.     An easy-to-use pump action dispenser (rather than having to lift and tip hot water out) makes it... Read More

Andrew James Hot Water Dispenser 13/12/2018


  I’ve got to be honest with you – this writer loves, wants and needs coffee on an almost constant basis. I’m also thrilled that coffee defeated tea in this week’s Tuesday Thoughts. Don’t believe me? Check out my coffee-inspired poem…   The click of the kettle that makes water boil. Plunge spoon into coffee, a break from the toil.   Sugar? Milk? Give it a stir. Cup the cup in your hands. Add a liqueur.   That first morning cuppa. That inaugural sip. We got any biscuits that we... Read More

Andrew James Cheese and Meat Board for Christmas 12/12/2018
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What’s the best cheese to serve on a Christmas cheese board?

  There’s just something about Christmas that makes it socially acceptable to eat your entire body weight in cheese – not literally, of course. And here at Andrew James, we believe that a successful cheese board set can really put the finishing touches to your festive gatherings. But, which cheeses are the best to serve on a cheese board? So, with our Cheese & Meat Boards in mind, we’ve decided to help you choose which cheeses to use when serving family and friends with a little savoury something over Christmas.... Read More

Citrus Juicer 12/12/2018
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Our best products this week!

  Here at Andrew James, we want to let you know what this week’s best-selling products are, simply because we don’t want you to miss out! So, whether you are looking for something for the kitchen, home, garden or your four-legged friends, we have a range of great products that will be right up your street. Especially with Christmas on the horizon…   Lumiglo Coffee Maker Easy to use, the Lumiglo Coffee Maker can make 12 cups of coffee in 12 minutes. Complete with a 24 hour timer, this model... Read More

Andrew James Easy Gingerbread Recipe 11/12/2018
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Easy Gingerbread Recipe

  If you were to ask everyone you know ‘what is the taste of Christmas?’, we would bet our best baubles that most people’s answer would be gingerbread. In fact, we’re so sure of this, that in the spirit of Christmas, we want to provide you with a delicious and deliciously easy gingerbread recipe! The decorations are entirely up to you on this one, giving you the opportunity to make these biscuits your own. So, whether you want to make gingerbread men, women or dogs, the fun part of this... Read More

Andrew james cast iron Fondue Set 10/12/2018
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How much fun can a fondue set make?

  What you imagine when the word ‘fondue’ is uttered may just depend on your age. Some may picture the Generation Game or Wedding Present tables. Others may even imagine luxury parties on the Swiss Alps (It’s alright for some)! Some may not even have a clue what it is. Here at Andrew James, we like to hark back to the nostalgic dinner parties of the 1970s and bring it right up to date as a high-quality product that will act as a stylish and functional centrepiece for when it’s... Read More